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Mapleton Back on the Community Ride Menu

by Miles
Mapleton Back on the Community Ride Menu

We’ve had a few requests to host community rides in Mapleton Forest again. So we’ll alternate between Ewen Maddock and Mapleton for a while and see how people go.

Mapleton can be a little challenging for a first time rider as there is a deceptive amount of climbing hidden in that road to the Oaky Creek lookout. So we’ve allowed for two meeting points (Mapleton Lilly Ponds and the Mapleton Forest Day Use Area) to try and make the ride shorter for those who may be a little concerned about the effort.

Members take note that this isn’t like the usual club rides in Mapleton Forest. It’s a straight up and back to the lookout via the access road with no side tracks. Keep it simple so no one bonks out or gets lost.

The Mapleton Forest Day Use Area has recently been refurbished with additional car parking and the trailhead further up the road has also been redone to accommodate the the motorcycles better.


Committee Meeting Update from June 2015

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Committee Meeting Update from June 2015
A few points from the Committee Meeting in June 2015.
Ride leaders
Based on member feedback the club will be endeavouring improve our communication during Social & Club rides. By encouraging our valued Ride Leaders, Corner Markers, Tail End Charlies, regular and new riders to be aware of the MTBAs suggested Ride Leader policies and assisting in their implementation during all our rides. Have a look through the MTBAs 2014 draft policy available on their site, it’s one page of common sense but a good for all riders to be familiar with.
Caloundra Sugar Bag trails are a happening thing! We are encouraging members to sign the petition being circulated by the awesome advocates from the Sunshine Coast Trail Alliance & Caloundra riding community. As well as any other trail advocacy projects across the greater SE QLD region.
The new trails along Steve Irwin Way opposite the Big Kart Track (who need a name) will be added into our regular rides and are currently proving popular with members thanks to everyone involved there too.
As an FYI we’ve been informed a 5km Parkrun will often be being held along the Parklands fire roads Saturday mornings starting 7am at the Radar Hill car park. So keep an eye out for greater number of two legged trail users on your two wheeled travels these mornings!
Social & Membership

It’s the club’s 20th anniversary! we were founded in 1995 & have a pretty interesting history. An event to celebrate will be later this year for members past & present, keep an eye on the website & social media pages for details of social events.

Being affiliated with MTBA gives Bushrangers Sunshine Coast members some pretty good perks have a read of the summary of MTBA benefits again on their site and another 1 pager. The currently $30 annual portion of your fees that goes towards the club gives you some nifty extra benefits too.
Some Bushranger Member perks….
  • Hosted rides across the Sunshine Coast, including night rides yes even in winter!
  • SMS reminders & Facebook events to help keep you up to date with Bushranger events.
  • Fellow riders who you can chat to about possibly tagging along on other rides which to suit your abilities and free time.
  • Typically an option for coffee and/or food stop during or after most rides mmm…. riding fuel.
  • Details on social media about other nearby MTBA related events for members to look into.
  • Trail advocacy & trail maintenance building sessions we encourage members to head along to.
  • We aren’t linked to any particular bike shop or sponsor and like it that way.
  • Welcoming of all levels of riders on all sorts of bikes & riding kit (pst new jerseys in the pipeline).
  • Social events where we all get slightly confused for a bit chatting to people we know in their non-bike kit!
  • Hoping to run some skills sessions for members in coming months too.
Look forward to seeing you on the trails,
The Committee