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Amenities to be built at Ferny Forest

Amenities to be built at Ferny Forest
Provided in the South East Queensland Water Newsletter March 2016:
Ornamental Wetlands to receive amenity block
A new amenity block will be built at the Ornamental Wetlands parkland area at Ewen Maddock Dam as a result of increased visitation to the site. This project is being implemented with the support of the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing.
The Ornamental Wetlands, off Steve Irwin Way, is situated beside the recently established Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) mountain bike trail network. For further information on the QPWS mountain bike trails, please contact QPWS directly on 13 74 68.

Social Media

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Social Media
Kenny's at Mooloolah coffee stop

While having a chat over coffee during or after a ride is our preferred method of socialising we do exist on a few popular social media platforms. Read on to find out more about the club and it’s social media presence.

The website will continue to be the source of all club news and updates. We encourage everyone to like/share/+1/pin our content to increase the profile of the club so we can attract and retain members.

The following links can be found in the footer at the very bottom of each post/page on this website.


The Bushrangers MTB Club Sunshine Coast Page (
This represents the club on Facebook – all club Facebook communications will be done via the page. Posts to this website are automatically shared on the page. So if you want to keep up to date on what’s happening with the club then like/follow our page.

The Bushrangers MTB Club Sunshine Coast Group
This public group is for general discussion. Typically discussion is about the club and its members but really you can talk about anything within reason. It’s a public group so you don’t need to be a member of the club to participate – we invite people who are thinking about signing up to join the group and ask questions and see what’s going on.

There is an old page called Bushrangers Mtb that is no longer used and will be deleted soon.


Bushrangers MTB Club Page (
Just like Facebook all posts to this website will be automatically shared on the Google+ profile so make sure to follow us on G+.

There was a +bushrangers_mtb Google Plus profile that has been deleted. Please use the above page.


Bushrangers MTB Club Board (
While not exactly a place where you can keep up with the goings on with the club but you can suggest pins and see what we’ve pinned up which can be interesting as they will have a mountain biking theme. Posts on this website won’t be automatically shared on Pinterest.

Sharing Icons

At the bottom of each page and post you will notice icons that represent the various social media sites. You can share the page/post on your preferred social media site by clicking the appropriate icon.