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Glasshouse Mountain ride summary – 26/05/2019

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Glasshouse Mountain ride summary – 26/05/2019
Glasshouse mountains - Fathead and Long-nipple?

Hey everyone, Sunday’s ride sounded great. Below is copy of Toby’s report from Facebook.

Ok hello mtbers.

Bushies ride this morning was at Glasshouse mountains and what a glorious morning. We started off with 12 riders and rode down Steve’s way to the famous drop bog and I think Neal got swallowed up as we lost him. Not blaming the tale end Charlie at all.

We then went along Caves Rd and up around tibbro lookout. Mike decided to stick it up all the e-bikers by going in reverse up the stairs. We lost another rider but this time due to mechanical. E-bike. Then headed around over the sandstone stepping Stones up to another lookout.

Mike took lead and found some hills up to the big Glasshouse lookout. That was when Di phoned an Uber e-bike delivery. Oh and Kerry found walk mode on her ebike.

We then went down to wave rock for a play where Chris was like a kid in a candy store. Alex tried to get a lift out but held on just. We then went back down stevo way to the cars and coffee was had.

Thank you to all I had a fun ride and thanks for the help everyone. See u all next weekend for the community ride. Live to ride.



Foundation Skills Training

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Foundation Skills Training
Limited spaces available

Skills training sessions are back due to positive feedback received from past attendees. This time we have negotiated a 3 Pack which consists of 3 x 90 minute sessions for just $30! But be quick, only 10 spots for members are available (more will come at a later date).

Aimed at providing our newer members/riders a solid foundation of both riding and mechanical skills to get the most out of their MTB riding. Also ideal for more experienced riders who would like to work on their basics and remove bad habits.

Session 1 – Sunday 2/6/19 – Cornering Skills
Session 2 – Sunday 9/6/19 – Braking Skills
Session 3 – Saturday 22/6/19 – Bike maintenance workshop

Cornering And Braking Skills sessions will be at Parklands (radar hill rd) conducted by Geoff from Hit Bikes Coaching and Bike Maintenance Workshop will be conducted by Marty at EnPlusOne in Maroochydore.

To register your interest or request further information, please email [email protected] or send a PM via Messenger.

Be quick, only 10 spaces are available!!!!!


Ewan Maddock Dam Social Ride 07/04/2019

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Ewan Maddock Dam Social Ride 07/04/2019

What a beautiful day on the Sunshine Coast for a Bushies social ride. We had 26 riders ready to go at 7am and 1 at 7.07 am. You know who you are.

We split into 2 groups of 13 funnily enough. The big guns led by Gramme likes a nap headed off looking to climb a mountain but in the end they only climbed a hill.

The second group supposed to be led by The Secretary, but she used her attorney and said no. Not arguing. We head around the dam with a few stops to regroup and a stop for first aid on Sonya’s bike poor thing.

As we came into Landsborough we met the big guns, either tired or with low batteries, along the Stevo way to Ferny with a few riders expecting coffee. Yet again The Sec said not until you do a lap. So off everyone went ebikes first as they get cranky, then the rest of the guns then Amanda setting the pace. Great riding but not sure what the colour of your face was at the end.

Coffee was had. Yum thanks brewhaha. Back to the cars we went with a few riders coming across a local having Sunday carvery, well more like sizzler. With a nudge he waddled off. A few riders took short cuts not naming names. Great morning. Good to see new faces. Good to see Paul Hume back on the bike. Thanks Julie for closing my door. Man flu. Thanks Gramme. Sleep well. 😴

Kerry Conquering Ferny Forest
Social Group listening to their leader – hope you didn’t pass on the Man Flu Toby
Some of the boys enjoying the scenery.

Bush Ranger Jerseys

Bush Ranger Jerseys
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