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Two Tonnes of Bushrangers – Parklands Club Ride Summary

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Two Tonnes of Bushrangers – Parklands Club Ride Summary
Paul showing off his inadequate width tyres

Radar Hill Road was full as Bro!

Now I don’t know what the collective noun is for a group of mountain bikers (maybe a cog or spoke?), nor do I know the official unit of measurement of a group of mountain bikers but last Sunday we had so many riders and bikes that I estimated that there was literally 2 metric tonnes of Bushrangers (that’s about 12 medieval sacks for our older readers). It took two of us to count everyone and we had to remove our shoes to do it.

Big hello to our new riders and to our guests from other clubs and another big hello to all the riders who have been away for awhile, it was good to see you again.

With that many people things were a bit hectic at the start but we broke the ride up into 3 groups with the fast guys riding off with Alf, the intermediate group riding off with Toby and the rookies riding off with Ben and myself. From all reports the rides were great albeit a bit dusty so a bit of rain would be appreciated (you’d think any decent club president would have organised that for us – tsk tsk Ben!). After the ride we had coffee and treats at the Bli Bli Bakery.

Some notable points:

  • Nick and Carol were out and about in Parklands. Nice work Carol! Glad to see you back on the bike!
  • Rod was getting some easy kilometres in before he and Graeme Hall go to compete in the Red Back race in Alice Springs – Good luck guys!
  • Only incidents I heard about was Tania had a small fall and young River had a couple of spills but everyone was OK. The thick dust building up on the corners do make things interesting!
  • Chad’s new Commodore ute (made from used Stormtrooper armor) was pretty sweet. You’ll have to get another bike to match it now mate.

Photos and maps below and thanks to Lumir for the some of the pics and the cool video on Facebook and thanks to Alf and Toby for helping lead the rides.

Yours Truly,

Michael “3 cups of dust caught in my beard” Johns
Club Secretary


Local Dam Improvement Works

Local Dam Improvement Works

Cooloolabin Dam Development Exclusion Area

Last month we attended a public consultation session held by the friendly South East Queensland Water staff at the Cooloolabin Hall to talk about the up coming developments for both the Cooloolabin, Wappa, Lake Macdonald, and Ewen Maddock dams.

You may have noticed work taking place already at the Cooloolabin and Wappa Dams in the last few years. However these upcoming developments are larger in scale and the Cooloolabin project will impact our usage of the area for a while. Totally fine with me because dam leaks/bursts aren’t fun and I think having running tap water is pretty cool.

Cooloolabin dam is set to start in September and is expected to go till February.

Ewen Maddock works aren’t expected to start until 2019. We’ll be keeping in touch with SEQ Water about Ewen Maddock Dam to see if there are any opportunities for further developing the recreational facilities during this project.

Lake Macdonald is still in the early stages of the project so we’ll wait and see if there will be any impact to the near by ‘trail 4’.

For further information about these developments, go to: http://www.seqwater.com.au/water-supply/asset-maintenance-construction/dam-improvement-program

For general information about recreation in SEQ Water areas, check out: http://www.seqwater.com.au/play-it-safe/locations-and-guides

As usual we ask everyone to abide by signage and direction by the land managers.

Ben Johns
Club President


Trailforks Update

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Trailforks Update
Awesome maps of trail networks

Hi Folks,

It has been over six months since we started using the Trailforks Trail Management System in earnest and the stats are trending well with over 95 unique riders submitting ridelogs and trail reports for Parklands. Check out the stats:

We would like to see the number of unique riders increase to improve representation of the wider Parklands user community. You can help by adding your rides to the ridelog system, bulk import your Strava activities then setup an automatic Strava importing. You just need a free Pinkbike account to get started.

We will be comparing the counts received by our trail counters against the Trailforks counts to ensure accuracy – the percentages should be similar.


Ben Johns
Club President


Sugarbag Community Ride Summary 06/08/2017

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Sugarbag Community Ride Summary 06/08/2017
Community ride at Sugarbag trails

Hi Folks,

This was our first experiment at hosting our monthly community ride at the Sugarbag trails and due to a few reasons I don’t think we’ll be doing it again and we will instead keep it at Ewan Maddock Dam, Mapleton and also start to utilise the new beginner trails at Parklands. We have some ideas to give more options to the rookies and the veterans so keep an eye on the calendar.

Lumir with his ‘tree-catcher’ bar-ends

We all met up at the Caloundra aquatic centre car park, Michael gave the pre-ride briefing and we set off on time. Big hello to our guests from the Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club, Steve from Bendigo MTB Club and Ben, Danen and Jet (I know, cool name eh!)

We tried to do the trails consecutively but due to a few minor crashes and confusing link tracks etc we spent a lot of time waiting around to regroup so we didn’t get a good long ride in. But we had fun trying the new timber features and doing repeats of Syrup while we waited isn’t all that bad.

Paul recommended we try a new coffee shop around the corner and it was good! Malarkey Artisan Coffee on Oval avenue – go check it out!

Points of Interest:

  • Neil finally ditched his battered 26er clunker and got a sexy new black/green Giant.
  • Craig didn’t bring his cool new fatbike :o(
  • The repeats of Syrup gave everyone an awesome show of some high-flying jumps!
  • Lumir did some cool video work (and got snagged on a tree with his bar-ends).
  • We saw the lovely WOW (Women on Wheels) ladies doing their thing!
  • Poor Rob was bruised and battered within the first 20min but soldiered on. I hope you are feeling OK today mate!

Thanks for the ride everyone!

Ben Johns
Club President

Ride map and Elevation


Trail Care Update 05/08/2017

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Trail Care Update 05/08/2017
It's looking pretty good in there!

Insert bridge here

Last Saturday afternoon we finished polishing up the new beginners loop ready for the bridge and rock armouring to go in. The best thing that can happen right now is for a couple of rainy nights to turn the loose dust into a nice, hard surface (but remember don’t ride the loop if it’s wet – let the water do it’s work).

Trailworx has now completely cut in the whole loop with only a slight tweak needed where we will add a separate exit a few metres up from the existing one.

Ranger Eugene will begin to build a new bridge over the creek crossing this week and will be shifting some of the sandstone around for it. Personally I like coming across bridges along trails – they mix things up and add a professional touch.

We’ve ordered a load of smaller sandstone blocks to be used for trail armouring along the loop – from memory I think there are 5 gully’s that will need rocks added so there’s a still a bit to do.

We’re estimating the loop will be complete within the next three weeks if all goes to plan.

As always thanks to our volunteers who came in to help!