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Why Sunshine Coast MTB clubs need the SCTA and why they need us

Why Sunshine Coast MTB clubs need the SCTA and why they need us

After a really positive meeting on Saturday I wanted to write this letter to start a conversation across all clubs and riders about getting world class trails on the Sunshine coast and helping the SCTA to do it. Please share it around to the other clubs and riders and let’s start talking about how it can be done right and get all the information out there.


Michael Johns


2016 Wide Bay MTB Race Series

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2016 Wide Bay MTB Race Series

Fast approaching with the first race of the series on the 29th of May at Bundaberg – Cordalba (Promisedland Trails) – the Wide Bay Cross Country Endurance race series entails three races in Bundaberg, Fraser Coast (Toogoom, 3rd of July) and Gympie (Corella, 21st August).

A few of us are showing interest in attending at least one of these races and I’m pretty keen to do all three this year. It would be great to see us support our neighbour clubs in the north and keep this series alive.

If you would like to test these trails before signing up don’t forget that we’re having a camping trip up that way this weekend and will be riding Promisedland and Toogoom trails.

Event Series facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WideBayMTB

Big thanks to MTB Bundaberg Inc, Fraser Coast MTB Club Inc and Gympie Bike Riders MTB Club Inc for organising.

Registration links:

Bundaberg: https://online.mtba.asn.au/ERegister.aspx?E=3121

Fraser Coast: https://online.mtba.asn.au/ERegister.aspx?E=2931

Gympie: TBA


Heart Week Expo Summary

Heart Week Expo Summary
Michael ensuring the club's expo presence is aesthetically correct

On Saturday (30th April 2016) the Sunshine Coast Council hosted a Heart Week Expo at the Lake Kawana Community Centre. We were invited to provide an avenue for people to take on a more active lifestyle to ward off potential heart related illness. Realistically we were more of a side exhibit however we did garner good interest from the community and we emphasized that we were promoting the trail networks as much as the mountain biking. We let people know about the great walking and mountain biking trails around the area and encouraged people to go and see for themselves.

Keen riders were taking turns on the mobile pump track that Kurt from the council organised and while it was looking a bit wet and neglected at the start it quickly became popular once the track dried out. I even loaned my bike to a few kids that wanted a turn (they understandably didn’t want Michael’s fatbike). The track was provided by a local company so don’t be surprised if you see more pop up at various events including our own.

I provided an impromptu interview to Channel 7 news which actually ended up on the news tonight (2nd May 2016) along with John on the pump track:

Excellent coverage for the club and made the effort more than worthwhile when combined with the interest generated at the expo.

Thanks goes to Michael and John for assisting us in the expo and to the Sunshine Coast Council for inviting us.




QLD CX – HeliDOOM Ride

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QLD CX – HeliDOOM Ride

A few of us went out to a ride hosted by Queensland Cyclocross out at Helidon, QLD. It was a ‘social’ ride that became a gravel endurance race covering 60km and 1200m elevation. Those guys just hammer out the kilometres. Little did they know that they had some of our best riders in their midst and those riders held their own against the cyclocross thoroughbreds.

It was a good route climbing up though Murphy’s Creek to the beautiful Gus Beutel lookout in Palmtree, QLD. After a hour rest we descended down the other side completing the loop back to Helidon. It was mix of around 70% gravel and the rest road. The road leading to the lookout was a strange sticky mud that caused people to think there was something wrong with their bikes – it was like riding on contact glue. The down hill roads were fun but corrugations made things very jittery and slightly scary as they could shift you over to the loose edges of the road.

Thanks to QLD CX for organising the ride and to Geoff for providing the feedzone at the lookout.

Honourable member mentions:  Murray, Rod, Royce, Graeme, Quinton, Corey and Jason. Also my mate Daniel.

Gus Beutel Lookout

More photos are on the event’s >facebook page< (Facebook account required :'( )


01/05/2016 – Ewan Maddock Dam Ride Summary

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01/05/2016 – Ewan Maddock Dam Ride Summary

Hello ‘rangers,

Well, what a lovely day for a ride today was…NOT! But despite the drizzly, cold, foggy weather we still had 6 hardcore riders up for a pedal this morning. Well done to Kerry, Toby, Jens, Graham and the two Steves, you have all earned another “Why am I riding in this crap” badge.

DSC_0201We started riding at 7am and once we gave in to the fact we were going to get wet the group moved along pretty quick. I had yet another flat tyre (tubeless woes). The water and trees were actually lovely to look at – if your glasses weren’t all fogged up and you had a break from spitting out the copious amounts of mud flung up by your stupid fat bike tyres (mental note: get a big mudguard).

We went around the dam and through Dularcha then stopped for a coffee at Mooloolah. After coffee I bowed out of the ride and went back to the car along the road. The rest of the group continued back through Dularcha and then popped down to do a bit of Ferny Forest – nice work!

So thanks for the ride folks and I’ll see you next week at Parklands (if you aren’t going to the camping trip).

Michael “I hope that wasn’t horse poop” Johns

PS: my fat tyres aren’t really stupid