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GoGIRL Sugar Bag Summary

GoGIRL Sugar Bag Summary

Due to the increasing summer- like temperatures, we met at Ben Bennet Park, Caloundra at the earlier time of 7:15 and I surprised even myself, I was spot on time (which is 15 minutes earlier than the start time). In fact, it should be noted I was the second car there- see Sonja I am full of surprises. Recently at the Wild Women’s Adventure race, Sonja and I found out I’m a wiz at a sling shot and not bad at Slack line, who knew? If you haven’t done anything like this before, I can highly recommend it (Adventurre races). Grab another kindred soul and jump right in! Even though we got lost trying to find the bike drop (google maps fault), we made up lots of time in the MTB leg (not surprising) and came in early with nearly a podium finish for our first one together! Note to self : Train for the trekking next time. Going down stairs for the next few days were a killer Sonja reported!

Back to the summary. I was expecting a small number, as I only had 2 confirmed (on Facie) plus Nicci and her Brisbane girls. Clearly this wasn’t the case, as before long, the car park was buzzing with enthusiastic ladies. So after the pre ride photo of 15 ladies, we rode up to the trailhead with the lovely new sign. We began with Exit Stage Left, which is also called 1a, (but I like my name better because we all know Strava never lies). This flows into Sweet Sugar Circuit, after adjusting my Bottom Bracket and checking the Fire Break, it was time for a little coaching. Soon most of the ladies nailed Up n Ova ready to attack Snake Wilso’s Way. After swatting Mozzies on Alley East, we peddled through Sandy Creek and some of us braved some of the new TTF’s (which stands for technical trail feature )including the new Suspension Bridge. Then for some more sweetness we did Syrup a couple of times because once is not enough. Next we tested ourselves on the Quarry Climb before playing follow the leader through Rainforest Run.

Lastly, we rode to the containers and had fun on the skinny see saw. There were lots of Yahoos as ladies surprised themselves when they rode right to the end on the skinniest of skinnies. In the end, somehow we had more riders than we started with, which just goes to show the word has gone around. There’s ladies on the trails and they’re spreading like wildfire.

Notable points of interest were:

  • Julia, WOW (Women On Wheels) co-ordinator for CORCA finally made it to a GoGIRL ride. She is one busy lady. Welcome Julia, we hope you enjoyed yourself.
  • It was New Riding Clothes day, sponsored by Hume Custom RV’s and SheBeest! Thanks Paul
  • Nice to see Wil from CORCA. Good to see you again.
  • Nicci was invaluable once again sharing her coaching skills and modeling the A lines. Hope your girls loved the Sugar Bag Trails as much as we enjoyed seeing you again.
  • Date and cranberry loaf toasted with butter, that gets into your hair somehow, is highly recommended at Malarkey Artisan Coffee, The Hub.
  • Somebody noted I had lovely calf tats. They keep showing up even though I don’t remember getting them.

That’s all from me.

Next month keep Saturday 25 free to check out the new flow trail at Parklands. With the rain and more traffic, it should ride a treat.

Susie Hume
Women’s advocate for the Bushrangers


Community Feedback Survey for Sugarbag Road Area

Community Feedback Survey for Sugarbag Road Area

Hey Everyone,

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council is looking for community feedback for a master plan for the Caloundra Town Reserve (this is where the Sugarbag Road trails are). Check out the following link and complete the survey and have a say at what happens there (could even win $300!).


Submission close 5pm Friday 10 March 2017.


Sugarbag Ride Summary – 29/01/2017

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Sugarbag Ride Summary – 29/01/2017
Some cool stuff is appearing in the "Candy Store"

This bit always makes my head hurt

Greetings ‘Rangers

Sunday’s ride was in Sugarbag again and as normal we started at the Caloundra Aquatic centre. Although this time there was no over-protective magpie with murder in it’s eyes so that was nice.

Due to the camping trip in Bayview and other riders doing their own thing in Wooroi we had a smaller group of 12 including new riders, Marty and Pete.


Sugarbag Ride Summary – 25/09/2016

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Sugarbag Ride Summary – 25/09/2016
Mondraker Crafty is a very nice looking bike
Click for more info

Click for more info

14 riders showed up at the aquatic centre in Caloundra on Sunday morning. In addition to the regular crew we had a new rider, Sirrob, previous member Pete and Dean from Hit Bikes come along (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hitbikes/).

There was a particularly nasty magpie near the carpark who attacked Toby and Neil as they rode to meet us, it attacked Sirrob as he just stood there waiting and I think it even called me fat.

We rode through Ben Bennett park and onto the Sugarbag trails. I was looking forward to checking out the new Syrup trail that Trailworx had worked on recently.

Terry and Tania went off and did their own thing but the rest of us stuck together and we went through the regular trails like Sugar and Honeycomb and we did the new Syrup trail a few times too. Syrup is a bit loose on the berms at the moment but it’s still pretty fun.

After the trails Pete and Dean said we should just ride to coffee because parking would be terrible. This sounded like a good idea so Dean showed us an easy way to get there and we had coffee on the grass overlooking the ocean. I reckon we should do this on every Sugarbag ride, it worked out great.

So overall the ride was 20km and a lot of fun (Toby did more because he rode from Mooloolaba – so hardcore!)

Thanks to Dean from Hit Bikes for showing us around the new Sugarbag trails and make sure you let us know when the shop opening is!