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Why Women’s Only Rides?

Why Women’s Only Rides?

Many have pondered the big question- “Why are there not more women riders?”

All dressed up and looking the part, I head off on my 29er (with very wide bars), for my first MTB experience. Hubby and number one son, decide that we should go explore Parklands. After getting off my bike for numerous obstacles (logs and sharp rocks) and narrow gaps between trees, (what were they doing there in the first place?), I began to wonder and stress a wee bit, (we seem to be forever descending into a black hole), I know what goes down eventually has to come up. What am I doing here? This is not fun! After falling off a few times and walking more than riding, I decide that mountain biking is not for me.

This is a familiar story and well-meaning partners and husbands encouraging words of “You can do it love” just doesn’t always cut it. After scraping yourselves off the forest floor, many women are tentative about getting on their bikes again. Luckily, I did and went on a Bushrangers Ewan Maddock social ride. There I was met by some friendly ladies riders who took me under their wing. One lady took me into Parklands and we did the Ho Chi Ho circuit! After the challenge of the uphill fireroad, it was yea ha all the way down. Now this is more like it! She taught me to be persistent and there were great rewards as you got fitter. Lots of High 5’s and cheering could be heard when we managed a challenging bit! Or we would say, next time, there always was a next time! All the sweeter when you made it! After a few months we could do it three times with a lot less huffing and puffing! I’ll never forget the encouragement and support I was given. Another lady took me into Sugar Bag but that is another story.

The Bushrangers, also contemplated the big question, “Why are there not more women riders?” After careful consideration and consultation (at the Christmas BBQ) the president of the club asked if anyone was interested in a position of women’s advocate. I grabbed the opportunity, as I have always been interested in women’s health and fitness, (I obtained my fitness leader qualifications in the 80’s and started my own neighborhood aerobic classes. Back in the day, you would find me, dressed of course, in fluro leading a group of enthusiastic women in the garage doing the “grapevine” to Cyndi Lauper and Madonna). With ten years racing experience, 5 different bikes in the garage and a love for riding, I felt that I was the “man” for the job!

Today you will find me extremely driven in my aim to get more women into riding. Queensland Women’s Week was my first challenge. I believe this was very successful as so many ladies that we hadn’t seen before came out of the woodwork, some for the very first time, most looking to make connections with other female riders. There was coaching, coordinated rides with other clubs, competitions and most importantly, a riding group was formed- Go G.I.R.L (Get Into Riding Ladies). The aim of the women’s riding group is to encourage new riders to the sport, support each other as we grow in confidence, build proficient skills and fitness and promote opportunities to challenge ourselves. We now have monthly rides and co-ordinate with the other clubs to offer more opportunities for women to ride. Why not join us for our in our next ride at Jinker trails or race in “Chicks In The Sticks” or . . . The sky is the limit! So join our Go G.I.R.L (Get Into Riding Ladies) Facebook page, be informed and hopefully get inspired to hit the trails together!


Susie Hume

Women’s Advocate Bushrangers MTB Club Sunshine Coast

[email protected]





TreX Multi-Sport Weekend at Ewen Maddock Dam

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TreX Multi-Sport Weekend at Ewen Maddock Dam
John Searston winning the Dirt Master award for his category at the 2015 Tre-X Event

On the 16th & 17th of April the QLD X-Triathlon Championship & Multisport Weekend will be held at the Wildeco Camp at Ewen Maddock Dam (we know the area as Ferny Forest).

Further information and registration can be found on the Tre-X website > here < .

On Saturday if you can find a runner and a swimmer then you can do the MTB leg as part of a team. Otherwise there’s the 22km and 45km MTB XC race on Sunday. Unless you’re like John who does it all himself for the dirt master title.

We encourage all our members to have a go at mountain bike racing and a local race on good trails is a great way to have a go.

Please note that the organisers do not cover you in case of an accident for the MTB XC race so make sure your race insurance is sorted. For the multi-sport race – Triathlon Australia coverage is needed as the MTBA cover does not include multi-sport events.


27/03/2016 – Sugarbag club ride summary

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27/03/2016 – Sugarbag club ride summary

Overall a good ride with a good turnout and thankfully the rain holding off until the end of the ride.

Had a few people conquer their fears and succeed getting over a few of the hairier obstacles on the trails, which were then accompanied with the mandatory whooping and high fives afterwards. Unfortunately there were a couple of whoopsie daisies and I hope those riders pulled up OK the next day.

Interesting events:

  • I met a friendly fellow fatbiker wearing clipless sandals (I thought they were a myth).
  • I accidentally did the tricky stuff because I made the mistake of following Toby and Alf.
  • Paul wash his bike from from the back of his van – we think it was either black magic or he was actually dosing his bike in fuel.
  • Susie’s “waahoo’s” actually echo of the trees for a whole 90 seconds and intimidate nearby birds.
  • Andrew’s experiment of trying to cure a big night by bike riding didn’t work as well as he hoped.

See you next week everyone!


Amenities to be built at Ferny Forest

Amenities to be built at Ferny Forest
Provided in the South East Queensland Water Newsletter March 2016:
Ornamental Wetlands to receive amenity block
A new amenity block will be built at the Ornamental Wetlands parkland area at Ewen Maddock Dam as a result of increased visitation to the site. This project is being implemented with the support of the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing.
The Ornamental Wetlands, off Steve Irwin Way, is situated beside the recently established Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) mountain bike trail network. For further information on the QPWS mountain bike trails, please contact QPWS directly on 13 74 68.

20/03/2016 – Parklands club ride summary

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20/03/2016 – Parklands club ride summary
Cool photo by Chad - nice work (except the girls bike ruins it) :)

Only 8 intrepid souls came for Sunday’s club ride at Parklands and they were treated to a memorable ride of rain, mud, slippery roots and rocks, biting insects and punctured tyres.

My ride was cut short as I made a slight error with my tyre pressure on the new bike and lost all my air through a hole in the sidewall and had to walk back to car. It was a rather nice stroll though.

One highlight however was Alf’s ride leadership. The pre-ride briefing was loud and clear, choice of trails was good and the pace was great. Nice work indeed Alf! Keep up the good work!