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Parklands Signage Update

Parklands Signage Update
Parklands signage is on it's way

It’s been a loooong time coming but the signage for Parklands is currently being printed and will soon be delivered and installed.

The two big maps at both the Radar Hill Road and Atkinson road side of the park are being updated to include the new trails. There will be maps installed at the junction above Double Dab and the intersection where Rock’n’roll and Rock-a-dial meet the fire road. There will also be maps at the top of Phoenix and at the skills park.

Additionally all those old map signs that only showed the fire roads are being replaced with new maps that also show the single-tracks.

We are also getting some extra icons printed up so Rookie Road, Lush, Taser and Blue Tongue can be properly signed. Also we will get some “No Entry”, “Give way” and extra directional arrows for problem intersections. So expect some trail care days to be called to get these posts and icons finally installed.

Thanks to Ranger Eugene and QPWS for all their help and also thanks to Richard Berry the original map designer. Thanks as well to all the club members and volunteers who, many years ago, advocated for a Sunshine Coast Trails Alliance (SCTA) for the repairing and building of trails across the Sunshine Coast (including the new trails recently built in Parklands).

New map for Radar Hill and Atkinson Road entrances.


Warburton Mountain Bike Destination Project

Warburton Mountain Bike Destination Project

Yarra Ranges Council along with Parks Victoria, Dept. Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Melbourne Water, and Vic Roads are seeking input on their upcoming Warbuton Mountain Bike project. The project will be building a trail network within the Yarra Valley which is 90km east of the Melbourne CBD.

Warburton is set to become one of Australia’s premier mountain bike destinations with planning well underway for approximately 160 kilometres of trail in the surrounding area. The project is now at the Master Planning stage which includes a detailed assessment of potential alignments and impact assessments.

Consultation with adjacent land owners has been conducted during May and June. The public are invited to contribute to this project by providing input into the trail alignment, the mix of trail grading and supporting facilities and services.

This project is being coordinated by a partnership comprising of Yarra Ranges Council, Parks Victoria, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Melbourne Water and Vic Roads.

You can find their survey > HERE <


Parklands MTB Trails Project Update – NEW BLUE TRAIL IS OPEN – 09/02/2018

Parklands MTB Trails Project Update – NEW BLUE TRAIL IS OPEN – 09/02/2018
The new blue trail is open

Stair feature towards top of trail

Hi Folks,

I’m happy to report that the ‘blue’ trail has been given the okay and is open for riding just in time for the weekend. As with any trail that you haven’t ridden before please give a slow roll or two first.

Note that the skills area is still closed due to it being too wet so please let it dry.

The Road Rage remediation is well underway and we anticipate it to be completed soon if the weather holds off.

We’ll have a trail opening BBQ next weekend once it’s all good to go!


Reminder – QPWS Unsanctioned Trails Community Meeting this Friday

Reminder – QPWS Unsanctioned Trails Community Meeting this Friday

Hi Folks,

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service have organised a community engagement session to discuss the recent trail closure within the Mapleton National Park. Could be a great opportunity to clear the air on both sides and show the need for advance level trails on the coast?

Details as follows:

Time: 3:30PM onwards
Date: Friday, 9th February 2018
Location: Ground Floor Seminar Room, Mike Ahern Building, 12 First Avenue, Maroochydore
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Fk3nqE3LeoE2



Parklands MTB Trails Project Update 30/01/2018

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Parklands MTB Trails Project Update 30/01/2018
The beginning of the new blue trail

Hi Folks,

We’re happy to say that we’re nearing completion of the project. While everyone was distracted with the shiny new green and black trails, Trailworx and QPWS have been busy cutting in the new blue trail, the skills area course and has started on the remediation on some sections of Road Rage.

Whipping through those trees should be pretty awesome.

The new blue trail is shaping up to be a pretty fast track with long straights and streamlined berms. There’s a few surprises in the form of a few skinnies, jumps and some rock features (not gardens). It’s still really soft but a bit of rain and sun will produce that good hardpack surface that the Parkies dirt is great for.

The skills area course will come up pretty schmick with multiple options to tune the difficulty level as you go along. So starts of easy and lets you bail out before hitting the more difficult features. It also offers different options and ramps up towards the end where it meets the end of the new blue trail.

The concept of these trails is skills progression. So they are designed to build up a novice rider to one who can tackle the majority of trails around Parklands and elsewhere. Going along Rookie Road to the start of the skills course and onto the green loop will build basic skills and fitness. Then onto the trickier parts of the skills course and mixing runs of the blue trail, further building skills at speed and fitness from climbing up that fire road. Then it’s onto the black track to further build skills with jumps, rocks and drops.

The skills area course and blue trail have been added to Trailforks but are marked closed.

As for Road Rage the anthill/quarry section is getting a new line while the existing line has largely been left in place. We tried to achieve the balance of fixing up the unsustainable bits and adding a bit of new stuff while still trying to maintain it’s character. After this section has been completed there will be more fixes closer to the car park end on the switchbacks.

Tomorrow the trail care container will be dragged to a new location to make way for seats and mulch around the skills area.

At this stage we’re looking at a mid February practical completion.

Read more for pictures!