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01/05/2016 – Ewan Maddock Dam Ride Summary

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01/05/2016 – Ewan Maddock Dam Ride Summary

Hello ‘rangers,

Well, what a lovely day for a ride today was…NOT! But despite the drizzly, cold, foggy weather we still had 6 hardcore riders up for a pedal this morning. Well done to Kerry, Toby, Jens, Graham and the two Steves, you have all earned another “Why am I riding in this crap” badge.

DSC_0201We started riding at 7am and once we gave in to the fact we were going to get wet the group moved along pretty quick. I had yet another flat tyre (tubeless woes). The water and trees were actually lovely to look at – if your glasses weren’t all fogged up and you had a break from spitting out the copious amounts of mud flung up by your stupid fat bike tyres (mental note: get a big mudguard).

We went around the dam and through Dularcha then stopped for a coffee at Mooloolah. After coffee I bowed out of the ride and went back to the car along the road. The rest of the group continued back through Dularcha and then popped down to do a bit of Ferny Forest – nice work!

So thanks for the ride folks and I’ll see you next week at Parklands (if you aren’t going to the camping trip).

Michael “I hope that wasn’t horse poop” Johns

PS: my fat tyres aren’t really stupid


Go G.I.R.L. Ride with boys on the side!

Go G.I.R.L. Ride with boys on the side!

Saturday saw over 20 participants attend the Daisy Hill (away from home) ride. Most of the regular Go G.I.R.L. (Get Into Riding Ladies) team were there; Susie (moi), Carol, Tania, Helen, Kerry & Pam. Sonja gave me a sick note from her mother, so she was excused and averted a detention. We missed the squeals of Di, so Carol had to stand in and Yah Hoo on the down hill sections.

The boys (our young at heart men) were joined by two very capable young riders, (sons of Lauree Aves), Connor and Cooper, as well as, Liam who was 9 and completed an impressive 30+km “boys on the side” ride. The boys (the real boys) at first didn’t leave our side, till they were certain we could all ride and we were in good hands with Megan Tinks, a Brisbane MTB RAT who kindly volunteered her time to show us around her trails. Thanks Lauree Aves for organising this!

We again welcomed Annick a local rider, who we have lined up to be our guide for when we hit the Jinker trails. When’s that I hear you ask? (Not the next ride but the one after). So love all these connections we are making. The end result this time was another awesome Go G.I.R.L. ride covering trails such as; “Stone Henge”, “Glider”, “Wiry Panic”, “Koala”, “Tunnel of Love”, “Jumping Ant”, “Possum Box” and we couldn’t get lost because there were “5 ways home”!

We rode about 20km with plenty of riding/chatting to get to know each other discussing highly important women’s topics like, what not to say to your partner when she is feeling a bit under the weather (You know what I mean!)   If she falls off in a race, this is definately NRB (not recommended behavior). For instance- Yelling “What is wrong with you today?” & “You can ride better than this!” is likely not going to bring you closer together. There are times when our hormones run rampart and its best to leave us alone, not in a forest with bears though Paul. (But that’s another story).

By now, we were wondering if some of our partners’ ears were burning!

But no, they were millions of miles away (well on the other side of the park at least), oblivious to our laments, expertly being lead by Michael, (who probably had the reddest ears) affectionately known as Tinks! (But not at the moment with the memories of the Merida 24hr race still on his wife’s mind)!

With the wind in our hair, rock garden’s attacked with gusto and fast flowy trails, all of that was soon forgotten and we happily came together at the end- Paul, Nick, Wayne, Peter, John and co at Christopher’s for a delicious feed while we took turns to remember fondly the highlights of our ride.

Keep the 4th Saturday free each month! Don’t miss out on all the fun!

Next ride: Wooroi, Tewantin 28 May. See Bushranger calendar for more details.

See you on the trails!


Susie Hume

Women’s Advocate

Bushrangers MTB Club





Club Roadtrip – Toogoom & Promisedland Trails – 7th/8th May

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Club Roadtrip – Toogoom & Promisedland Trails – 7th/8th May

Since the last trip was so good we’re doing it again! 

DAY 1 (Saturday 07/05/16)

Drive north from Sunshine Coast for 2 hours 40 minutes to Childers where everyone meets at the Childers Woolworths carpark (https://goo.gl/maps/tCSzhDojsv72) around 10:00am (so you’ll be wanting to leave the Sunshine Coast by around 7:00am to account for roadworks and Ben’s bongo van etc). Then we all drive a further 20 minutes to the Promisedland MTB Park, Cordalba and we ride 2-3 hours.

We leave Promisedland and drive 45 minutes to Hillcrest Caravan Park, Burrum Heads.  Where we bunker down for the night and eat, drink and be merry.

DAY 2 (Sunday 08/05/16)

We drive 17 mins to Toogoom MTB Park and ride for 2-3 hours. Then everyone has a safe 2.5hr drive back to the Sunshine Coast – happy days!!

More info:


24/04/2016 – Pomona to Lake Macdonald Ride Summary

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24/04/2016 – Pomona to Lake Macdonald Ride Summary
"Cadbury" the fatbike

Pomona to Lake Mac rideHello ‘rangers (pronounced “range-er” not “rang-er” FYI),

Today’s ride was 37km of new and old trails from Pomona to Lake Macdonald and back again. A big thanks to Terry for leading the ride and showing us what he has found on his explorations. There was some real standout pieces of track today. Pete and Toby also did the bonus 6km towards the end but the rest of us just wanted to get coffee by that point (or get home to watch the XC Mountain Bike World Cup at 11am) .

Terry kept us at a good pace today with fewer stops and good use of “corner-men” and a “tail-end charlie” so no one got lost or left behind and the ride was done and dusted by around 10am.

Had a few spills today with poor Di copping a nasty cut on her leg and having to get a lift back to car. Nothing too serious but still needs to get checked out and cleaned at the Hospital so we hope they get you in and out of the ER nice and quick. Thanks to Carol, Sonya, John and Nick for cutting their ride short and helping out.

Toby and Pete also tried to do some weird stationary balancing acrobatic trick but no-one told Toby first so it all ended up with Toby, Pete and Graham on the ground in a pile of bikes.

Graham is also now a member of the “plus” bike club with his new Norco Torrent with the 3″ tyres. Very nice bike! You can hang with us cool kids now and don’t listen to the non-believers, they are just jealous!!

So thanks for the ride everyone, there was some nice trails there that I look forward to riding again.

Signing off,

Michael “putting the P in Phat-bike” Johns