Trail Care
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Bushrangers proud trail care history

Trail Care is planned in advance and in consultation with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) Rangers.  Work is carried out in line with IMBA standards with a focus on drainage and erosion control in accordance with the agreed plan. Without trail care there is always the likelihood of complete or partial closure of the eroded tracks.

A good number of Bushrangers members and volunteers have worked on trail care days over the years. Many such days have been held with very positive results and thousands of man hours invested in sustainable track work. QPWS is tightly funded and mountain bike trails could not exist without extensive volunteer work. On a day to day basis members and volunteers remove fallen trees from trails and report larger trees to the Rangers for chain saw removal.

Maintaining trails is very rewarding for all those who get involved.  It is extremely enjoyable for all trail user groups to know that they have made a contribution to maintain and build sustainable trails and to learn about land management and conservation.

How can you help?

If you can provide a few mornings a year then you will help create, protect and enhance the trails in Parklands.

No previous experience is necessary and you will have a great time while learning trail care techniques.

The Bushrangers would like to thank all those who have volunteered and that have assisted in these projects. If you haven’t volunteered yet, think about it next time around!

If you would like to contribute financially towards local trail maintenance then you can do so via Paypal:

Donations go towards fuel and the maintenance of equipment such as brush cutters, compactors and power carriers. Also funds will be used to purchase new/replacement tools like rakehoes, maddocks, shovels and wheelbarrows.

Please note that we’re a non-profit, not a charity, therefore your donations to us are not tax deductible. Donations will be banked by the Bushrangers MTB Club on behalf of the SCTA.

What to bring?

The SCTA has a limited supply of shovels, mattocks and rakehoes but if you do have one please bring it along. Wheelbarrows are sometimes needed as well.

Always bring the following – water, boots, gloves, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent and a great attitude.

Sunshine Coast Trails Alliance (SCTA)

The 2013 Bushrangers committee has made the decision to move the club away from being the sole coordinators and drivers for trail care activities in Parklands.

All future trail care activities will be carried out via the SCTA with input from the club via the trails advocacy officer.

If you are keen to know more, please contact SCTA via email on [email protected] or via their Facebook page.

Further Information

South East Queensland Trails Alliance (SEQTA)

Queensland Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing (NPSR)

International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA)

If you’re keen to learn everything there is about building singletrack then the IMBA Trail Solutions book is an excellent resource. You can purchase them from QORF >here< for $65 + $11.10 shipping or from MTBA >here< for $70 + $10.95 shipping (prices current as of August 2016).


wikiHow – Make a Mountain Bike Course

Flow Mountain Bike – The Five Trail Building Must Haves

The guys at the Global Mountain Bike Network YouTube channel have put together an excellent video giving an overview of trail building and maintenance: