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Be Bold for Change – International Women’s Day 2017!

Be Bold for Change – International Women’s Day 2017!
Go-GIRLs riding group

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I thought the Bushrangers should say a big hello and a “You go Girl” <bobs head and clicks fingers> to all our female riders – the smarterest and better looking of all the genders!

Thanks to the amazing efforts of Susie and the GoGirls there are more ladies in the club than ever and it’s truly great, because to borrow a line from the Jerry McGuire movie – “You complete me” (with “me” meaning the club, not me personally because I’ve already been completed by the lovely Kim – sorry ladies).

Interesting read:

Interesting quotes:

“The bicycle is just as good company as most husbands and, when it gets old and shabby, a woman can dispose of it and get a new one without shocking the entire community.”
Ann Strong, Minneapolis Tribune, 1895


Ned Flanders: “You were bicycling two abreast?”
Homer Simpson: “I wish. We were bicycling to a lake.”
The Simpsons

Michael (Where is Susie? She would be better at this!) Johns
Club Secretary


GoGIRL Time to Reflect

GoGIRL Time to Reflect

With the AGM quickly advancing next month, it is time to reflect on our aims and achievements of GoG.I.R.L. (Get Into Riding Ladies).

The key questions are:

  1. Are we getting more ladies into riding?
  2. Do they feel supported riding together?
  3. Are we offering opportunities to grow?

From the squeals and numbers of ladies that turned up to our February GoGIRL  ride in Sugar Bag last Saturday. The answer is a big YES! YES! YES!


Thank you for a fantastic year

Thank you for a fantastic year

The beginning of 2016 marked a significant point as the old club with its strong heritage and foundations was given a fresh coat of paint and some new upgrades. Aside from introducing new branding and backend systems these changes included a revamp of the club’s vision, mission, and values. It was these statements in conjunction with the help of our members, committee and community and government supporters that have guided us through a fantastic 2016.

But as we shored up the foundations of our club we have also prepared for the future by applying for grants, increasing communication with members, landowners, local businesses and other clubs.

With Susie heading up our GoGIRL initiative to advocate women in mountain biking and our efforts to get people riding and maintaining our local trails we have been able to build an interesting narrative. A narrative that highlights our endeavours of being inclusive, engaging and supportive of the local community while demonstrating that we have the big picture in mind – make the Sunshine Coast a premier mountain bike destination.

With support from Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, NSPR/QPWS and SCRC our story played a key role in securing close to $150,000. This funding allows us to pursue our plans for 2017:

  • provide training programs with professional trainers
  • support our volunteers by providing them the opportunity to become accredited MTBA coaches
  • host and assist with cycling races and events throughout the region
  • support and advocate for the Sunshine Coast Trail Alliance, and
  • continue the development of trails such as the Parklands MTB Trail Network upgrades

Special projects aside there’s an ongoing review of our day to day activities. The annual membership survey results and ongoing feedback will inform us of what decisions need to be made and what initiatives we should pursue. We’ll present our response to the feedback and how it will influence our plans at the next annual general meeting in February/March for discussion.

As always we like to thank everyone for supporting our club and allowing us to pursue our vision.




GoGIRLs in Parklands

GoGIRLs in Parklands

Parklands, its reputation as a gnarly and technical park is well known. Most ladies avoid riding here for a myriad of reasons. A year on, has anything changed?

Personally, my happy endorphins go wild when I do something really hard. You can often hear me screaming for joy. Sorry in advance if you wanted peace and quiet! But I just can’t keep that kind of excitement bottled up. And I have a great need to share this with others. Hence why GoGIRLs started.

Kindred spirits know what I’m taking about. That great sense of achievement you feel when you make a particularly tricky section that you have never made before; be it going through a narrow gap through two trees whist climbing around a sharp pinch, (Bee Hive), weaving in and out of the tropical jungle (Cancer tree) or getting over a large log stack for the first time (Beginning of HoChiHo).

But is it possible to share this wonderful world of Parklands with less experienced riders and not turn them off?


Miss Sonja carving up Phoenix with style.

I turned to Kerrie who has made a complete about face from “I hate Parklands”, to “I ride in Parklands every week”! I asked her would she lead a GoGIRL ride. She said yes, which shows how far we have come. We began by designing a modified loop made possible by the addition of a new track we affectionately call the M1. After testing it out, we advertised and we got a great turn up considering it rained the night before.

Kerrie expertly lead us to the flowy New Zealand track, which always is a crowd pleaser. After TNT, we showed our skills in Circle Du Soleil, performing a Loop De Loop before finding a Quick Way Back to the ever-popular Phoenix Descent. Some of us took the fireroad to the final Wall whilst others had to pat Red Dog one more time. By our smiles you can tell we had a great ride and can’t wait to do it again.

Susie Hume

Women’s Advocate





Is Chris Carter’s Method Groovy?

Is Chris Carter’s Method Groovy?

Ben, our Bushranger’s president and I were invited to come and try the “Groover Method” on Friday afternoon to see if it might be something useful for the GoGIRLs (Get Into Riding Ladies MTB riding group). I was happy to attend as I am always looking for tips to improve my riding and then pass these on.

Chris began with a backstory on how he came to develop the concept and already I could relate as I personally knew many riders who had injured themselves quite badly and have had to have considerable time off their bikes. No-one likes that!

He began by explaining the Core Rules. What Chris was saying all make sense. I had some light bulb moments. You know it when you get it just right, you flow from left to right and you get in the groove! Ha ha! But when you don’t it can be disastrous! I think I have a permanent scar on my left shoulder from when trees have just crept up on me!

First we practiced cornering down hill and I did a great job showing the boys how not to do it, getting out of control and hitting the root where we were practicing on the way back. Ben just looked fast! Perhaps that’s why he’s the president.

Anyway, some time later, something clicked and I had the bike under control and suddenly I was accelerating out of the corner. I was thinking, “THIS IS AWESOME”!

I believed I was a pretty good rider but Chris showed me what I already knew, that I still had a lot to learn. He shared lots of cool tips and I was happy to show that girls can bend from the hips easier than boys so we have an advantage there. The time went fast and soon it was over. I could see that beginners to the advanced could learn from Chris’ MTB Tips.

I went home remembering what he said,

“Practice some of the Core Rules as you ride and you will notice an improvement.”

So the next day it was a GoGIRL ride at the Sugar Bag Trails and we came upon Nessie, a skinny made of metal with two bumps. I applied Chris’ Core Rule Number One and to my surprise and the witnesses there, I rode it like a pro. Tania yelled excitedly, we got that on video! Was it beginner’s luck or something else? I’ll leave that for you to decide. But I thought it was pretty groovy!