Parklands MTB Trails Project Update 02/10/2017

by President
Parklands MTB Trails Project Update 02/10/2017

Hi Folks,

Time for another project update!

Trailworx has completed their work for stage two, the beginners loop, and Ranger Eugene from QPWS has completed the bridge. We’re just waiting on the sandstone to be deposited around the loop so we can organise a trail care day to dig them into the dips and make ramps for the bridge. Once this is done the loop can be opened and named.

Next up, and Trailworx have already started, is stage three which is the two ‘progression’ tracks from the top of the hill (where Cancer Tree starts) down to where the container is. There’s been a bit of a delay while the 5 tonne excavator gets repaired so we hope they can get cracking towards the end of this week or next week.

This rain has been long overdue. I walked over Rookie Road checking drainage and inspected the bridge and surrounding sections that had the worst dust/powder – all looking good but still some dry powder that hadn’t soaked through yet – another day like this and it’ll be good. Once it completely dries out the ‘loop should become a nice hardpack surface like Rookie Road.


  • Beginners loop mostly completed – just needs a sprinkling of sandstone
  • Progression tracks started, things should get back underway soon
  • Mid-project acquittal should be completed in the next week or two
  • Skills area detailed planning started

Map of work completed since last update

Eugene’s Bridge

Work on the ‘black track’