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Pomona/Cooran Ride Summary 24/02/2019

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Pomona/Cooran Ride Summary 24/02/2019
Single lane bridge on way back to Cooran

Hey folks,

So this is my last ride summary as the club secretary and I have to say, I may actually miss having this avenue to publicly tell my dumb jokes, bag my brother and drop the occasional passive aggressive bomb <sigh>… But that doesn’t matter now because this weekend I will hand over the official book of mountain bike lingo – 101 Words for Dirt – and then someone else can have the pleasure of publicly humiliating our club members with these summaries.

On that note – the AGM is on this Saturday at 2pm at the Woombye Pub. This year we are going all out and blowing the club’s remaining finances on a platter of sausage rolls!

But anyway – let’s get back to Sunday’s ride.

Ride Map – Pomona to Cooran Return – 27km

We arrived in Pomona early in the morning and the little town was just waking up. The weather was still and cool despite the earlier cyclone warnings of torrential floods and 160kph ducks and lawn furniture flying about.

We had some new, some nearly new and some not-so-new riders come along with us. Big hello to Jani and Orlando who came riding with us for the first time. I hope everyone enjoyed the ride.

Highlights of the ride were:

  • No cyclone
  • Sticks and lots of fallen trees.
  • I got to ride Kerry’s new e-bike.
  • Ben deciding to not use his GPS and then he took the wrong turn 300m into the ride (LOL!)
  • Roger decided to go down that rough descent near Fergusons road on his head (but he was OK).
  • A dead rabbit on Jampot Creek Road that really really stunk and Ben stopped us near it on the way back as we regrouped.
  • Free coffee and a citrus tart

That will do I guess. Check out the pictures and I hope to see you at the AGM this Saturday.

Your’s sincerely,
Michael Johns
Club Secretary


Pomona to Cooran (or Kin Kin) Ride Summary – Sunday 27/08/2017

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Pomona to Cooran (or Kin Kin) Ride Summary – Sunday 27/08/2017
Helen did well today with a top 10 in Strava

21 riders showed up on yet another chilly morning for our Pomona to Kin Kin ride (with a smaller ride to Cooran also available). We broke into two groups, Ben took the first group to Kin Kin and the other group came with Toby and myself to Cooran. Both groups rode around Mt Cooroora and did the trails that run along Jam Pot road before we arrived into Cooran. The first group continued onto Kin Kin while the 2nd group went up Brewers road and down that squiggly bit of singletrack full of off-camber turns and dog poop. The 2nd group also sneaked in some extra singletrack on the way back to Pomona.

Notable points of interest were:

  • New rider Bryan came along on his first club ride. Welcome Bryan, we hope you enjoyed yourself.
  • Di fell off her bike 3 times in the first 20 minutes (she wasn’t hurt so it’s OK to laugh).
  • Jenny came for a ride – long time no see! Good to see you again.
  • I floated the idea of making it a rule that people on e-bikes cannot try to have conversations with you while everyone is climbing a hill.
  • Pete Bigaila did an extra 130km on top of the 36km Pomona to Kin Kin ride.
  • Sexy orange rims!
  • Jalapeno burger from Trail 518 cafe – it’s awesome!

It was a great ride on yet another great day! Thanks everyone.

Photos below.

Michael (Orange rims rock) Johns
Club Secretary


Pomona-Cooran Club Ride Summary – 16/04/2017

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Pomona-Cooran Club Ride Summary – 16/04/2017
Cruising up Arthyr Road, Cooran

Greetings everyone,

Toby and Chad lost in a deep conversation about plasterboard.

So the club ride on Sunday was a smaller affair than normal with a lot of members doing the family thing or camping at Hiddenvale. I was going to have to lead this ride due to President Ben recently bouncing down the Bottle ‘n’ Glass trail on his face. But luckily for everyone Toby and Chad came along and led instead because quite frankly I navigate as well as a bird flies a plane.

So there was Di and Shelly on this ride as well as myself, Toby, Chad, Martin, Steve and guest rider Mark. I hope you all had a good ride.

We started at Pomona and rode through the Tuchekoi National Park before crossing Jampot Road into Furgusons Road. We followed the horse trail up that challenging climb and then dropped into the cool single-tracks that follow Jampot Creek Road. We then cut across the bitumen and followed trail 5 into Cooran.


Pomona to Kin Kin Ride Summary 27/11/2016

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Pomona to Kin Kin Ride Summary 27/11/2016
hill (/hɪl/) – noun
1. a naturally raised area of land, not as high or craggy as a mountain. thoroughly enjoyed by mountain bikers.

With over 1000m of climbing over a relatively short 40km the theme for Sunday’s ride was HILLS. Glorious uninterrupted climbing for miles! Climbing over dirt and gravel, climbing over grass, climbing over rocks, trees, small animals! We climbed everything. Nick, one of our resident single speed advocates, must have planned for all this ascending and rocked up on a shiny new climbing weapon – a Specialized Epic FSR in Teal/Rocket Red livery. He still rode it like a single speed and kept running out of the little grinding gears.

Twelve brave riders began the climb up ‘Trail 5’ to Cooran with a sneaky diversion along some hidden single track and over a slippery log. We migrated onto the notorious ‘Trail 3’ which hosted the bulk of the delicious hills including the “mothar” which one can barely walk up let alone keep the front wheel down to ride up.

Shelly the horse whisperer

Shelly the horse whisperer

Occasionally we stopped at some lookouts and other points of interest to admire other far off hills. While pondering their natural beauty we were wondering if we could also ride up them someday.

Sadly all good things must come to an end and we reached the end of the climbing and were presented with 1km of gnarly, twisty, lumpy decent down to Upper Pinbarren Creek Road. Some would consider this the highlight of the ride saying things like “We should do shuttle runs of that!” and “OMG my brakes faded! I almost died! But I loved every minute of it!”. It was pretty fun and had a bit of everything including a natural rock garden. Also I’d like to point out that club treasurer Craig went over the bars – I think he was annoyed that we weren’t climbing anymore.

Luckily there were a few more lovely hills just before Kin Kin where we had our mid ride break at the Kin Kin General Store – try the iced tea!

Sadly this is where our off-road travels end as trails 2 and 4 have been cut off from the Kin Kin side. So everyone rode their own pace back to the cars along Pomona-Kin Kin Road.

Great day out in great weather. Thanks to all for a good ride and company.
Ben Johns
Club President

Ride and elevation map

Ride and elevation map


29/05/2016 – Pomona-Cooran Ride Summary

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29/05/2016 – Pomona-Cooran Ride Summary

Hey there ‘rangers,

14 of us showed up to Pomona at 7am and it was pretty cold so I’m thinking we switch over to 7.30am start times during these cooler months, so keep an eye out for the update.

We followed our ride leaders Terry and Al to Cooran and beyond. Despite the cold weather we warmed up real good with a prompt hill climb and then a few more afterwards just to make sure. The loose rocky climb up from Ferguson road was particularly good to get the heart thumping.