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Sunshine Coast Coastal Pathway Plan

Sunshine Coast Coastal Pathway Plan

While we prefer to avoid the pavement unless the weather is bad there is something relaxing about cruising along a pathway by the beach. So we like to draw your attention to the Sunshine Coast Council’s Draft Coastal Pathway Master Plan and ask if you could take time to provide your feedback. Summary of the plan is as follows:

The council aims to provide a continuous shared pathway spanning 73 km of our coastline. There are many pathways already in place and this master plan will help guide the route and fill in the gaps, where pathways need to be upgraded or constructed.

The Coastal Pathway makes it easier and safer for our community to enjoy an active lifestyle, experience iconic views, beaches and parks, and connect to local destinations, services and businesses.

Visit our website to view the master plan and complete an online survey. You can also view the plan at your local library.

Oh there’s also a chance you could win a voucher or two.