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2018 Annual Membership Survey (yes, it’s a bit late)

2018 Annual Membership Survey (yes, it’s a bit late)
This information helps us a lot!

Hi Folks,

By now you will have received an email. This email has a link to our 2018 membership survey for you to complete. The data we have received already has been particularly interesting so please keep it coming!

This survey is the most important thing we ask you to do because it helps the current and future committees to make informed decisions that represent the wishes of the membership.

The survey will be closed on the 17th Feb, 5PM.

You can expect questions in the following categories:

  • What trails do you like?
  • What rides/events do you you enjoy?
  • Ride start times
  • Club Systems
  • Fund Raising
  • Trail Development
  • General Feedback

Please encourage your fellow members to complete the survey and if you haven’t received the survey email, please let us know and we’ll get it out to you ASAP.


News Flash!

News Flash!
<insert exciting news theme music here>

Hello folks!

Just wanted to quickly let you all know about some recent milestones and events that have happened or will be happening.

Charity Race Day

  • The recent charity race day raised over $700 for Cystic Fibrosis Queensland – thanks to all the riders, volunteers and sponsors for everything.


  • Club membership continues to grow. We now have almost 300 members and a third of them women (much better than the 6% it used to be). Thanks to the GoGIRLs and the council sponsored GOGA initiative.


  • We just scored another grant for over $13000 to help in repair work throughout Parklands e.g. bridges, rock armouring, causeways, drainage etc.
  • In the next couple of months we will be submitting a grant application for the big $150k State Government grant with help from our already approved Sunshine Coast Council grant to meet the co-contribution requirements.


  • We will be starting up subsidised MTB training workshops soon and also offer free bike maintenance workshops on topics like bike fit, suspension setup, trail repairs etc.
  • We recently completed a MTBA Trail-building workshop with about 20 people from around the coast all learning the how’s and why’s of building trails.

So there is a bit of good news to brighten your day!

Michael Johns
Club Secretary


Our Club Crosses a Milestone Today

Our Club Crosses a Milestone Today

Thanks to all our members, supporters and sponsors.

Today is an important day and not because it’s the day that the Betamax video cassette was introduced in 1975 or Louis XIV was crowned king of France in 1654. While indeed those events are important, today is special for another reason.

Using MTBA data and earlier pre-digital membership lists (carved onto bits of stone etc), we can see that with the current strong growth in memberships our club is now officially bigger than it has ever been.

Not only does this show we are a healthy club that ticks the right boxes for our members but it proves that mountain biking is definitely alive and well in the Sunshine Coast.

Thanks to all our members, supporters and sponsors over the years. We couldn’t of done it without you!


Here is your Bushrangers Committee for 2017!

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Here is your Bushrangers Committee for 2017!
The 2017 Bushrangers Committee

Well the AGM has been done, the minutes have been…um, minuted?? and the committee members have been voted (or shanghai’d) into their respective positions. See below for who you should contact.

President – Ben “Fatbikes are dumb!” Johns
[email protected]
Contact Ben for things like the Parklands upgrade project, legal stuff, complaints, sponsorship queries, race information.

Treasurer – Craig “Why don’t I have a cool action pic” Pearson
[email protected]
Contact Craig for the invoice payments and other money stuff or an exciting chat about GST or something.

Secretary – Michael “Fatbikes are great!” Johns
[email protected]
I’m pretty much the eye-candy but you can contact me for social media stuff, jerseys, beginner “Rookie” rides, training or if you can’t reach anyone else.

Women’s Advocacy Officer – Susie <high pitch squeal> Hume
[email protected] 
Contact Susie for all the Go-girl events and if you are female and want to get into MTB riding.

Greg “Why do we need these weird middle names?” Bright
[email protected]
Contact Greg for things like camping trips, BBQs and club dinners.

Rob “How did I get this job?!” Macdonald
[email protected]
Contact Rob for anything to do with trails – so any big fallen trees or bad trail damage you find or any trail care events the club holds.

Please remember that we are all volunteers with full-time jobs, families and we need to ride too so that makes time a precious commodity. So please don’t get too cranky if we don’t get back to you instantly.