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Trail Care Update 05/08/2017

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Trail Care Update 05/08/2017
It's looking pretty good in there!

Insert bridge here

Last Saturday afternoon we finished polishing up the new beginners loop ready for the bridge and rock armouring to go in. The best thing that can happen right now is for a couple of rainy nights to turn the loose dust into a nice, hard surface (but remember don’t ride the loop if it’s wet – let the water do it’s work).

Trailworx has now completely cut in the whole loop with only a slight tweak needed where we will add a separate exit a few metres up from the existing one.

Ranger Eugene will begin to build a new bridge over the creek crossing this week and will be shifting some of the sandstone around for it. Personally I like coming across bridges along trails – they mix things up and add a professional touch.

We’ve ordered a load of smaller sandstone blocks to be used for trail armouring along the loop – from memory I think there are 5 gully’s that will need rocks added so there’s a still a bit to do.

We’re estimating the loop will be complete within the next three weeks if all goes to plan.

As always thanks to our volunteers who came in to help!


Trail Care Day this Saturday Afternoon (05/08/2017).

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Trail Care Day this Saturday Afternoon (05/08/2017).
It's looking pretty good in there!

Hey Trail builders!

Map shows the locations of work areas

Matt from Trailworx has made a lot of progress on the beginners trail and we have a lot of work to do to tidy up the trails. Work will involve trail smoothing, drainage and some gullies need to be armoured.

Starts at 1pm but we’ll have some snags cooking earlier if you are keen to grab some food beforehand.

Activities include:

  • Smoothing/levelling out the trail
  • Drainage/Water control – tapering inside edges, removing outside edge rills and rock armouring.
  • Bridge preparation


Bushrangers 3HR Endurance Race Summary 2017

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Bushrangers 3HR Endurance Race Summary 2017
Thanks to all the riders who came to the inaugural 3hr Endurance Race

So after a couple of months of stressing and guessing, planning and cramming we successfully held an XC-style race event with our new race equipment and from all reports everyone was happy!

Excuse the lengthy write-up but a lot happened on the day.

Day before Race Day

‘Bumping in’ began the day before the race with the cleaning and creation of trails, setting up the timing marquee and track bunting. By around 4:30pm everything was ready to go with only a few things left to do on the day.


World Ranger Day 31st July 2017

World Ranger Day 31st July 2017
QPWS Trail Care Briefing

It’s World Ranger Day!

On World Ranger Day we join together to acknowledge our passionate and devoted rangers present and honour the past rangers killed or injured in the line of duty— by celebrating the work they do to protect our natural and cultural treasures around the world.
We would like to give a big thank you to all the rangers who continue to maintain our wonderful parks throughout the country, many with MTB trails, and to our fantastic local QPWS rangers who have helped make the Parklands MTB Trails project a reality and for building great relationships with park user groups such as ourselves.
Also a huge thank you to the South East Queensland Water rangers who look after our catchment areas and dams, including recreational areas.

Further information: