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New Reef to Reef Stage Race

New Reef to Reef Stage Race
Reef to Reef Race

Reef to Reef 4-Day Course

Here’s a handy excuse to head to the far northern parts of Queensland to ride your pushie in August 2018. Expanding on the already popular Rural Rainforest Reef (RRR) cross-country race is the new Reef to Reef stage race.

Over four days R2R throws in the Smithfield and Davies Creek trail networks with most of the RRR course that includes Mt Molloy and Wetherby Station to Port Douglas. The same organisers are behind the Port to Port and Cape to Cape stage races so you can be confident that this will be a well organised affair.

There’s plenty of information about the race and the area, including accommodation options, on their website: https://reeftoreefmtb.com/ otherwise checkout their Facebook Page.

If you do head up – don’t forget there’s great riding to be had in nearby at the Atherton MTB Park.


Trails Development Strategy

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Trails Development Strategy
QPWS Trail Care Briefing

Hi Folks,

As you may know MTBA along with Common Ground Trails are engaging the MTB community around Queensland so as to inform a Queensland Mountain Bike Strategy – if not check out our post about it here, we encourage everyone to complete the survey. Part of their engagement is asking various clubs and trail associations for any documented plans they may have for their regions and if they would like to set up a meeting to talk about them. We’re happy to say that we’ve quickly produced and submitted a draft ‘Trail Development Strategy’ document and will be speaking with Common Ground Trails early November.

We have made our Trail Development Strategy publicly available on our trails page, right under the trail counts.

We intend to review this document annually with input from the community and land managers however please don’t let that stop you from providing your ideas on new and existing trails across the Sunshine Coast region at any time.

Thanks goes to Rob, Michael and QPWS for helping review this document with short notice.

Ben Johns
Club President


Queensland Mountain Bike Strategy Survey

Queensland Mountain Bike Strategy Survey
MTBA and Common Ground Queensland MTB Strategy

You may have heard that there is a new Queensland Mountain Bike Trails Strategy being developed. The strategy is being coordinated by Mountain Biking Australia (MTBA) who have appointed Common Ground Trails to undertake the development of the strategy. The strategy is partly funded by the Queensland Government Sport and Recreation Planning Program. You can read up on it on the MTBA’s Trails page.

Recently a survey and interactive mapping facility was released to gain input from the Queensland MTB community. We encourage everyone to complete the survey.

The Bushrangers, Sunshine Coast Trails Alliance (SCTA), and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) have been planning and delivering local trail development using the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation (QORF) ‘Developing Mountain Biking in Queensland: Regional Solutions’ Report that was released in 2014. We hope new QLD MTB Strategy will build upon this work as we and others across the state have put a lot of effort towards making it a reality.




Cycling in Queensland – More cycling, more often

Cycling in Queensland – More cycling, more often
Introducing the Queensland Cycling Strategy

Best practice design

Hey everyone,

I just received an email from QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads about their Queensland Cycling Strategy which may be of interest to you.

The Queensland Cycling Strategy sets the direction for encouraging more cycling, more often throughout Queensland. It is accompanied by an action plan and Queensland State of Cycling Report, which will be updated every two years to help us prioritise our efforts and respond to changes that impact cycling in Queensland.

More information about things like upcoming projects, policy, networks and safety can be found on their blog at blog.tmr.qld.gov.au/cycling or the website at http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Travel-and-transport/Cycling

They also have a Facebook/Instagram competition where you tag a photo with #IBIKEQLD and you could win a bike. More info here.



Get out and ride for Mental Health Week

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Get out and ride for Mental Health Week

9-15th October 2016 is World mental health week so that’s another excuse to get out on your bikes and get some of those feel-good hormones flowing. Look at the diagram below and check out all the cool stuff that exercise does for us!

And remember to always ask if someone is OK, that simple conversation might be just what the other person needs.

Click for more info

Click for more info

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