Community Rides
Community Ride Mapleton April 2016

Our community rides are designed to encourage those who are new to the area or to mountain biking in general to come along on a ride with the club and experience some of the local trails.

We organise these rides for the first Sunday of each month and alternate between Ewen Maddock Dam, Mapleton Forest, and Sugar Bag Town Reserve. Keep an eye on our calendar for when and where the next ride is.

The difficulty of the ride is kept to a minimum with the group setting a easy pace and avoiding big climbs. If you want to test yourself then there is always opportunity to take on a few added segments that introduce steep climbs, fast descents and technical single track.

There is always plans for a coffee and a chat during or at the end of the ride which is a great way to meet the members and ask about the local mountain bike scene.

Checkout our Rookie Rides page for more information on how to get into Mountain Biking such as what gear you need and maybe inquire about our dedicated rookie rides.

If you’re wondering about the details of riding in a group, here’s our document that covers all aspects of our social rides from participating to leading and organising.

Insurance is strongly suggested! We encourage riders to take advantage of the Mountain Biking Australia (MTBA) free trial program. You receive a 8-week free membership that includes nearly all of the features of a regular membership including the 24/7 personal accident and public liability insurance. More info about the MTBA free trial can be found at . If you do not wish to obtain insurance through the MTBA then you will need to sign a waiver before riding with us – please email [email protected] before the ride to organise.