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Sunshine Coast Trail Alliance Update

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Sunshine Coast Trail Alliance Update

Parklands TLC

The Sunshine Coast Trail Alliance met yesterday for a planning session for next year.

Still to be locked down but the focus for 2016 will be on the refurbishment and possible expansion of the Parklands trail network. The SCTA has a excellent vision for Parklands and to get things started next year would be a fantastic outcome. The Bushrangers and the SCTA will be seeking grants from all levels of government to help with funding this vision.

We hope to see some works beginning in the first half of next year as there is some credit remaining with Trailworx. There’s a few ideas on how to spend it so let’s call it a surprise for now 🙂

Trail Care

The SCTA intends to establish a schedule of trail care days with the target of at least one Saturday afternoon session a month. This is to encourage greater participation from the wider trail using community since it gives everyone their sleep-ins and morning rides. So earn your Saturday afternoon beverage by helping out on our trails, even if it’s just a little bit.

The club’s website Trail Care page will be updated with further information about trail building and maintenance. If you haven’t participated in a trail care day or you’re still unsure on what’s expected then be sure to check out the material – it’s not as hard as you think and many hands make light work.

Other news

The Sunshine Coast Council has established a Recreational Trails Activation Officer position. Kurt Martin will be assisting the community with all kinds of things and we look forward to working with him. If you see him out and about on the trails be sure to welcome him and introduce yourself. The club has invited him along to any of our rides.

The Ferny Forest trail is completed with trail head facilities (toilets, signage etc) to be completed in the short term.


If you would like to report any trail issues such as fallen trees and unsafe conditions please email [email protected] .