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Get well soon Paul

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Get well soon Paul
Paul has broken himself... again!

So Paul busted his collar bone in Wooroi on the weekend and now is out of action during the next couple of months. This means three things:

Dramatic reenactment
  1. His regular Wednesday Parklands rides are off the calendar for the time being.
  2. I need to make sure that I am not using the same health insurer as Susie and Paul are as they are probably about to bump up our premiums.
  3. Was this just a clever (although extreme) method of getting into hospital to see Susie without paying the exorbitant car-parking fees?

But anyway get well soon Paul and let us know if you need any help with anything.

Michael Johns
Club Secretary


Flats and Stacks – Wooroi Ride Summary 19/08/2018

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Flats and Stacks – Wooroi Ride Summary 19/08/2018
Regrouping after Cross-cut and about to go down Milkmaid.

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a written ride summary as we’ve been doing those little videos instead and quite frankly I’m too lazy to do both. But last week’s ride was particularly eventful for one of our riders so I should immortalise it in text.

Terry’s glowing halo was so bloody annoying!

It all started on a crisp Sunday morning, the birds were singing, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the early morning sunbeams filtered through the trees and gently warmed our faces. The mood was jovial with people laughing and chit-chatting about their week, their bikes and how you can delay washing socks by switching feet and turning them inside-out. Little did we know that this ride was to be an exercise in CARNAGE!!!

Today I thought I’d lead the ride (as I’m a charismatic yet modest natural leader etc). We stayed as a group up Indy then over to the top of Secrets. Here we split up with Luke “Go hard or go home” Bouckaert taking a faster group away then I took the intermediate group down Secrets.

Jenny was unaware of what this ride had in store for her.

After Secrets we rode up the road and then went down Turn 10. The last time I did Turn 10 I wrote off my back wheel landing like a cement truck onto a root (no that’s not a sex thing) so I was bit apprehensive. But today Turn 10 only claimed Jenny’s tyre which looked like it was pinched flat, but the tube was quickly changed out and we were on our way again. Little did we know that this was only the beginning of Jenny’s cascade of woe.

We rode back up the road and then across to Snake which, like Mickey Rourke, had quite a bit of work done since I last saw it. We regrouped at the top, had a quick breather and then down we went – I tried to get everyone to yell out “VALHALLA CALLS!” but no one seemed to get it (mental note – dial back the norse mythology jokes). I went down last so if anyone died I could loot their bikes, clear the trails etc. Snake trail must of been hungry for blood today and the unlucky victim was Jenny again. She had a small prang first but was unharmed and she quickly jumped back on the bike. However Snake wasn’t yet satisfied and demanded more. So towards the bottom Jenny (again) had a much bigger accident and came down onto a jagged log just off the trail. I screeched to a halt when I heard the crash and turned around to a terrible scene – she was bleeding, tangled up in her bike, clutching her leg and screaming naughty words. I moved the bike off her and checked to see if I should finish her off with my multi-tool but luckily the leg wasn’t broken. We washed and bandaged her arm, checked the bike and got rolling again. I hope you are feeling better Jenny and everything is starting to heal up nicely.

So once we joined back with the group Jenny was escorted back to the carpark while the rest of us had a quick run up Cross-cut and then down Milkmaid before calling it quits for the day and went for coffee at Cafe Doonan.

Thanks for the ride everyone!

Michael “I’m fine too by the way” Johns
Club Secretary 

More photos below.


Club Ringtail/Wooroi Ride Summary 22/04/2018

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Club Ringtail/Wooroi Ride Summary 22/04/2018
The only wet crossing

The intention was to ride the northern areas around Ringtail Creek however given Marty’s recce the day before the routes were still pretty boggy we decided to head to Wooroi instead. However to keep things at least a little different to the usual Wooroi ride the 17 of us continued on through Tewantin National park (north) and did the ‘sunken gardens’ single track that runs parallel with MacKinnon Drv before grinding up Old Tewantin Road and heading down towards Cooroy Noosa Rd. Here we took a sneaky route onto Coveys Rd that took us to the top track of Wooroi at Sunrise Rd.

Wooroi was perfect riding with nay a muddy spot however we avoided the known wet areas and stuck to Milkmaid and Turn 10. Once done with the single track it was a easy cruise back to Tewantin and then off to Cafe Doonan for coffee.

Thanks the ride guys and we hope your finger heals up quick Simon!


Tewantin to Cooroy Ride Summary 29/10/2017

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Tewantin to Cooroy Ride Summary 29/10/2017
Cooroy Mountain (aka Kuri'bigil'ba)

Regrouping before Cooroy

I borrowed most of this route from one of Richard Poyner’s group rides. It was a ride good for cruising a decent distance but kept interesting with the occasional bit of single track and the odd tunnel and swamp.

We were mostly all ready to go at 7am and after some quick announcements and a failed attempt to get our Social Coordinator Greg to take his credit card to pay for the mid-ride coffee, we set off. 25 riders (bushies, distinguished guests and new riders Kate and Eric) headed along McKinnon Drive.

We entered the northern reaches of Tewantin National Park. There’s a sneaky single track that runs along the northern parts of the park parallel to McKinnon Drive called the ‘sunken gardens’. Its tight twisty and lumpy surface makes for an interesting challenge and it’s a far more interesting route than the road. Nice work to whatever trail fairy does that work in there, we appreciate it!

Exiting the sunken gardens takes us onto Old Tewantin Road which is a bit of a boring climb however there’s a kinda of a neat creek bed crossing and pinchy climb in the middle that is fun to try and do without ‘dabbing’ (touching the ground with your foot). This took us up to what is known as the ‘worm farm’ which is a trail that goes through Six Mile Creek so there’s usually a water crossing to contend with if it has been raining recently.

A bit further along Ring Tail Creek Rd we hang a left onto Porters Rd, through the Yurol Forest, hopping over Yurol Forest Rd and heading south towards Cooroy via ‘Trail 8’. At this point there were some mechanical issues that were quickly sorted with help from John. The trail has been changed since the Bruce Highway upgrades in the area so it was a bit of exploring for me. We came across a tunnel under the highway with a skinny bridge going through it – I suspect this is used by the various critters around so they don’t drown. We rode through the tunnel and nearby swamp without issue and hopped onto Mary River Rd which took us the rest of the way into the township of Cooroy.

Our large group ended up setting up camp in the middle of town and we all went off and foraged for coffee and food, it was good to distribute our patronage across the many establishments. After coffee we relived our youth and did a couple of quick laps of the local BMX track and then crossed the railway tracks atowards Cooroy Mountain Rd. We climbs over a nice bunch of hills and were presented a great view of Cooroy Mountain. This is where Will developed a puncture so the main group waited in the shade while the tail-end guys assisted him (…by watching).

It wasn’t long before we found ourselves in the familiar territory of Wooroi so we split up into three groups and went various ways through the trail network before meeting at the day use area and heading back to the cars.

Great day, nice ride, rad people, sun was a little bitey.

Ben Johns
Club President

PS: Here’s an excellent video of the ride, thanks Lumir!


Tewantin to Cooroy Loop

Tewantin to Cooroy Loop


Flow, Flats and Fire – Wooroi Ride Summary (20/08/2017)

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Flow, Flats and Fire – Wooroi Ride Summary (20/08/2017)
Very dramatic reenactment of Sunday's club ride

Ahh Wooroi! just like an amazing woman with it’s flowy curves, smouldering fire, native vegetation, wildlife, challenging rock gardens and good signage and…. actually I think I’ve botched this metaphor up rather badly.

So anyway, 28 riders showed up to our last ride of our winter calendar. If you are new to the club you may have thought that all our rides start at 7:30am but alas this is not the case. Now that the colder weather is over (hopefully) we are now starting earlier – so this Sunday’s big ride from Pomona to Kin Kin leaves at 7am [there’s going to be a shorter ride starting from the same spot for those who don’t want a long ride. Pres.]

The day started with a bit of excitement as a QPWS truck came flying through with 2 rangers on a mission. They tore off into the park leaving us to guess what the rush was. Later on we found out that fires had begun to reignite inside the park. During our ride we were diverted away from the affected areas and now the park has been closed as more fires have started and the risk of falling trees and branches has increased.

We rode to the top of Indy and divided into 2 groups with El Presidente Ben taking the fast group and Toby taking the not-so-fast people at a slightly slower pace. Afterwards another sub-group went off to torture themselves climbing hills on the other side of the Tewantin National Park.

From all reports the rides went well and all trails were open and flowing nicely (but there was a whole heap of sticks around). Apart from some punctures and Neil almost denting his shin with his pedals the rides were relatively incident free as well.

Notable events:

  • Half way through the ride Toby gave me some food and extra water – puppy eyes and nagging works kids!
  • New rider Timmo dragged his old Giant out from the shed and came along. Watching him somehow bash down the trails was both scary and impressive.
  • Kerry’s legs exploded (metaphorically of course) and she had to pull out early. I hope you’re feeling better Kerry!
  • Here is a handy map of the Wooroi trails if, like me, you suck at navigation.
  • Dean and Geoff from Hit Bikes came along for a ride with Dean on a very sexy orange Mondraker Foxy. Sure I may have picked on it initially but my therapist said I was just reflecting anger born from deep seated feelings of jealousy and inadequacy or some crap.

So enough talk – here are some pics.

Yours faithfully.

Michael “That’s me in the cover pic – serious!” Johns
Club Secretary