Trail Care Parklands – 18/1/2020

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Another great turn out for the Parklands Trail care day on Saturday 18/1/2020. Nice to have some decent rain the night before helping us identify the low puddle spots and drainage needs.

The focus was on the Rookie road track in to the skills/hub area with repairs made to the sticky berm through the first creek, sand stone blocks were laid in the larger eroded channels topped up with road base kindly supplied by QPWS who are always happy to assist the Bushrangers club. Additional works are planned to stabilise existing sandstone crossing that have eroded underneath.

A big shout out to new people who attended that aren’t part of a specific club but ride in parklands, your generosity and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated “Maximum Kudos”, looking forward to seeing you all again. 

The Adopt a Trail maintenance scheme is ready to launch so keep an eye out for upcoming details if you would like to be part of an ongoing trail maintenance at Parklands, every little bit helps.

Thanks to everybody who attended.


Bushrangers Ride Report 22/12/19 “Bone Yards” Jungle Extravaganza

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A hard-core group of enthusiastic MTB jockeys assembled at the Corbould Park race course car park for a guaranteed adventure into the Jungles of Bone Yards. The field was split into two groups with Wayne taking the Open class steads and Toby taking the Maiden Class.

Toby’s Class group followed in hot pursuit with a similar selection of tracks ridden hard with some of the Open group dropping back to a more sustainable pace for self-preservation.  Some of the techy jungle tracks could have come from a Phantom movie with high humidity, Creeks, Palms, Vines, Pygmies?? Skull cave… maybe not. You get the idea this is a great riding area with more potential.

Some challenging tracks including downhill gnarly rocks and roots, twisty single-track gullies, hot dusty fire trails made for a great ride with Objective achieved “Maximum FUN!!” by all classes of the field.  The Maiden group managed to win overall cup by a 2-minute margin arriving back to the carpark before the open class jockeys.

The ride concluded with the mandatory wonderful Coffee and Nosh from Malarkey Artisan coffee in Caloundra.

Thanks to all the riders and leaders that contributed to another great Bushrangers ride, look forward to seeing you all again at the Peachester ride on Sunday 29/12/19 for the last ride of 2019, see calendar for details.


Ewan Maddock Dam Social Ride 07/04/2019

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Ewan Maddock Dam Social Ride 07/04/2019

What a beautiful day on the Sunshine Coast for a Bushies social ride. We had 26 riders ready to go at 7am and 1 at 7.07 am. You know who you are.

We split into 2 groups of 13 funnily enough. The big guns led by Gramme likes a nap headed off looking to climb a mountain but in the end they only climbed a hill.

The second group supposed to be led by The Secretary, but she used her attorney and said no. Not arguing. We head around the dam with a few stops to regroup and a stop for first aid on Sonya’s bike poor thing.

As we came into Landsborough we met the big guns, either tired or with low batteries, along the Stevo way to Ferny with a few riders expecting coffee. Yet again The Sec said not until you do a lap. So off everyone went ebikes first as they get cranky, then the rest of the guns then Amanda setting the pace. Great riding but not sure what the colour of your face was at the end.

Coffee was had. Yum thanks brewhaha. Back to the cars we went with a few riders coming across a local having Sunday carvery, well more like sizzler. With a nudge he waddled off. A few riders took short cuts not naming names. Great morning. Good to see new faces. Good to see Paul Hume back on the bike. Thanks Julie for closing my door. Man flu. Thanks Gramme. Sleep well. 😴

Kerry Conquering Ferny Forest
Social Group listening to their leader – hope you didn’t pass on the Man Flu Toby
Some of the boys enjoying the scenery.

Pomona/Cooran Ride Summary 24/02/2019

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Pomona/Cooran Ride Summary 24/02/2019
Single lane bridge on way back to Cooran

Hey folks,

So this is my last ride summary as the club secretary and I have to say, I may actually miss having this avenue to publicly tell my dumb jokes, bag my brother and drop the occasional passive aggressive bomb <sigh>… But that doesn’t matter now because this weekend I will hand over the official book of mountain bike lingo – 101 Words for Dirt – and then someone else can have the pleasure of publicly humiliating our club members with these summaries.

On that note – the AGM is on this Saturday at 2pm at the Woombye Pub. This year we are going all out and blowing the club’s remaining finances on a platter of sausage rolls!

But anyway – let’s get back to Sunday’s ride.

Ride Map – Pomona to Cooran Return – 27km

We arrived in Pomona early in the morning and the little town was just waking up. The weather was still and cool despite the earlier cyclone warnings of torrential floods and 160kph ducks and lawn furniture flying about.

We had some new, some nearly new and some not-so-new riders come along with us. Big hello to Jani and Orlando who came riding with us for the first time. I hope everyone enjoyed the ride.

Highlights of the ride were:

  • No cyclone
  • Sticks and lots of fallen trees.
  • I got to ride Kerry’s new e-bike.
  • Ben deciding to not use his GPS and then he took the wrong turn 300m into the ride (LOL!)
  • Roger decided to go down that rough descent near Fergusons road on his head (but he was OK).
  • A dead rabbit on Jampot Creek Road that really really stunk and Ben stopped us near it on the way back as we regrouped.
  • Free coffee and a citrus tart

That will do I guess. Check out the pictures and I hope to see you at the AGM this Saturday.

Your’s sincerely,
Michael Johns
Club Secretary