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Letters of support are coming in for Parklands

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Letters of support are coming in for Parklands

I’m getting letters of support coming back from people and organisations and seems like people appreciate this idea.

Thanks to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Woombye State School, Nambour Alliance, Parkrun Nambour and our own Susie from GoGIRLs for your support.

If anyone wants to send in their own letters of support or know of someone else who would want this work done then use this sample letter as a guide (link) and send it through to me at [email protected]

Also if anyone knows a company or person who is happy to give us a tax deductible donation towards the work send them to https://asf.org.au/organisation/bushrangers-mountain-bike-club/ and we can give them some love on our website and through social media.

If anyone wants to offer us some other sort of support then please let us know.


Kenilworth/Conondale Ride Summary

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Kenilworth/Conondale Ride Summary
3km 300m up

What a glorious time of year to be tackling the challenging yet scenic rides. It has been a while since the club has been out in the Kenilworth/Conondale area and a lot has changed with the Charlie Moreland day use/camp ground area but the route remains the same – beautiful with awesome views.


Give your trails a tax-deductible donation

Give your trails a tax-deductible donation
We need donations to build a skills development area

The Bush Rangers MTB Club have teamed up with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) to get a DGR1 status which means all your donations to the club are tax deductible for you.

This money will be used to fund the $25k co-contribution amount for upcoming government grants for a skills area, novice loop and flow trails and also for annual trail maintenance and to help put on race events and skills clinics.

There is a donate link on www.bushrangers.org or you can just go straight to our ASF donation page at https://asf.org.au/organisation/bushrangers-mountain-bike-club/

Thanks for your generosity and as always stay safe and keep riding!


Grant update and help required

Grant update and help required

Hello folks,

Proposed trail work

Proposed trail work

We are moving along nicely with the $100k grant for the next phase of the Parklands upgrade which is a novice trail, skills area and 2 flow trails (all on the highway side of the park) but we need some help with the following points.

“Community Engagement” (We need letters of support)
The grant applications require us to consult with the relevant community groups, businesses and individuals and get letters of support saying they endorse this Parklands project and why. I’ve already sent emails to schools, scout groups, Rotary, Sunshine Coast tourism and Airport and the Nambour business alliance asking for their support. So if anyone has any ideas or knows of someone who would write a letter of support then let us know or get them to send the letter to [email protected]

“Co-contribution” (We need money or material/service donations)
The grants require us to co-contribute to the grant so to get the full $100k grant we need to contribute $25k. Contributions do not have to be in cash but can be “in-kind” contribution such as donating professional services or materials. It use to be that us volunteering our time and labour to trail care was enough but now it has to be “professional” labour so unless you are a professional trail-builder we can’t count that time/labour anymore.

This is what we are doing so far

  • Applying for a smaller local council grant which will satisfy the co-contribution prerequisite of the state government grant
  • We can now accept tax-deductible donations to the club through the Australian Sports Foundation (https://asf.org.au/organisation/bushrangers-mountain-bike-club/)
  • We are looking into sourcing donations from QPWS and local business (e.g. quarries, timber yards, hardware shops, hire shops, individuals in relevant professions).
  • Sponsorship (We’ll make another post about this point later as it may be a fundamental change to the club and we should talk about it).

So if you have any ideas or offers of help please let us know at [email protected] We have until the end of August to get things sorted.