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Coolum to Tewantin ride report

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Coolum to Tewantin ride report
Bloodwood Trail Creek Crossing at Wooroi (Tewantin Forest)

Here is Toby’s ride report from Facebook.

Coolum to Wooroi return was today’s ride. But before the ride even started I popped into Coolum to wish four Bushranger MTB women good luck as they had left their bikes at home and were about to start the 35 km walk in aid of mitochondrial disease. Hope you all have fun Tania, Amanda, Emma and Wil.

So 11 riders set off but not long in Dennis had mechanical woes and had to call it. Up through Peregian Beach and across to Murdering Creek through to Weyba road and out at the RSPCA unit. We had a couple of requests to keep the pace at 24km/hr – no idea why.

Into Wooroi we went and up Wallaby then down to carpark. Tried to find a bike charger for Terry as he was on two bars. We then went down Bloodwood up Daydream and down Milkmaid. Miles fell in luv with his hardtail again.

Heading home Greg (The Mo) decided to pull out and go for a burger and Paul on his sparkly new Giant Trance had a fight with a branch. Only one winner. We called in Rogers towing but he subbied the job out to Miles. John was good enough to ride on and come back to pick him up. Good team work guys.

Great ride everyone. See ya soon.


Ride map and elevations

Parklands Ride Report 09/06/2019

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Parklands Ride Report 09/06/2019
Fluffy the Emu - pic by Wayne

Hey Bushies.

Today’s ride was at parkies. 14 keen riders turned out with a couple of guest riders. We had Will’s sister (Hannah)and his niece (Luca) who is a very strong up an coming junior. She handled Parkies with ease even after racing in the Bayview Blast yesterday.

After a big v lap we run into Fluffy the resident emu who was just about to start a coaching clinic with Foxy. Up through Cancer Tree. Up the SSS’s over and down Rock-a-dial to 4ways. Through the Meadows up TNT then up Shit hill over NZ to top of Radar hill then down Rocket man and finish on the old fav Ho-chi-ho.

Good loop no major incidents and no lost riders. Some riders went for shit coffee but I went to 711 for great coffee – Yum! Have a great week. Ride hard stay safe. :o)



Pomona/Cooran Ride Summary 24/02/2019

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Pomona/Cooran Ride Summary 24/02/2019
Single lane bridge on way back to Cooran

Hey folks,

So this is my last ride summary as the club secretary and I have to say, I may actually miss having this avenue to publicly tell my dumb jokes, bag my brother and drop the occasional passive aggressive bomb <sigh>… But that doesn’t matter now because this weekend I will hand over the official book of mountain bike lingo – 101 Words for Dirt – and then someone else can have the pleasure of publicly humiliating our club members with these summaries.

On that note – the AGM is on this Saturday at 2pm at the Woombye Pub. This year we are going all out and blowing the club’s remaining finances on a platter of sausage rolls!

But anyway – let’s get back to Sunday’s ride.

Ride Map – Pomona to Cooran Return – 27km

We arrived in Pomona early in the morning and the little town was just waking up. The weather was still and cool despite the earlier cyclone warnings of torrential floods and 160kph ducks and lawn furniture flying about.

We had some new, some nearly new and some not-so-new riders come along with us. Big hello to Jani and Orlando who came riding with us for the first time. I hope everyone enjoyed the ride.

Highlights of the ride were:

  • No cyclone
  • Sticks and lots of fallen trees.
  • I got to ride Kerry’s new e-bike.
  • Ben deciding to not use his GPS and then he took the wrong turn 300m into the ride (LOL!)
  • Roger decided to go down that rough descent near Fergusons road on his head (but he was OK).
  • A dead rabbit on Jampot Creek Road that really really stunk and Ben stopped us near it on the way back as we regrouped.
  • Free coffee and a citrus tart

That will do I guess. Check out the pictures and I hope to see you at the AGM this Saturday.

Your’s sincerely,
Michael Johns
Club Secretary


Cooroy to Lake Macdonald Ride Summary – 28/10/2018

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Cooroy to Lake Macdonald Ride Summary – 28/10/2018
Staying under the trees helped with the quickly rising heat.

Ride Map and Elevation

So Prez Ben worked out a route for last Sunday’s ride knowing that it was going to be a hot day. So he tried to keep it a bit shorter, mostly under the trees and limit any big climbs, I’m glad he did because by 8am the temperature was soaring.

We started in Cooroy opposite the library then worked our way around to the Lake Macdonald spillway. Had a quick break and refilled out water bottles then we did a fun little bonus bit recommended by Toby. We had to backtrack in places because the creek was still high but we made it back to Cooroy for coffee after about 32km.

Check out the video below and thanks for the ride folks. See you next week.

Michael “Bad bike mechanic” Johns
Club Secretary



Flats and Stacks – Wooroi Ride Summary 19/08/2018

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Flats and Stacks – Wooroi Ride Summary 19/08/2018
Regrouping after Cross-cut and about to go down Milkmaid.

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a written ride summary as we’ve been doing those little videos instead and quite frankly I’m too lazy to do both. But last week’s ride was particularly eventful for one of our riders so I should immortalise it in text.

Terry’s glowing halo was so bloody annoying!

It all started on a crisp Sunday morning, the birds were singing, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the early morning sunbeams filtered through the trees and gently warmed our faces. The mood was jovial with people laughing and chit-chatting about their week, their bikes and how you can delay washing socks by switching feet and turning them inside-out. Little did we know that this ride was to be an exercise in CARNAGE!!!

Today I thought I’d lead the ride (as I’m a charismatic yet modest natural leader etc). We stayed as a group up Indy then over to the top of Secrets. Here we split up with Luke “Go hard or go home” Bouckaert taking a faster group away then I took the intermediate group down Secrets.

Jenny was unaware of what this ride had in store for her.

After Secrets we rode up the road and then went down Turn 10. The last time I did Turn 10Β I wrote off my back wheel landing like a cement truck onto a rootΒ (no that’s not a sex thing) so I was bit apprehensive. But today Turn 10Β only claimed Jenny’s tyre which looked like it was pinched flat, but the tube was quickly changed out and we were on our way again. Little did we know that this was only the beginning of Jenny’s cascade of woe.

We rode back up the road and then across to Snake which, like Mickey Rourke, had quite a bit of work done since I last saw it. We regrouped at the top, had a quick breather and then down we went – I tried to get everyone to yell out “VALHALLA CALLS!” but no one seemed to get it (mental note – dial back the norse mythology jokes). I went down last so if anyone died I could loot their bikes, clear the trails etc. Snake trail must of been hungry for blood today and the unlucky victim was Jenny again. She had a small prang first but was unharmed and she quickly jumped back on the bike. However Snake wasn’t yet satisfied and demanded more. So towards the bottom Jenny (again) had a much bigger accident and came down onto a jagged log just off the trail. I screeched to a halt when I heard the crash and turned around to a terrible scene – she was bleeding, tangled up in her bike, clutching her leg and screaming naughty words. I moved the bike off her and checked to see if I should finish her off with my multi-tool but luckily the leg wasn’t broken. We washed and bandaged her arm, checked the bike and got rolling again. I hope you are feeling better Jenny and everything is starting to heal up nicely.

So once we joined back with the group Jenny was escorted back to the carpark while the rest of us had a quick run up Cross-cut and then down MilkmaidΒ before calling it quits for the day and went for coffee at Cafe Doonan.

Thanks for the ride everyone!

Michael “I’m fine too by the way” Johns
Club SecretaryΒ 

More photos below.