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Parklands trail care event

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Parklands trail care event
Love your trails

Hello All.

I am happy to announce that we will be having a trail care afternoon on Saturday the 6th of July from 1 pm (meet at the Radar hill road car park). We have work to do installing posts and hopefully some new signs at the Cancer tree/Tazer/Blue tongue intersection and the 4-ways intersection near the waterfall. We will also attend to some of the drainage issues as we make our way around.

Will post more details soon but any help will be most appreciated.

Will Newton


Parklands Ride Report 09/06/2019

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Parklands Ride Report 09/06/2019
Fluffy the Emu - pic by Wayne

Hey Bushies.

Today’s ride was at parkies. 14 keen riders turned out with a couple of guest riders. We had Will’s sister (Hannah)and his niece (Luca) who is a very strong up an coming junior. She handled Parkies with ease even after racing in the Bayview Blast yesterday.

After a big v lap we run into Fluffy the resident emu who was just about to start a coaching clinic with Foxy. Up through Cancer Tree. Up the SSS’s over and down Rock-a-dial to 4ways. Through the Meadows up TNT then up Shit hill over NZ to top of Radar hill then down Rocket man and finish on the old fav Ho-chi-ho.

Good loop no major incidents and no lost riders. Some riders went for shit coffee but I went to 711 for great coffee – Yum! Have a great week. Ride hard stay safe. :o)



Parklands Signage Update

Parklands Signage Update
Parklands signage is on it's way

It’s been a loooong time coming but the signage for Parklands is currently being printed and will soon be delivered and installed.

The two big maps at both the Radar Hill Road and Atkinson road side of the park are being updated to include the new trails. There will be maps installed at the junction above Double Dab and the intersection where Rock’n’roll and Rock-a-dial meet the fire road. There will also be maps at the top of Phoenix and at the skills park.

Additionally all those old map signs that only showed the fire roads are being replaced with new maps that also show the single-tracks.

We are also getting some extra icons printed up so Rookie Road, Lush, Taser and Blue Tongue can be properly signed. Also we will get some “No Entry”, “Give way” and extra directional arrows for problem intersections. So expect some trail care days to be called to get these posts and icons finally installed.

Thanks to Ranger Eugene and QPWS for all their help and also thanks to Richard Berry the original map designer. Thanks as well to all the club members and volunteers who, many years ago, advocated for a Sunshine Coast Trails Alliance (SCTA) for the repairing and building of trails across the Sunshine Coast (including the new trails recently built in Parklands).

New map for Radar Hill and Atkinson Road entrances.


Training Clinics for Body Positioning and Braking – Get in quick!

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Training Clinics for Body Positioning and Braking – Get in quick!
More clinics for December 2018!

We get positive feedback about the quality of training – and not just from Geoff.

We are squeezing in some more training clinics before the end of the year. So on the 15/16th of December we’ve organised Geoff from HitBikes to run some skills training for body positioning and newΒ braking techniques clinics.

These will be small 5-person classes about 90min long and will teach you the importance of body positioning on a bike such as the “attack position” and the new braking technique clinics will teach the importance of…well… braking I guess.

The classes are $11 and the money goes back to trail-care and organising future training clinics.

Book into the single Body Positioning clinic here –Β https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/bushrangers-mtb-club-bike-skills-clinic-body-positioning-tickets-53277993914

Book into the Braking Technique clinics here –Β https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/bushrangers-mtb-club-bike-skills-clinic-braking-technique-tickets-53278555594

If you have any questions let Michael know at [email protected]


Parklands “Adopt-a-Trail” – Good Idea or Bad Idea?

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Parklands “Adopt-a-Trail” – Good Idea or Bad Idea?
Call for comment - "Parklands Adopt-a-Trail"

For something as seemingly simple as moving a bit of dirt, trail-care is an extremely hot topic and everyone has a different viewpoint and strong opinions. I’ve heard countless complaints such as:

  • Kangarooiceus Judgmenticus

    “There isn’t enough trail care days”

  • “Your trail care days are on the wrong day/time”
  • “Trail care days have too many (or too few) people show up”
  • “The trails are being dumbed down/made harder”
  • “Illegal trails, links, shortcuts are being built”
  • “No signage and the maps are wrong”
  • “The kangaroos are silently judging my Taser runs”
  • and many many more.

So yeah, it’s a complex issue and there probably isn’t a silver bullet.

Introducing ADOPT-A-TRAIL!

This idea has been thrown around for awhile now and it’s used elsewhere but it hasn’t gained much traction yet due to our workload not giving us enough time to push it.

Basically the idea is that all the trails in Parklands are put up for grabs and people (or maybe teams of people) can nominate to “adopt” the trail and keep it looking swish whenever they get the time to do so. They do things like drainage, vegetation management and general maintenance. If they have a big repair/modification to make then they tell us and once we get QPWS approval we organise resources and get a team to head in there to help.

Some points of note are:

  • Must follow QPWS policies – e.g. no unsanctioned new trails or features, no chainsaws, protect the flora and fauna and other users etc.
  • No commercial interests/advertising e.g. having a bike shop adopting a trail is a great idea but the Nature Conservation Act forbids advertising in national parks.
  • If a trail is currently designated as “Blue (intermediate)” then it must stay a blue. You can’t amp it up to what it was like back in 1995 or something (unless you get the nod from QPWS of course).
  • Looks like our MTBA insurances will cover our trail care volunteers (whether a member or not) if they are doing a club organised trailcare event.

So what say you? Are you keen? Can you see any problems or issues? Email me at [email protected]

Michael Johns
Club SecretaryΒ