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Tre-X Off-Road Triathlon Results

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Tre-X Off-Road Triathlon Results

Couldn’t ask for better conditions for racing at the Ewen Maddock Dam Camp – the rain leading up to the weekends event helped freshen up the water, soak the off-road running circuit and settle the dust on the MTB course. The water temperature was a pleasant 23°C for the beginning swim leg at 8:30am, 400m for the short, 1500m for the long. and was over in no time at all with most of the competitors out of the water within 30min. The mountain bike course was a slight variation to the Ferny Forest loop with some of the access roads used as passing areas and to get the riders back to the finish line for either another lap (3 laps for long course) or to go back into transition for the run. The running circuit took the runners all over the place and included ankle deep water for the most part and the ‘tar pit’ of thick mud to make things difficult. The whole affair was mostly completed by 2pm.

The next days MTB cross-country races consisted of either 2 laps or 5 laps of the same MTB course as the triathlon. The course was nicely worn in from the prior days racing making it just right to push into the corners fast and keep the pace up for pretty much the whole loop. Apart from the riders continuing on from the Triathlon and Trail runs from the day before to earn their dirt master titles the field this year was mostly XC racers so the pace was a lot faster. All in all while not technically demanding the speed at which you could take this course demanded concentration or you’ll end up on the ground pretty quickly.

Congratulations to John Searston and Donna Bigaila for their podiums during the Sprint Course Triathlon. John came 1st in category and Donna came 3rd in category. The team I was rider for, Splash, Crash, and Dash, gained 1st overall in the team Long Course Triathlon.

Matthew Klibbe has been racing the entire Long Course solo series and this marks his final race of the season and finishing a fantastic 8th in category.

Tre-X Triathlon Results Page can be found >here<
Long-course Results
Sprint-course Results

Onto the 20km and 50km MTB XC races: Shelly Foote placed 22nd overall and 1st in category (20km, Veteran), Corey Chrimes 5th overall and 1st in category (50km, Single Speed), Gavin Scott 6th overall and 2nd place in category (50km, Veterans), John Searston placed 32nd overall and 2nd in category (50km, Single Speed), and Ben Johns (myself) placed 13th overall and 6th in category (50km, Veterans)

20km MTB XC Results
50km MTB XC Results

Special thanks goes to our support crew – Toby and wife, Kirsty, Julie and Michael.


ROAD TRIP! Trail Care Learning Day at Gap Creek

ROAD TRIP! Trail Care Learning Day at Gap Creek

Kurt from the Sunshine Coast Council is organising a trail care learning day for us (Sunshine Coast MTB clubs) at Gap Creek on Saturday May 14th. If you’re interested in learning how to develop and maintain trails while getting your hands dirty please register at: http://sunshinecoast.i-events.info/link/id/zzzz570ef36d942ef049/regform?evuid=zzzz570ef3078a759178

His email to the clubs with all the info:

To all sunshine coast wide MTB clubs,

I have arranged a trail care learning day with Gap Creek Trail Alliance(GTCA) on May 14th.

The goal of this day is to gather those on the coast who have an interest in sustainable MTB trail development and head down and spend time with GCTA to share experiences, knowledge, as well as participate in some hands on trail work.

As such I have arranged the following:

A bus to depart from Etamogah pub @ 6am on Saturday the 14th of May returning from Brisbane at 1pm for those who would like to travel down together and save their fuel.

We are going to be doing some trail building as such everyone needs:
· Fully enclosed foot wear
· Appropriate sun protection
· A couple of litters of water

Lunch & a morning coffee on the way down will be provided.

Unfortunately due to the full nature of the day riding is not planned as part of this trip, if anyone would like to ride before the trail care session begins they would have to arrange to head down independently.

Registration is required for the day so I can gage interest and arrange bus sizes and lunch: http://sunshinecoast.i-events.info/link/id/zzzz570ef36d942ef049/regform?evuid=zzzz570ef3078a759178

I hope some of you join me on this day to spend some time networking across groups and focusing on the one thing we all need to be able to ride, trails!

Kurt Martin
Recreation Trails Activation Officer | Environmental Operations
Infrastructure Services | Sunshine Coast Council

If you have any questions please send them through us and we’ll pass them along.


10/04/2016 – Parklands club ride summary

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10/04/2016 – Parklands club ride summary
Craig sobbing because he was riding a Giant bike.

Eight of us showed up for another casual jaunt through Parklands today. The weather was good and the trails were spot on with most of the mud gone. We had Alf, Chris, Craig, Damien, Pete and Will show up and we hooked up with some other riders later on.

Today’s intrepid ride leader was Greg and he did a fine job with his selection of trails that were challenging and fun. He even took the others who wanted more for an even longer ride.

Total ride time for the final four was 3.5hrs, ride length was around 20km and there was either 400, 500 or 700m of elevation depending on who’s Garmin you believe.

This sucks

This sucks!

I bowed out 1hr in with yet another sidewall tear as I tore down lower NZ (obviously caused by my hardcoredness).







A Fantastic Effort at the 2016 Merida 24hr

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A Fantastic Effort at the 2016 Merida 24hr
The dedicated crew at Merida 24hr 2016

It was a brilliant weekend at the Spicers Hiddenvale Resort in Grandchester QLD. Partly cloudy with temperatures on the warm side of 30 The Merida 24hr (and 4hr) race began at noon with a mass start of over 500 participants, music and the countdown blaring, and smoke machines squirting dry ice vapour over the starting line. The following 24hrs (or 4hrs) would become a combination of endurance and concentration as there were quite a few sketchy parts of the course that caused damage to both bikes and riders. After a short first lap the the race was on in earnest with the 4hr riders turning up the pressure and 24hr riders settling in for the long haul.

Fine bull dust was the theme of the course with riders coming out covered head to tyre after only a few laps. While there was less elevation that previous years the new course made up for it by adding various technical challenges to each climb and sweeping descents with features to catch the weary rider off guard. Overall the tracks were enjoyed by most and proved to be a lot faster with sub-hour average lap times at the pointy end of the field.

In what seemed to be no time at all the 4hr race was over and things started to quiet down as evening came. The smell of a hundred grills mixed up with a mobile pizza oven filled the air which must have been torture for the solo riders scooting through the pits stopping long enough to scoff down some carbs and electrolytes in a mechanical fashion while listening to the live results of the nearest competitors. Later it was well into the night with the banter of the teams dying down as riders depleted their energy as each took turns tackling what had become a new course at night. During the early mornings everything drew quiet with only the occasional disturbance as the brave riders continued through the night while many others took well earned rest.

6:30am clicked over and the commentator started barking the latest results over the PA to the thumping beats of the background music that surrounded the race organiser and timing tents. The air was once again saturated with the smells of breakfast which was more demoralising than the dinner smells all those hours ago. Crews were shuffling around the pits with coffee in hand either waiting for their rider to come in to assist or to change over for the next team member. Soon the field was alive again with many reconsidering their positions and either going back out for more laps or simply keeping the cranks turning to maintain their position that they built up after >19hrs of gruelling single track.

Mid-morning saw temperatures rise and the breeze only slight. Many riders caked with dust during the night began to sweat creating a muddy film over their exposed limbs and faces. Motivation for that one last lap was scarce and everyone was pitching in to keep them going as the race could be won or lost on that single loop. Eventually the magic hour drew near and things were slowly being decided for the 24hr race as the riders came in.

Pete was a whole lap and one hour ahead – thankful that he didn’t have to go back out again to secure his victory. Pete rode a solid race and kept a relentless pace that paid off with a solid lead and overall win. Kirsty and Toby kept together spurring each other on lap after lap. Susie kept up a great solo effort and kept up the encouragement of the other riders. Corrine, Sonja and Royce smashing the 4hr race with good results.


A phenomenal race by Pete Bigaila who won the overall solo 24hr place at the Merida 24hr clocking up 23 laps in 23:04:53, one lap and almost one hour ahead of second place.

  • Kirsty Bigaila scored 2nd place her her category (24hr)
  • Susie Hume placed 4th in category (24hr)
  • Toby Reavely placed 14th in category (24hr)
  • Corrine Dolan placed 6th in category (4hr)
  • Sonja Wilson placed 13th in category (4hr)
  • Royce Vandeleur placed 4th in category (4hr)

All results can be found at: http://my2.raceresult.com/52415/results#

Special thanks to Donna Bigaila, Julie Pearson, Paul Hume, Kerry Pascoe and Mr Dolan for their excellent mechanical, nutritional and morale support.

Video of the race start can be found at: https://goo.gl/photos/y87BPrzHBwhDAWih7



2016 Sunshine Series Starting Soon

2016 Sunshine Series Starting Soon

SunshineSeries2016QLD Mountainbike  will be kicking off their 2016 cross-country race series at Underwood Park, Rochedale on the 17th April. This year they are introducing the Veteran Women category (age 30-39) and will continue with the Sports category that caters to anyone who wants to have a go.

The six well organised events are each hosted at a different location around SEQ and you can attend as many as you wish. I have added them into our club calendar (no notifications though, you’ll need to come back and check).

To register for the upcoming race or the series go to: https://online.mtba.asn.au/ERegister.aspx?E=3046



We invite members who attend any mountain bike race to send in your results for inclusion in a weekly summary post.