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Rookie Ride – Parklands – Sat 28/04/2018

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Rookie Ride – Parklands – Sat 28/04/2018
Rookie Ride!

Hey folks,

It’s Bike Week 2018 so that’s a good excuse to have a a rookie ride through Parklands (depending on rain). So if you are keen for a trundle through beautiful Parklands then I’ll see you Saturday at 7.15am for a 7.30am ride off. Details below.


Starting Point:
Location: Radar Hill Road car park. Bli Bli
Time: 7:15AM meet up for a 7:30AM ride-off
Grade: Grade 2 (first half) then Grade 3 (2nd half)
Google Maps/Streetview: https://goo.gl/maps/Ng7JgJMpBuD2


  • Special ride put on for people who are beginning mountain biking and/or wanting to see what Parklands is about.
  • Route will use the new green trails with a distance of around 10km and it will be a couple of hours. A longer ride will be available for those keen to either go again or explore a bit more of the park.

Bring the following:

  • a mountain bike in good condition. We suggest taking it to your local bike shop for a service if it has been a while.
  • an Australian standards approved helmet
  • comfortable riding clothes – be mindful of the weather forecast
  • water, enough for a few hours of exercise

8-weeks Free Membership

We strongly suggest you take advantage of Mountain Biking Australia’s (MTBA) free 8 week trial membership that provides you with insurance in case of an accident. Find out more on our ‘join us’ page: https://bushrangers.org/information/join-us/


Rookie Ride – Parklands – 21/01/2018

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While the rest of the club had an away ride down at Bayview. 17 riders came along on a Rookie ride through Parklands. We rode around the green loop, then the gumby loop and with a bonus Ho-chi-ho loop as for the keen ones.

Thanks for the ride everyone and thanks to the advanced riders who came along to help us out – I really appreciated it!

Michael Johns
Club Secretary 


Parklands Club and Rookie Ride Summary – 14/01/2018

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Parklands Club and Rookie Ride Summary – 14/01/2018
Rookie Ride!

So how hot was Sunday at your place? It was bloody hot at Parklands! 36°C to be exact. Now most normal people would stay at home in the air conditioning, go to the beach or get some of those handy suppositories you can keep in the freezer. But not us, no way! We went for a bike ride – heat stroke be damned!!

Now it wasn’t just the two groups of Bushrangers keen for a ride this day, the Radar Hill road carpark was overflowing with all the riders hitting the black track early while it was still cooler. The regular club ride started off from the Aitkenson Road side with Alf “Putting the A in ABBA” Cerwen and the rookie ride group started from the Radar Hill Road side led by me.

The Club Ride

Club Ride – Ride map and elevation

Alf lead his 20+ riders on a challenging 20km route up Double Dab then through Cancer Tree and Road Rage. They then rode the new green and black trails and then back across the park to the cars. The heat and humidity definitely made things tougher (“especially for the Europeans” Alf said). But everyone had enough water and kept in the shade. Lou had a tumble off the Hobbit bridge in Cancer Tree but came out fine. Word is some crazy bugger on this ride is training for a 6000km self-supported endurance ride – I’ll find out more and let everyone know the details – sounds pretty interesting.

Thanks for leading the ride Alf and I’m sorry to hear that no-one wanted to listen to your excellent jokes. I’m sure they were comedy gold and politically correct as always.

The Rookie Ride

Rookie Ride – Ride map and elevation

The Rookie ride started with 13 riders (which then grew to 17 as we discovered more riders on our journey). Before we started I gave everyone a brief pep talk with 3 rules – check your bikes, drink water and don’t die. Everyone excelled in these tasks beautifully – nice work Team Rookie!

We rode from the carpark to the beginning of the green loop and everyone road the loop at their own pace for a bit until we regrouped back at the container. We then went down Road Rage and up and around the Gumby Loop. Ended up being a perfect 10km and 2 hrs by the time we got back to the car and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Thanks to John, Dave and Nick for being tail-end charlie for me. I hope everyone had fun and I’ll see you again next weekend for another rookie ride.

Yours truly,

Michael “It’s OK, we have a 10% loss policy on group rides” Johns
Club Secretary


Ringtail Forest Sweat Fest – 31/12/2017

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Ringtail Forest Sweat Fest – 31/12/2017

Here Martin was only just able to unclip and plant his foot to stop toppling down the hill

So for our last ride of 2017 we had a 40km jaunt through the Ringtail Forest area near Tewantin.

This ride was more challenging than usual due the weather being particularly hot and humid as the predicted afternoon storms brewed up. The heat drained us and we burned through our water supplies pretty quickly. Although some interesting solutions were offered such as drinking from the skanky puddles we came across or sucking the sweat from each others shirts – luckily it didn’t come to that. But be this a reminder that as it gets warmer think twice about your water requirements.

The ride started in Tewantin at the cricket grounds and 23 of us set off to make our way to the old Noosa enduro trail off Louis Bazzo Drive and then back through the forest trails to the cars. Big hello to our new riders and welcome back to Lou and Di from their big biking adventure down south.

Apart from the heat the ride was great with us travelling through various types of bush and having to get over challenging terrain and large mud pits, which unfortunately, no one fell in this time.

Afterwards some of us met up at Cafe Doonan for coffee, cake and a chat.

Thanks for the ride everyone and I hope you all recovered OK.

Michael “Puddle water tastes bad” Johns
Club Secretary

Ride map and elevation


Glasshouse Mountains Ride Summary 17/09/2017

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Glasshouse Mountains Ride Summary 17/09/2017
Good day for a ride!
Power Line Access Road

Power Line access road near Tunbubudla Mountains

The last time we rode out this way was in January when it was like riding around in a sauna with high temperatures and humidity. This time it was quite pleasant with a nice breeze and good temperatures. The only issue being, that like most parts of the ‘coast, it’s pretty dry out there.

Firstly a big hello to our new riders and our visiting riders from CORCA and beyond – we hope you all had a good time.

We had 31 riders gathered just south of the Glasshouse Mountains township. Everyone ran through their usual pre-ride rituals of checking tyre pressures, checking out any new bikes, saying g’day to new members, and just chatting about the week’s happenings. We set off at 7am and followed the path down to the Mathew Flinders rest area where we turned down Caves Rd to head into the Glasshouse Mountains park to gawk at some hills at the Jack Ferris Lookout.

After sorting out a slow leaking tyre we continuing west along forestry trails crossing Old Gympie Rd and found some rad single track to the Tunbubudla mountains. John pointed out that there’s a track that runs through the middle of the two that we could include in a later ride. After skirting around the mountains we followed the power lines and took a turn eastward towards Beerburrum and hit the township in good time.

From Beerburrum we split up into two groups with one continuing along the path parallel with Steve Irwin way back to the cars and the other taking the Soldiers Settlement track that heads back to Caves Road where we hopped back onto Steve Irwin Way path back to the cars.

Overall the ride went well with only a few issues with flat tyres causing the group to be split up thus there were a couple of longer than expected stop overs.

Notable Events:

  • The two people that were having tyre issues were both called Graham – that’s a bit “twilight zone” right there.
  • Andrew and young Darcy had a bit of a rear-wheel-flick contest. Hard to say who won due to the corresponding dust cloud.
  • Michael got lost – again. He found an unmarked dead-end trail that was fun flying down but crap coming back up (it has now been put on the map for future reference).
  • Toby brought along his new steed. Trek Stache 9 with the 29×3.0″ plus tyres. Photo below.
  • The ladies at the Glasshouse Mountain’s CJ’s Bakery did a great job getting all of our post-ride coffee and treats to us in short order.

Ben Johns
Club President