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We have a new Away Ride Co-ordinator – Martijn (Marty) Mooij

We have a new Away Ride Co-ordinator – Martijn (Marty) Mooij
Welcome Marty!

Not confirmed yet but we think this is Marty searching for the best riding trails.

Marty has volunteered to organise the club’s away rides and camping trips (with the occasional assistance of his lovely partner Courtney). Marty and Courtney came to our last committee meeting for a meet and greet and we believe that with their talents and their enthusiasm they are going to be an awesome fit with the club.

Ben has whipped up the email address [email protected] so if you have any ideas or requests for away rides or camping trips then let Marty know.

On behalf of the club thanks for volunteering Marty, the club has always loved it’s camping trips so it will be good to get some more back onto the calendar.


Michael Johns
Club Secretary 


Sunshine Coast Bike Week Ride Summary – Parklands 08/10/2017

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Sunshine Coast Bike Week Ride Summary – Parklands 08/10/2017
Parklands was riding perfect after this week's rain

Coming out of the Gumby track

Hi Folks,

This week is the Council’s Sunshine Coast Bike Week and in previous years we have put on rides for this at Ewen Maddock Dam, Ferny Forest and Mapleton. This time we decided to take advantage of the new ‘easy/green’ trails at Parklands and by all accounts it was a success. Also don’t forget to register for Wednesday’s #ride2work day and go into the draw for prizes (and get a free breakfast too).

The weather was great, the trails were perfect and the Fast and the Intermediate groups shot off at 7am (thanks Toby, Alf, Murray and Rod for leading). I briefed the ‘rookies’ using the map board and we set off at 7:30am. Note that now that there is demand we will have a group ride for rookies at every Parklands club ride (once a month).

The rookie group started along the new Rookie Road access track and then continued down Detour onto Road Rage before heading up Grand Canyon. We rode up to Coobong firebreak and up the Gumby Loop. From there we continued along Rocky Creek Road and then hopped onto Cancer Tree primer (the start) and then down Rocky Creek Road to the proposed skills area and the beginners loop start/finish.

We did a lap of the beginners loop (keeping in mind that it isn’t finished yet, this was a special ride where we pointed out all the work done (and work which will hopefully be finished real soon so we can open it up). After completing the loop we headed back to the car park via Rookie Road. At this point we gave the option of trying out some more trails and a few of us headed up around Radar Hill Road and then down Ho-Chi-Ho. We even stopped and did some skills building on the big log rollover and showing the various trail features on the way down.

After the rides we went to the Bli Bli Bakery for coffee and a chat.

Notable events:

  • Rod entered the recent Love to Ride Sunshine Coast competition and won a 2-night stay at Noosa – lucky bugger!
  • Di and new riders Matt (or Mark?) and Timmo had a go at the big rollover at the start of Ho-Chi-Ho and nailed it.
  • Di, Emma, Jason and Nathan were practicing their new skills learnt at the recent free skills workshops.
  • Intermediate group got a bit mixed up with their multiple definitions of “the top of cancer tree” but it all worked out.
  • There are no photos of the “Fast” group – because… well, they were too fast I guess.
  • Scrolling through STRAVA there are a heap of PBs and Top 10’s – nice work everyone!

Finally a big hello to all the new riders today (sorry if I’ve stuffed up your names) and as always hello to all the regulars.

Thanks for the ride everyone!

Ben Johns
Club President


October is the month of Odd Socks!

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October is the month of Odd Socks!
Everyone has an odd day sometimes

I make odd cool!

So October is Odd Socks month which is a light-hearted approach to reminding people that anyone can have an odd day and how you treat someone with a mental illness really does make a difference to their lives and recovery.

So during October put on some mismatching socks, come for a ride and a laugh and give a donation to someone who helps such as http://www.oddsocksday.org.au/ #oddsocksday2017



Next Week is Bike Week Sunshine Coast 2017

Next Week is Bike Week Sunshine Coast 2017
Bike Week Sunshine Coast 7th to the 15 of October 2017

We Love to Ride!

The Sunshine Coast Council presents the Sunshine Coast Bike Week 2017, an annual nine day celebration of cycling on the Sunshine Coast. This includes the Cyclefest events, free rides and workshops and a Ride2Work day with free breakfast and prizes.

Bike Week encourages people of all ages, sizes and cycling abilities to get into the saddle by offering a packed schedule of events during the week. Most events are free and are provided by community clubs and groups and local business. This series of events aim to encourage participation in cycling and promote road safety messages for all bike riders and motorists to share the road safely.

The Bushrangers are having a Rookie Ride through Parklands on Sunday 8th October at 7:15am at the Radar Hill Road Carpark – https://goo.gl/maps/BbUzvcPHR3G2. More information is on our Calendar at https://bushrangers.org/information/calendar/


It finally rained! But please don’t ride on muddy trails

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It finally rained! But please don’t ride on muddy trails
No one wants this... except maybe your bike mechanic

Our Department of Raindancing, Astrology and Clipless Pedals has just reported we have had 120mm of rain at Parklands in the last 2 days. This is GREAT news for the new trails in Parklands as it means all that dust will be packed down and hardened (and we can fix that loose berm along Rookie Road). However if they get ridden, even while slightly wet, we’ll end up with a chopped up surface that will need to be scraped smooth and it’ll go dusty again – so please, please, please avoid riding the new trails (or any trail for that matter) until they’re nice and dry.

Instead of riding on our awesome trails maybe do some of the following:

  • Service your bike – top up the tyre sealant, clean the chain, grease your bearings, replace that old emergency energy gel in your bag or just simply sit and look at your bike – when was the last time you two had a good chat?
  • Bring out your inner BMX Bandit – ride along the coastal pathway or something – nice views, plenty of coffee places and you can impress the balance bike kids as you bang down stairs and over gutters etc.
  • Turn on Youtube or Redbull – watch some awesome MTB things like the UCI XC and DH events, Redbull Rampage and Crankworx stuff. Watch some cool training videos and then practice some manualling and bike handling on the driveway (“Wheelies pull the chicks/dudes” – Dr Phil*).
  • Roadie ride – Blow the dust off the road bike and go for an easy century around the coast and hinterland – LOL! yeah we’re just kidding!

Thanks for understanding.

Ride safe, Ride well, Ride on!

Bushrangers Committee

* Dr Phil didn’t actually say that wheelies pull the chicks or dudes.