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Rookie ride at Parklands 2pm on Saturday – 20/05/2016

Rookie ride at Parklands 2pm on Saturday – 20/05/2016


I’m taking some new riders into Parklands tomorrow at 2pm. We will meet at the Radar Hill road carpark, Kulangoor – https://goo.gl/maps/c7jbcdjAsPT2.

Ride will be on the “Novice trail” and will be 5km long and take about an hour. We will stop plenty of times to give tips and ask questions. Bring water, sunscreen, helmet and a bike in good nic.

You will also need insurance so sign up for the 8-weeks free insurance that the MTBA is offering – http://www.mtba.asn.au/join/

If you are keen to come along leave a comment here or on Facebook or send an email to [email protected]


18/05/16 Parklands Night Ride Summary – IT SUCKED!

18/05/16 Parklands Night Ride Summary – IT SUCKED!
New Helmet time

…well it sucked for me but the others had fun.

Andrew, Ben, Chad, Royce and myself all rocked up to do the night ride.

Chad was there early to do an extra loop and rescued some poor bugger who had gotten lost with no lights and brought him back to the carpark.

We explored a new section of track that has a lot of potential, just needs some bridges over the muddy bits and maybe remove the big low-hanging branch that crosses the trail.

My ride was cut short because I head-butted that big low-hanging branch that crossed the trail. It hurt a lot and I taught the wildlife some new words similar to “Jeepers!” and “Goshdarnit!” I also discovered yet another sidewall tear when I got home (more new words were said).

The other guys went on to finish the ride while I found Toby and Kirsty and went back to the car with them. I guess I was feeling a little bit shook up and fragile and just needed a hug and someone to tell me everything will be alright but Toby just didn’t understand, so I had a beer instead.

So what can we all take away from that ride:

  1. It gets darker earlier this time of year and Parklands can be a rat warren
  2. You should yell out any obstructions you encounter to the people behind you
  3. Applying icepacks ASAP helps a lot
  4. Beer is good

See you at the trail care day tomorrow if you’re coming and the club ride on Sunday.

Michael “A head is a poor axe” Johns


“Club Only” Members Update – (NERD TALK ALERT)

“Club Only” Members Update – (NERD TALK ALERT)

Hi Folks,

A few people have been asking about “club only” membership (and how come they don’t get the awesome SMS/Email notifications). So I thought I’d provide an update.

What is a club only membership?

Club Only membership is available to those who already hold membership through another club that insures them for mountain biking activities. These clubs are typically affiliated with Mountain Biking Australia (MTBA) and Cycling Australia (CA).

However at the moment it’s an administratively intensive task of providing your details to us via email and then organising a bank transfer/direct debit through your bank, depositing it directly into our account, or giving money to a committee member who then deposits it on your behalf. Then we need to verify your details, check that the deposit went through, and then manually update the list.

That sounds arduous and fraught with error!

Indeed it does! But I have been madly tapping away on multiple keyboards and screens at the same time (while wailing on a guitar) trying to revamp the notification code to include another list for ‘club only’ members (I also accidentally sent out a duplicate notification, sorry about that!).

This list will be populated auto-magically by using a form on the website so you can simply fill out the form, submit payment, and then voilà – you are on the membership list.

So what do I do now?

For those who have already paid I will be in contact shortly to confirm your contact details for inclusion on the new list. For those who would like to become a ‘club only’ member – you can either contact us now or wait until we get the form finished.

Thank you to everyone for being so patient while I get this sorted.


15/05/16 Glasshouse Lookout Club Ride Summary

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15/05/16 Glasshouse Lookout Club Ride Summary

Hello all,

He who shall remain nameless, though the orange boots are a bit of a give away

He who shall remain nameless, though the orange boots are a bit of a give away

Sunday’s club ride was attended by approx. 20 riders, one of them me, having decided only the previous night to tag along, due to an Facebook prompt from our ride leader (John) stating that the ride would not be “too” hard.

We all showed up in Peachester, for what I’m going to call the first cold start of the year. A few jumpers were visible as we set off, however we and the day quickly warmed up nicely. From the off we eventually arrived at the telephone lines that led us to our first lookout for the day. From here we then did some “exploratory” single track which due to the nature of the surface and obstacles presented, I’m terming “pine cones at the beach”. We eventually spat back out onto the main telephone line towards the Glasshouse Mountains lookout. One rider decided this part was too easy, and took a refreshing stack into one of the awaiting mud puddles.

Once at the Glasshouse Lookout, we took the obligatory shots of the view and made do with water, gels and bananas for refreshment while smelling the delicious aromas of a BBQ breakfast nearby. It was now time to start heading back, we did some more impromptu trial care along some of the less used single tracks, and the local dirtbikers didn’t seem interested in doing bike swaps, so we more or less headed back to Peachester. Approx 36 km’s travelled; John was right, not too difficult/technical, though tea/coffee at Beerwah Coffee Club was still well earned.

Craig “The Treasurer” Pearson


Special Event Update: Parklands Dash Experiment – Sat 4th June 10AM

Special Event Update: Parklands Dash Experiment – Sat 4th June 10AM

Hello Bushrangers,

The Parklands Dash experiment is getting closer (10am, Sat 4th June 2016) so here is a bit more information for you.

1. It isn’t a race

After talking to MTBA about insurance and the different memberships we all have (e.g. race or recreation) this experiment will definitely not be a “race”. So there will be no official timing and no prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.apart from bragging rights and glory of course. So it’s more of a fun day where you can challenge yourself, have a good ride, brag and get some food afterwards.

2. Parking and staging area

Current plan is to start the ride at the end of Radar Hill Road, up towards the quarry where the bitumen stops. This will keep the main carpark free for other park users (we can park along the side of Radar Hill road). Starting the ride here gives us that stretch of dirt road to start and finish the ride in spectacular fashion.

3. Food and drink

We will setup the marquee, BBQ and have some cold drinks ready.

4. Volunteers

I’ll need people to act as marshals, which means you’ll wait at a certain point in the park and tell each rider crucial information as they come to you. You’ll also need to caution any other park users that we are all out and about.

5. What next?

Next week I’ll send out the final information with a register link so we can work out numbers.

Parklands Dash