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Moustaches and Mountain Bikes 2017 – 10,000km in November!

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Moustaches and Mountain Bikes 2017 – 10,000km in November!
Join our Movember challenge!

Moustache fails and hardcore trails!

To raise money for the Movember Foundation we’d like to introduce the inaugural Moustaches and Mountain bikes Strava event which will be run throughout November 2017.

We’ve set the challenge to try and ride 10,000km in November (and grow totally awesome optional moustaches). We will have prizes for the male, female and youth (<15yo) with the most amount of kilometres and a prize for biggest fundraiser and best moustache. The winners will be announced at our Time trial race/BBQ at Paul’s place in Woombye in early December (more details about that event later).

This contest is open to all Bushrangers, riding clubs, bike shops and local MTB riders and your entry fee is a $20 donation to a Movember page (e.g. yours, your mates, the club). Once you do this let me know your Strava name and I’ll invite you to the prestigious Moustache and Mountain bikes Strava club so we can all track each other’s kilometres.

So join our Movember team at https://moteam.co/moustaches-and-mountain-bikes-sunshine-coast-2017 (or just donate $20) and then check out the Strava club at https://www.strava.com/clubs/317958

Let’s have some fun, raise some money and try to ride 10,000km in one month!

Michael “I started my Mo early” Johns
Club Secretary

PS: Details are still being hammered out so if you want to know more or have some feedback (or prize ideas) then let me know at [email protected]


Go G.I.R.L. Parklands Ride Summary

Go G.I.R.L. Parklands Ride Summary
GoGIRLS in Parklands

Times are a- changing…, whilst Ben aka Bushrangers President, took a few Rookies for a ride from the Radar Hill side, we were full house at the Atkinson Rd side entrance of Parklands. This demonstrates women are stepping up and choosing to go to the next level in their riding and what better place to start than our treasured Parklands. Nicci Orr and her girls from Brisbane joined us along with some new and old faces. So after the traditional before the ride photo, 14 of us rode single file to the trailhead.

“Were you sitting down?” “Did you faint?”


New Jerseys are coming! ….very slowly

New Jerseys are coming! ….very slowly
Latest jersey concepts

Hey everyone,

Yeah I know the jerseys have been on the cards for ages but trying to find someone to make them has been a bugger of a chore. However I think I’ve found someone to do all the jersey/shirt/singlet iterations we need at a good price.

I’ve been talking to others in the club and doing a lot of research on jersey styles and shapes so the artwork has gone through a lot of changes. To give you an idea of the journey I’ve had, the filenames are like “BRMTB-Jersey-2016-idea-19-v7-FINAL-v3-LAST FINAL-v2.pdf“. Which shows a very poor file management system that I really need to work on.

So anyway, we are going to offer the following:

  • Standard XC cycle jerseys (short/long sleeve and club/race fit) in two styles – “Spare parts” and “Black diamond”
  • Bib-shorts – Black with logo and matching artwork
  • Trail shirts (loose fit v-neck with short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves) in the two styles – “Spare parts” and “Black diamond”
  • Women’s Go-Girl Singlets  – in “GoGirl Pink”
  • Socks

There are artwork samples below but I’ll put up the final artwork along with prices and the order link in the next few days.

Stay Tuned!



Go GIRL Jinker Trails Summary

Go GIRL Jinker Trails Summary

GoGIRL linked with Nicci Orr and the Brisbane girls for a ride around the Jinker Trails at Bunyaville. We started off at a slower pace than usual from James Drysdale Recreation Park with 15 ladies and picked up Solo Heather on the way (Turns out she raced with me back in the day, small world hey). Kathy and Janine, a couple of local girls joined us too. They were new to the sport so we adapted the speed to suit them giving them riding tips on the way. We began with Wayne’s World which flowed onto WW: new and improved and that is what we found. All the trails were tweaked and were even more fun than the last time. After climbing into Mini Van, we Zigzagged along Dugandan Road to The Jinker Tack via 10 and 1. The climbing and techy sections proved a bit of a challenge to our new riders. They had fun but were a bit puffed.  So at this point they opted to end their ride close to the carpark but promised to join us again soon already making plans with the local girls to join them the next day.

After saying goodbye we went Creekside and took the Original Creek Track. We picked up the pace and were Flickn Sticks to number 6. There was no Carnage on Kokoda but I Love that Hill, it’s only Short Hill. We did the whole Dam Loop in record time mastering The Steps where we stopped to hone our skills. A Policeman checked out our Dirt Racers. Nicci showed us how to jump, it was Jinker Magic. A Froot Loopin time was had by all. Why not join us on our next Mystery tour. Check out our face book page for more details.

Until next time,

Have fun on the trails,

Susie Hume
Womens Advocate