Great work Pete at the LunarC 8hr Enduro

Great work Pete at the LunarC 8hr Enduro
Pete got 1st in category and 3rd overall

Pete cruising through the Murrenbong Scout Camp trails

Pete Bigaila competed in the LunarC 8hr MTB Enduro race last Friday night and finished 1st in his category (50+) and 3rd overall! That’s an awesome effort Pete!

Also a big shout out to his dedicated pit crew Donna and Kirsty who spent the night counting laps, drinking coffee and probably freezing .

The results have been posted here –



LunarC race map and elevation


More Slippery than Buttered Jelly – Parklands Ride Summary – 14/05/2017

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More Slippery than Buttered Jelly – Parklands Ride Summary – 14/05/2017
Great shot!

Ride map and elevation

Despite some of the trails being a bit slippery in places Sunday’s Parklands ride was awesome! The rain held off, the temperature was perfect, the company was great, so yeah, pretty awesome!

Ben led the group down Phoenix first (also awesome) and then up Red Dog. We then went over and toodled around the Meadows for a bit until we got to the Komine fire road. We then went down T-Track (my new favorite track) and right down through Cancer Tree. A tree was down next to one of the creek crossings which blocked the normal line to take through the rocks, so that made things a bit of a challenge. We then did the Gumby track and a part of Road Rage.

We then rode up Ho Chi Ho (much better going down it Ben, just saying!). By this time we were getting pretty buggered so after that tedious fire road climb we were keen to head back to the cars. Andrew provided his super-secret-not-too-hard selection of trails to get from the middle gate across to Phoenix. Nice work Andrew and thank you M1 trail!

I forgot to take photos but luckily new rider Lumir took some good ones which he has provided for this summary. Thanks Lumir!

Thanks for the ride everyone. See you next time!

Michael “Purple bikes rock” Johns
Club Secretary


Parklands Trailcare Event – Radar Hill Carpark – 9am Saturday (20/05/2017)

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Parklands Trailcare Event – Radar Hill Carpark – 9am Saturday (20/05/2017)
First creek crossing getting armored with rocks

Pete heading off to start building trails

Hey Trailbuilders!

There is a trail-care day this Saturday (20/05/2017) at 9am. We will meet at the Radar Hill Carpark to finish off the access track. Same deal as last time but the machines have moved in further so we can tidy up after them.
Additionally a machine may have finished some repair work at Rock-a-dial by Saturday so that will need tidying up too.

Activities include:

  • Smoothing out
  • Drainage/Water control
  • Bridge preparation

Bring your:

  • favourite tool
  • hat
  • gloves
  • sunscreen
  • mozzie repellent
  • eye protection
  • suitable footwear

See you there!

PS: To have trailcare information emailed to you directly sign up to the Trailcare database here –


Funding Provided by the QLD Government – Dept of National Parks Sport and Racing


Ewen Maddock Dam Community Ride Summary – 07/05/2017

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Ewen Maddock Dam Community Ride Summary – 07/05/2017
The skanky swamp of skankiness

We had a big turn out for Sunday’s ride despite the cold, cloudy conditions. I thought I’d lead a small group over those initial steep hills and I’m not sure why I did that now. Maybe I just wanted to watch the guys on e-bikes toodling past me with their snide grins. But after this abrupt heartstarter the group rejoined and cruised through the dam at a crisp pace.

There wasn’t much water on the trails so we took a risk and took the the sneaky shortcut over Addlington Creek. The trails were only slightly damp in areas but the creek was definitely full so we had to put our gymnast hats on and tiptoe over a conveniently fallen log.

We all got to the Ferny Forest trails where most of us had a coffee and a bite to eat at the BrewHaHa coffee van. While others kept going to get some extra loops in. Ferny Forest was riding beautiful, such an amazing little gem that place.

Thanks for the ride everyone. I hope you all had fun!

Michael “Bridge Troll” Johns
Club Secretary


Ride map and elevation


Sign up to our new Trail-care Database

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Sign up to our new Trail-care Database

A Trail Fairy (or Macropictus Geosulceta)

We are creating a new trail-care database from scratch so:

  1. We don’t have to email/SMS our entire membership with trail-care events (costs money and some people aren’t interested).
  2. We can inform volunteers who want to help but are not club members.

We will use these contact details to directly alert the people about upcoming trail-care events by SMS and emails (note that there will still be general website and Facebook posts).

So if you are keen in participating in trail-care then click the link below and sign up (also ask others who don’t know how to internet good and sign them up too).