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Busted Knees, Busted Bikes and Busted Exhibitionists – Glasshouse Mountain Ride Summary 27/05/2018

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Busted Knees, Busted Bikes and Busted Exhibitionists – Glasshouse Mountain Ride Summary 27/05/2018
Glasshouse mountains - Fathead and Long-nipple?

So Sunday’s ride was a particularly eventful one with some rather unique events alongside the regular run-of-the-mill ones like flat tyres and e-bike jokes.

As I headed down Roys Road a long cloud was perfectly placed so it looked like Mt Beerwah was an erupting volcano. Maybe this was an omen to turn around and go back home to bed.

We all gathered at the carpark where Brad opened his car boot offering us free medical paraphernalia like bandages and plasters. But I’m sure if you are in need of a kidney or something then maybe have a quiet word and see what he can do.

We hadn’t even been riding a minute when Wayne’s bike just fell sideways and in a blink of an eye he was skidding along the pavement on his knee. So despite a fat-bike’s massive amounts of traction it was still no match for wet mossy concrete unfortunately. A quick patch-up with our newly sourced medical supplies and we were off again.

We rode alongside Steve Irwin Way towards the Mathew Flinders Rest Area. However just before we got there, someone had mistakenly thought it was a deliciously private area for a romantic night of McDonalds and car bonnet sex. We got a glimpse of the strewn underwear and the early morning backseat erotic contortions as we rode pass. I’m pretty sure I heard a hip joint blow out.

The rest of the 20km ride was filled with smaller less-erotic (i guess?) incidents such as a watch falling off, missing water bottles, busted chain guides, leaking and flat tyres and wonky handlebars. However we did check out some amazing views and try a new cafe so it wasn’t all that bad.

See you next week.

Michael “So that’s why mountain bikers own vans!?” Johns
Club Secretary


What next for GOGA (Get Out Get Active) graduates?

What next for GOGA (Get Out Get Active) graduates?

Monday 28 May

GOG.I.R.L Ferny Forest ride. Meet Debbie at the carpark at 4 (opposite the Big Cart Track, Glenview) for a supportive ride with some of our GOGIRLs. This is our first scheduled ride suitable for GOGA graduates. We are aiming for one 10km loop. Thank you to our GoGIRLs who have volunteered to participate in our Adopt a newbie program. Don’t forget to post a photo #adoptanewbie when you are finished on our face book page.

This may get cancelled today due to the rain. So check GoG.I.R.L. Facebook page later in the day. Come out sunshine.

Friday 1 June

GOG.I.R.L Ferny Forest ride. Meet Susie at SCR (Sunshine Coast Realty, Glenview) at 7:30a.m. for a supportive ride with some of our GOGIRLs. This is our second scheduled ride suitable for GOGA graduates. After one supportive lap some well seasoned ladies may stay, pick up the pace and churn out a couple more. 3 laps is know as the treble. Me, I’ll be heading to Mike’s place at Toogoom to ride at the Promised lands. See calendar for more details.

Once you have been in there, Ferny is pretty easy to navigate and a very pretty place to ride in for both beginner and experienced rider. Follow the signs and don’t forget to exit where the P for parking sign is.

Saturday 23 June

Ewan Maddock Dam ride. Meet at the carpark at 7:30. This is our third scheduled ride suitable for GOGA graduates. After all those laps around Ferny Forest you will be getting fitter and ready to do a longer ride. This is a grade 2 ride of about 20km of mostly flat fire trails. The view is gorgeous and the company will be great. We hope to see you there.

For all rides:

  • Arrive 15 earlier to be ready to ride at start time
  • Do you ABCD check before the ride
  • Bring plenty of water, spare tube, good working bike and snacks
  • Check GOG.I.R.L Facebook page and Bushranger calendar for more details
  • Put my phone number into your phone in case you need to contact me
  • Some pocket money for a cafe stop afterwards
  • Big smile and great attitude


Women’s Advocacy Officer
Bushrangers MTB Club Sunshine Coast
Queensland, Australia
E: [email protected]
M: 04121847305


Race Recce at Paul’s Place

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Race Recce at Paul’s Place
Geoff from Hit Bikes likes the jumps

Hey Folks,

We are having a race in early July (details being finalised and sent out soon) but some people have asked for a chance to check out the trails before hand. Paul has opened up his trails this Saturday morning so head up to beautiful West Woombye and have a look.

  • Start time is 8am 26/05/2018
  • Location is 32 Ruwoldts Rd, Dulong QLD 4560
  • Google Maps Link: https://goo.gl/maps/6FKskjCDukw
  • MTBA members only for insurance reasons.
  • Note with parking – either park at the top near the gate or if you want to park alongside the driveway, come all the way to the bottom and do a u-turn first so you can park facing the other way.
  • Bring your own water and food (Fridge available)
  • No toilets

See you there!


Grant updates

Grant updates
Soooooo much fun!

Hey Folks,

As the poor sap who somehow got put in charge of getting grants I thought I’d let everyone know where we stand at the moment.

  • We’ve received a small grant from the Australian Sports Foundation thanks to the tax deductible donations a few of us made.
  • We have put in a grant application to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund for materials needed to repair bridges throughout Parklands.
  • We have applied for the major Sunshine Coast Council Grant which will give us the co-contribution for the larger $100k Sport and Recreation grant which will be used to upgrade and repair the existing Parklands network (we did want to get it for new trails in Ferny Forest and Boneyards but QPWS weren’t ready to proceed there yet and they’ve asked that we focus on maintenance and repair and not new trails).
  • Recently the Council funded basic riding coaching clinics and memberships for new female riders. These classes were conducted by Bushrangers and CORCA.

We have successfully acquitted all the grants we received so far from the Community Benefits Fund, Council and the smaller Sport and Recreation grant. Ben is just wrapping up the big Sport and Recreation grant that was used to build the new trails in Parklands last year.

First Aid training

This money was used to purchase signage, timing equipment, more tools, timber and rocks as well as pay Trailworx to do their thing. These grants also allowed us to fund a lot of training in coaching, bike mechanics and riding skills for last year and to continue offering more this year.

Do you know a Sponsor?

Grant money is great but we can’t rely on it and there are many other worthwhile activities that need it just as much as we do. Our membership fees are small and don’t provide much revenue. So we are always on the lookout for other ways to raise money to pay for things like training, trail work and events.

So if you know of someone that could provide some sort of sponsorship then get them to contact us at [email protected] and we can see how we can help each other.

Happy Trails!

Michael “Rookie Ride Record Holder” Johns
Club Secretary


When Sticks Attack! – a Mapleton Ride Summary – 06/05/2018

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When Sticks Attack! – a Mapleton Ride Summary – 06/05/2018
Mapleton Forest - Beautiful and Deadly

So today’s ride at Mapleton had a bit of extra treacherousness due to the massive amounts of sticks lying around. The bikes copped scratches, punctures and snapped spokes and our bodies pretty much copped the same as well. My theory is that the sticks were unfairly punishing us for their obviously inadequate skills at being a proper tree branch.

The first group left from the township at 7am and made their way through the forest to meet the 2nd group at the Day Use Area at 7.30am. We had some new riders with Blair, Kate and Dennis coming along to have some fun riding through sharp pieces of wood. I hope you guys had a good time.

For the record Blair’s new Scott bike is the brightest bike I’ve ever seen, it’s like the love child of the Sun and a traffic controller’s raincoat.  I tried to take a photo for you but my phone would scream in agony before abruptly crashing itself. I know I’m going on about this but that’s probably because it’s still burnt into my retina’s and it’s all I can see at the moment.

Toby won the “Most damage to bike” award when he lost 6 spokes to a stick that I flicked up… whoops! Will won the “Most damage to person” award when a stick tried to remove his bicep. Terry won the “Most damage to fashion” award with his outfit that he obviously assembled in the dark – bahahaha!! Just kidding Terry. Speaking of fashion, Shelly tried to bring her “bright” game to the ride with her funky new pink helmet and socks but I reckon they just sulked the whole ride once they saw Blair’s bike.

But despite the carnage and all the gravity-challenged pieces of tree everywhere, riding through Mapleton forest was as lovely as ever. The temperature was great, the sky and views were amazing and the foliage was lush and beautiful. The trails were pretty good but there was a bit of mud about which was surprising but mostly avoidable.

Thanks for the ride everyone and check out the photos below.

Michael “Protect your wrists and just land on your face” Johns
Club Secretary

Ride map and elevation