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MTB Training Clinic – Enduro Skills – 10/11/2018

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MTB Training Clinic – Enduro Skills – 10/11/2018
8 riders per clinic - 2 clinics - MTBA members only

Hello folks,

So we had a high level of interest in doing some more advanced level skill training like descending faster, jumping and fast berms etc – because everyone knows that’s the sort of stuff that pulls the chicks/lads etc.

We have procured the well-reviewed services of local elite level downhill rider and coach Jacob Reeves for 2 x 3-hour intensive clinics on Saturday the 10/11/2018.

The morning clinic (8am) will be for intermediate riders who want to learn the advanced skills such as jumping and doing berms faster. The afternoon clinic (12.30pm) is for advanced riders who can already jump etc but want to get better at it.

These  longer, intensive clinics are $50 and YOU MUST BE AN MTBA MEMBER for insurance purposes.

Reserve your spot here – https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/bushrangers-mtb-skills-clinic-enduro-skills-tickets-51710767297

Michael Johns
Club Secretary 


More Trails – Less Emails!

More Trails – Less Emails!
Adiós, Muchachos!

So in a few months the 2019 AGM will be held and as always on that day all committee positions are open for any member to have a crack at.

But this post is to let everyone know that Ben, Greg, Craig and myself are stepping down from the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary roles and will not nominate for any committee positions next year.

Also good for Xmas cards this year!

On a personal touchy-feely note this decision brings up confusing feelings of elation and sadness – like eating Neapolitan ice-cream blindfolded or finding a $20 note in your poop. Since Ben became President 4 years ago he has done an incredible job at rejuvenating the club and I’ve been supremely proud to stand beside him and the rest of the committee members on this journey.

So the big question is, which fresh new faces will take the helm? Will they keep the club on it’s current course, resurrect the past or steer it into uncharted and exciting new waters? You have until March so let the campaigns begin!

In the meantime we are here to help and we will get Xmas party and all the financials and administration sorted so the next committee can hit the ground running.

Now I better start shredding these incriminating…um… I mean, UNIMPORTANT documents!

Yours sincerely,

Michael “When can I drop the mic?” Johns
Club Secretary


MTB Strength and Mobility Training Clinic

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MTB Strength and Mobility Training Clinic
More endurance and less pain and injuries

Click for more info

Hello everyone,

Well I’m off to get myself some pretty Lululemon leggings and matching “BE-YOU-TIFUL” tank top because the Strength and Mobility clinic is going ahead!

Training will be on Wednesday 14/11/2018 at 6pm at 547 Sport Performance at Warana. Get in quick and click on the booking link below for more information and to reserve your spot.

Let me know if you have any questions at [email protected]

Michael Johns
Club Secretary/Annoying Niche Bike Enthusiast/Eye Candy etc 


Trail Care Tips – Clearing drains in the rain

Trail Care Tips – Clearing drains in the rain
Lovin' the rains and clearin' the drains!

There is something special about doing some trail care in the rain. Just you, the trees, the gentle rain, a garden tool – it’s almost romantic.

Do some trail care in your own time and go into your favorite trail and clear out the drains. It’s easy work, does wonders for the trails and it’s something to do when it’s raining and you can’t ride.


2018 Outdoors Queensland Award Finalist

2018 Outdoors Queensland Award Finalist

Hey folks!

Trophy is a tooth from a giant glass chain-ring

The work we all did on the Parklands MTB Trails Project last year has been recognised in the 2018 Outdoor Queensland Awards.

The Outdoors Queensland Awards (formerly known as the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Awards) recognise and reward excellence in the outdoors community. The Awards celebrate individuals, organisations, programs, events and activities that have been successful in significantly improving outcomes for participants, clients and communities.

The winners are announced in Brisbane on the 26/10/2018 and we are up against some very stiff and well deserving competition in our category.

Once again another big thanks to all our volunteers and Ranger Eugene from QPWS who helped build the new trails and skills park and the Sunshine Coast Council and Department of Sport and Recreation for the grants to make it all happen.