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Ewan Maddock Dam Social Ride 07/04/2019

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Ewan Maddock Dam Social Ride 07/04/2019

What a beautiful day on the Sunshine Coast for a Bushies social ride. We had 26 riders ready to go at 7am and 1 at 7.07 am. You know who you are.

We split into 2 groups of 13 funnily enough. The big guns led by Gramme likes a nap headed off looking to climb a mountain but in the end they only climbed a hill.

The second group supposed to be led by The Secretary, but she used her attorney and said no. Not arguing. We head around the dam with a few stops to regroup and a stop for first aid on Sonya’s bike poor thing.

As we came into Landsborough we met the big guns, either tired or with low batteries, along the Stevo way to Ferny with a few riders expecting coffee. Yet again The Sec said not until you do a lap. So off everyone went ebikes first as they get cranky, then the rest of the guns then Amanda setting the pace. Great riding but not sure what the colour of your face was at the end.

Coffee was had. Yum thanks brewhaha. Back to the cars we went with a few riders coming across a local having Sunday carvery, well more like sizzler. With a nudge he waddled off. A few riders took short cuts not naming names. Great morning. Good to see new faces. Good to see Paul Hume back on the bike. Thanks Julie for closing my door. Man flu. Thanks Gramme. Sleep well. 😴

Kerry Conquering Ferny Forest
Social Group listening to their leader – hope you didn’t pass on the Man Flu Toby
Some of the boys enjoying the scenery.

Monthly Community Ride – This Sunday 05/08/2018!

Monthly Community Ride – This Sunday 05/08/2018!
The Skanky Swamp of Skankiness claimed no victims this day!

Hey Folks! For this Sunday’s community ride we’ll ride from Maddock Park, through the Ewan Maddock Dam trails and around to the Ferny Forest trails. Here we can stop for coffee at Brewhaha Mobile Cafe (or you can choose to do some laps of Ferny Forest).

While we chill in the sun and wait for coffee I’m thinking we do a little Q&A on something bike related like seat height, tyres or how come our club president cannot grow a real beard etc.

We ride off at 7:30am – see you there!
Maddock Park map link – https://goo.gl/maps/euJ2Yuy9hgR2

Michael “Ben will kill me one day” Johns
Club Secretary


GoG.I.R.L. Tunnel Ride Summary-23/06/18

GoG.I.R.L. Tunnel Ride Summary-23/06/18
Obligatory photo in front of the old railway tunnel

It was a great day!

Nineteen ladies and 4 boys on the side, including Michael our secretary turned up to ride on this perfect winter’s day. Who could blame them? The scenery around Ewan Maddock Dam is just magic at this time of year. After acting like children at Maddock Park, a head count, or 2… I was astonished at the numbers that were double and marvelled at how we got here.

For some of our GOGA (Get OutGet Active) graduates this was there first big girl ride. Many of the ladies had been adopted by our experienced ladies in our #adoptanewbie program so had been practising their skills and building their fitness. I could see some friendships had developed too.

Heading over the first causeway

Soon we set off happily chatting and any pre ride nerves were quickly dissipated as it became apparent that all the ladies were keeping up with the steady pace. Some of them even volunteered to challenge themselves by going up Ewan Maddock Climb. It didn’t surprise me that Toni was up for the challenge. I could hear wheeeeeeeeeeee on the downhill but that might have been her inner child squealing with delight.

From Horse Shoe Bend we continued through Dularcha NP to Landsborough where we refueled at Buck’s bakery. Then we headed back into the NP along the old railway line.

After taking in the sights at the Tunnel we continued to Mooloolah where we finished our adventure opting for the fast route back to the car park. All the ladies successfully completed the ride with smiles in their dials and no one vomited!

Having a PAL (Peer Assisted Learning) has progressed our newest GoGIRLs so they can officially come on any our grade 2 rides now. Congratulations ladies!

Keep Saturday 21 July free. An awesome ride is being planned, one to please all levels. For those who like fast and flowy and some air time there will be an advanced option. For the rest of us it’s fun fun fun!

Susie Hume
Bushrangers Women’s Advocate

More photos below.


Super Blue Blood Moon Night Ride Summary – 31/01/2018

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Super Blue Blood Moon Night Ride Summary – 31/01/2018
Here is a graphic representation of the view we could've had minus the clouds.

13 riders rocked up to Landsborough to have a night ride and hopefully catch the super moon in all it’s glory. Unfortunately the clouds had other ideas and blocked the view the whole time.

But it wasn’t all bad though – we discovered a new trail, found a dead e-bike and had beer and steak at the Landsborough pub (that’s actually a really nice place in there – super friendly staff).

The following pictures tell the story.

Night ride map and elevation


Ewen Maddock Dam Community Ride Summary – 07/01/2018

Ewen Maddock Dam Community Ride Summary – 07/01/2018
My bike is still not speaking to me

Dodging horse poop and march flies as big as bricks

So the day is winding down and I’ve donned my slippers and smoking jacket and sit in my baby seal covered wing chair sipping brandy that was snatched from the wavering hands of a dying French cavalry officer in 1815. I think back to last Sunday’s club ride and relive the fond memories and chuckle again at all the clever things I said.

Did you know that Sunday’s ride was the first one for the 2018? And according to the large book in my lap called the Encyclopedia of Dodgy Chinese Proverbs and Mountain Biking, this is the year of the Gnar Rabbit*. Isn’t that interesting? Learn something everyday don’t you? But I digress, let’s get back to Sunday’s ride shall we.

I arrived early to get my bike ready so I could then meet and greet everyone and insult their tyre sizes, as you do. But lo and behold there were riders everywhere and carparks nowhere. It seemed the day’s ride was going to be a big one. We ended up with over 39 riders including our regulars, new members, guests from other clubs and some courageous first timers. Big hello to you all and I hope you had a lovely ride.

Ewen Maddock Dam rides are good for a swim afterwards

The weather turned out to be great and only started to warm up towards the end of the ride but this is easily fixed by a quick swim in the dam or pointing your car’s A/C vents at your crotch.

The large amounts of rain that had fallen previously had filled the dam and nearby creeks and left quite a few challenging mud areas along our route. This was keenly noticed by Bronya as she fell off her bike in a particularly wet section of the trail – I do apologise for laughing before I asked if you were OK Bronya, it’s quite a bad habit I have.

The day’s ride leader was our esteemed president Ben “I’m so lucky to have a cool brother” Johns. It was his difficult task to safely lead the group through the perilous obstacles on this ride. These nasty obstacles included The Horse Poop Dash, Horseshoe Hill of No Horseshoes and our old nemesis The Skanky Swamp of Skankiness all this while fighting off bulletproof, fist-sized march flies throwing sticks into our spokes.

But as always, through teamwork, skill and tenaciousness the Bushrangers persevered, conquered all and coolly strutted away without looking back at the explosions.

Thanks for the coffee Brewhaha, thanks for the trails SEQ Water and QPWS and thanks for the ride everyone.

Lovingly yours,

Michael “Brandy tastes bad” Johns
Club Secretary

* 2018 is actually the Year of the Dog – not the Gnar Rabbit …FYI.

Ride Map and Elevation