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Congratulations to Shelly – No 1 Wild West Series Rd 6

Congratulations to Shelly – No 1 Wild West Series Rd 6

Congratulations to Shelly for her podium at the Wild West XCO series round 6 at Wooloon! She’s been training hard and racing well and she may have had a doubt we certainly didn’t.

The Walloon course is tight and twisty with obstacles and long gradual descents and climbs, it’s hard to go fast and you have to time the overtaking to make best use of the short sprints.

Organised by JR’s Gym and Bike the Wild West XCO series consists of 6 rounds over the summer, west of Brisbane. For more information checkout the series’ Facebook Page.


Welcome to the new 2018 Bush Rangers MTB Committee

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Welcome to the new 2018 Bush Rangers MTB Committee
Thanks to all those who came to the 2018 AGM

Hello everyone,

The full 2018 annual report will be coming out soon but we wanted to quickly introduce you to your new committee for 2018.

  • President – Ben “OK but this is the LAST year” Johns is happy to stay in the position for 1 more year so he can flash his recent MTBA trophy around a bit more.
  • Vice President – Welcome to Greg “Sure! Why not! I love clamps” Smith who has volunteered for the VP position. He will be in charge of all vices.
  • Secretary – Michael “I’m just here for the pizza” Johns will stay in the role but is planning a career change so may have to move away from role.
  • Treasurer – Craig “Why did I buy a bloody fatbike” Pearson is happy to stay on in the role.
  • Women’s Advocacy Officer – Susie <High pitch squeal> Hume is happy to stay on in the role.
  • Trails Officer – Rob “I haven’t slept in 4 years” Macdonald will stay in the role.

We’ve removed the roles of Social Coordinator and Away Ride Coordinator and instead created a Social team that people can join and offer their help for any events and submit ideas for events and away rides.

We have also created a trail care team and a race planning team for people to join and help in the creation and organisation of trails and races.

Thanks to people who volunteered for the committee and the people who came to the AGM. Also a big thanks to Greg Bright and Cortney and Martijn for their help last year in the Social Coordinator and Away Rides Coordinator roles.

OK 2018! Let’s see what you got!


Bayview Conservation Park Staging Area Official Opening

Bayview Conservation Park Staging Area Official Opening
Hi Folks,
The Redland Shire Council have organised an official opening of the new Bayview Conservation Park Staging Area they’ve recently completed.
The event will be held on Saturday March 24th starting from 7.30 and will go until 10.30am. You can find out more information from the Facebook Event.

There will be lots of fun activities for the kids, plus a special guest appearance by Totally Wild presenter Ranger Stacey! Learn more about the park and check out the new walking and riding areas on our free guided tours. We’ll be also be serving up some delicious coffee and sizzling up a storm for a mid-morning sausage sizzle.

We recommend bringing a hat, sunscreen and wearing enclosed shoes if you’d like to participate in the walking and riding activities.

Sounds fun and the trails are too.

International Womens Day 2018 – #IWD2018

International Womens Day 2018 – #IWD2018


So once again the International Women’s Day has come around and we’d like to give some kudos to Susie and the GoGIRLs.

Over the last year our award-winning goGIRL crew have been super active with local rides, away rides, races and training workshops. Also since this time last year the club’s female membership has more than doubled! 

So congratulations you amazing ladies – it’s a wonderful thing to see people pushing themselves, increasing their skills and confidence and having fun while doing it. Here is to another year of awesomeness!

What the GoGIRL’s have been saying

Here are some of the things that the ladies are saying over at the GoGIRLs Facebook page.

“So I’ve ditched my husbands bike and bought a new one – no more crashing . I’ve set myself a challenge…to ride Ferny in under an hour.”

“Anyone up for a ride this afternoon … 4pm around parklands or wooroi or somewhere else? I don’t know either very well but keen to try them out.”

“Excellent training session with Geoff Foxx at Parklands this morning. Thank you Bushrangers & Susie Hume for making it so and getting me a bit closer to that ‘I’m so hardcore’ feeling.  Loved it!”

“Fantastic ride, thanks ladies! Signing up asap. Thanks for being so welcoming and for all the tips! See you again soon!”

Note from Susie

Make a note in your diaries ladies – Keep 17 March free for a Mystery Ride. Details will be up soon on our GoGIRLs Facebook page.

“The only time a woman is helpless is when her nails are drying. Other than that – watch out!” – Unknown



Ferny Forest Trails Closed due to Wet Conditions

Ferny Forest Trails Closed due to Wet Conditions

Hi Folks,

The local ranger has asked us to spread the word that the Ferny Forest trail at Ewen Maddock Dam is temporarily closed due to rather wet conditions. To save further deterioration of the trail surface please avoid riding until after a couple of days of sunny weather.

For more information see: https://www.npsr.qld.gov.au/park-alerts/15632.html

Kind Regards,
Bushrangers Committee