Two Tonnes of Bushrangers – Parklands Club Ride Summary

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Two Tonnes of Bushrangers – Parklands Club Ride Summary
Paul showing off his inadequate width tyres

Radar Hill Road was full as Bro!

Now I don’t know what the collective noun is for a group of mountain bikers (maybe a cog or spoke?), nor do I know the official unit of measurement of a group of mountain bikers but last Sunday we had so many riders and bikes that I estimated that there was literally 2 metric tonnes of Bushrangers (that’s about 12 medieval sacks for our older readers). It took two of us to count everyone and we had to remove our shoes to do it.

Big hello to our new riders and to our guests from other clubs and another big hello to all the riders who have been away for awhile, it was good to see you again.

With that many people things were a bit hectic at the start but we broke the ride up into 3 groups with the fast guys riding off with Alf, the intermediate group riding off with Toby and the rookies riding off with Ben and myself. From all reports the rides were great albeit a bit dusty so a bit of rain would be appreciated (you’d think any decent club president would have organised that for us – tsk tsk Ben!). After the ride we had coffee and treats at the Bli Bli Bakery.

Some notable points:

  • Nick and Carol were out and about in Parklands. Nice work Carol! Glad to see you back on the bike!
  • Rod was getting some easy kilometres in before he and Graeme Hall go to compete in the Red Back race in Alice Springs – Good luck guys!
  • Only incidents I heard about was Tania had a small fall and young River had a couple of spills but everyone was OK. The thick dust building up on the corners do make things interesting!
  • Chad’s new Commodore ute (made from used Stormtrooper armor) was pretty sweet. You’ll have to get another bike to match it now mate.

Photos and maps below and thanks to Lumir for the some of the pics and the cool video on Facebook and thanks to Alf and Toby for helping lead the rides.

Yours Truly,

Michael “3 cups of dust caught in my beard” Johns
Club Secretary


Trail Care Day this Saturday Afternoon (05/08/2017).

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Trail Care Day this Saturday Afternoon (05/08/2017).
It's looking pretty good in there!

Hey Trail builders!

Map shows the locations of work areas

Matt from Trailworx has made a lot of progress on the beginners trail and we have a lot of work to do to tidy up the trails. Work will involve trail smoothing, drainage and some gullies need to be armoured.

Starts at 1pm but we’ll have some snags cooking earlier if you are keen to grab some food beforehand.

Activities include:

  • Smoothing/levelling out the trail
  • Drainage/Water control – tapering inside edges, removing outside edge rills and rock armouring.
  • Bridge preparation


Tick Tock! 2 days Until Race Time!

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Tick Tock! 2 days Until Race Time!
Who will win the coveted Certificate of WIN?

Click to download race map

Race day is in TWO days folks so I hope everyone is tapering off and carb loading – even the racers!

I’ve picked up the prize loot from Hit Bikes, Venture Cycles and EnPlusOne so I can start assembling the juicy prize buckets tonight. Ben is working on the music so expect an exciting, blood pumping mix of Slim Dusty classics and whale sounds.

Bushranger member and professional photographer David Harbutt has offered to bring out his camera kit and take some cool shots on the day. So you can all have some cool race photos to upload and tag with #eliteracer #yolo or whatever the kids say these days.

Remember that all the money we raise through these races will be used to create the new hand-cut XC marathon trail at Parklands. So even if you aren’t racing come along to watch, have a snag and throw some coins in the donation bucket.


Bushrangers 3hr Endurance Race Map

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Bushrangers 3hr Endurance Race Map

Click to download

Hello Racers,

Here is the map showing the directions for the race on Saturday.

  1. Dash up the driveway to spread everyone out.
  2. Drop down to the right and onto the start of the single track, repeat the purple and pink lines for first half of race.
  3. Gate switches over and you ride the orange and pink lines for next half of race.
  4. Person with the most laps done in 3hrs wins!

Afterwards we announce the winners, hand out their Right to Brag Certificates then we have food, drink and a prize draw.

PS: Some people have asked if they can book in later so we have kept the registration link opened until Wednesday 26th. Only 5 spots left.

Big thanks to Paul, Enplusone, Hit Bikes and Venture Cycles for their support.

Loop One Elevation – First Half of Race

Loop Two Elevations – Second Half of Race