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National Ride to School day – Friday 17/03/2017 #ride2school

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National Ride to School day – Friday 17/03/2017 #ride2school

It’s National Ride to School day on Friday 17/03/2017 so if you have any school age kids why don’t you ride with them to school (or even park down the street and they can ride as you walk beside them). Some schools have dedicated rides planned so check to see if your school has anything organised. If it gets kids onto bikes is good in my books!

From the website:

“Over the past 40 years the number of children who are physically active everyday has significantly dropped. Today, levels of physical activity are at an all-time low. In the 1970s, eight out of ten students rode or walked to school. That number has dropped to just two out of ten. Sadly, Australian kids are now spending up to 16 hours of their day in front of a screen.”

National Ride2School Day is the perfect opportunity for every school community to ditch the car and embrace a healthier start to the day by riding and walking to school.”

More information is here https://www.bicyclenetwork.com.au/general/programs/2242/