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Rookie Ride – Parklands – Sat 28/04/2018

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Rookie Ride – Parklands – Sat 28/04/2018
Rookie Ride!

Hey folks,

It’s Bike Week 2018 so that’s a good excuse to have a a rookie ride through Parklands (depending on rain). So if you are keen for a trundle through beautiful Parklands then I’ll see you Saturday at 7.15am for a 7.30am ride off. Details below.


Starting Point:
Location: Radar Hill Road car park. Bli Bli
Time: 7:15AM meet up for a 7:30AM ride-off
Grade: Grade 2 (first half) then Grade 3 (2nd half)
Google Maps/Streetview: https://goo.gl/maps/Ng7JgJMpBuD2


  • Special ride put on for people who are beginning mountain biking and/or wanting to see what Parklands is about.
  • Route will use the new green trails with a distance of around 10km and it will be a couple of hours. A longer ride will be available for those keen to either go again or explore a bit more of the park.

Bring the following:

  • a mountain bike in good condition. We suggest taking it to your local bike shop for a service if it has been a while.
  • an Australian standards approved helmet
  • comfortable riding clothes – be mindful of the weather forecast
  • water, enough for a few hours of exercise

8-weeks Free Membership

We strongly suggest you take advantage of Mountain Biking Australia’s (MTBA) free 8 week trial membership that provides you with insurance in case of an accident. Find out more on our ‘join us’ page: https://bushrangers.org/information/join-us/


Upcoming Camping Trip to Hidden Vale Trails – 28-29 April 2018

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Upcoming Camping Trip to Hidden Vale Trails – 28-29 April 2018

Hello everyone,

Starting at a campfire – beat’s watching Home and Away.

Next weekend there is a combined Bushranger/CORCA camping trip at the Hidden Vale trails. You can meet up and ride on the Saturday or camp overnight and ride Sunday too.

WHERE: Spicers Hidden Vale, Grandchester. $10 per day per person to ride. Payable on the day.
RIDE TIMES: Saturday 28th April, ride off at 8.30am to give everyone time to get out there. Sunday 29th April 7.30am. If you’re just coming for the Sunday please check in with me via text to make sure the start time hasn’t changed. Clare B 0413 960 553
WHO: This is a combined CORCA and Bushranger ride weekend. A reasonable level of fitness and bike skills will be required as we won’t be running a beginner specific group.
CAMPING: We’re camping on the old oval at Grandchester again. It’s on School Road. No need to check in as Julie comes around to take camping fees once everyone’s later. $5 per person, per night, cash only and correct change is appreciated.

There are toilets but no showers (maybe just blast yourself with the high pressure hoses in the wash down bay? – that’s a joke… it’ll hurt)

We can have an open fire so make sure you bring some firewood along.

If camping’s not your thing there are other accom options close by.


  • CORCA, Bushranger and MTBA members preferred for insurance purposes. If you’re not a member consider taking advantage of MTBA’s free trial via their website.
  • Please arrive with enough time up your sleeve to be ready to ride by 8.30am on the Saturday. Make sure you’ve got enough hydration, snacks and spare bike bits in case of mechanicals.
  • Facebook event link – https://www.facebook.com/events/2011442365740501/

Maroochydore to Emu Mountain Ride Summary – 08/04/2018

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Maroochydore to Emu Mountain Ride Summary – 08/04/2018
Today we conquered the great Emu Mountain! HOORAH!

Hey Bushies,

Now I should warn you that I’ve just finished reading a series of rhyming storybooks to the young lad so it may influence my writing tonight.

So Sunday’s ride was meant to be a Parkland’s ride but it was deemed too wet in there so we dug out a 50km Maroochydore to Emu Mountain ride that we haven’t done for awhile. There was a bit of pavement involved but we did manage to get a bit of dirt under our wheels behind Coolum.

Starting point was Denna St shops Maroochydore

17 of us meet at the Denna St shops near the Maroochy Bridge including a new nicer Ben and Wendy from CORCA who has joined up with us as well – thanks for coming and we hope you both had a good time. A roadie ride was also meeting at the shops and I think they were getting a bit worried when everyone started arriving with mountain bikes.

17 little riders, pulling bikes from our cars. Confusing all the roadies with our flat handlebars. 

We took off at 7am and headed over the bridge, through Twin Waters and along the coastal pathway. When it was time to head in behind Mt Coolum Al and Julie (both rehabilitating busted arms) went their own way and avoided the rough stuff.

17 little riders, feeling fit and keen. 2 turned right now there’s 15.

Behind Mt Coolum the grass is tall, the ground is wet and there is a lot of erosion and loose rocks everywhere. One of these rocks took a bite at Marty’s derailleur.

15 little riders, running low on steam. One bike died, now there’s 14.

We got to the bottom of Emu Mountain and decided we should really climb it and check out the awesome view. Our President missed the turn and ended up waiting for us at the High School.

14 little riders, climbing to the peak. Ben got lost, ’cause he is a geek.

We made it to Coolum where Wendy said her farewells and left us. We stopped in at the courtyard behind a cafe on Birtwill Street and everyone went off and scavenged their coffees while we waiting under the shade sails. Tania finally got her coffee last and placed it down onto a bench, where Sonja accidentally knocked it off before Tania could drink it. I’ll remember that look of rage/frustration/rage/sadness for the rest of my days.

13 little riders, enjoying a Sunday ride. Sonja bumped a cup and very nearly died.

We hopped on our bikes and headed for home. We used some back roads to avoid running over tourists (they get cranky if you do that). After Mudjimba everyone’s coffee must of kicked in because the speed started getting faster and it became a race back to the cars.

12 little riders, full of sugar and caffeine. 9 went warp speed now there were 3. 

Everyone made it back to the cars at about 10.30am and from all reports all had a very enjoyable adventure. Photos below and thanks for the ride folks!

Yours sincerely,

Michael “I’m a poet and I didn’t know it” Johns
Club Secretary 


Ride Map and Elevation


Ewen Maddock Dam Ride Summary – 01/04/2018

Ewen Maddock Dam Ride Summary – 01/04/2018
Got my fast wheels on!

Hey folks long time no see! With all the recent ride cancellations and work on grants and the AGM we haven’t had much time to do any write ups.

My mudguard worked well… not!

Despite the miserable conditions we had 18 dedicated riders show up to relieve the cabin fever this constant rain has caused. A big hello to our new riders Clive, Jeremy and Jens’ mate who I never got his name – sorry about that.

Due to the recent rain we decided to stay away from the Ferny Forest trails and the Skanky Swamp of Skankiness and just do our ol’ school ride through the dam, the Dularcha railway tunnel and then stop at Mooloolah for a good coffee and a fresh hot cross bun from the lovely ladies at the Mooloolah bakery.

Despite staying away from singletrack and low lying areas we still copped a lot of mud and we all probably spent most of the day cleaning our bikes. Although I swear Simon’s bike actually left cleaner than it arrived.

Thanks for the ride everyone and stay tuned for an update regarding this weekend’s ride at Parklands as it might be way too wet to ride there.

Photos below (thanks for the pics Julie).

Michael “Does this mud make my butt look big” Johns
Club Secretary


Get Out Get Active Women’s Mountain Bike Program

Get Out Get Active Women’s Mountain Bike Program
GoGIRLS in Parklands

The Sunshine Coast Council has teamed up with our Go GIRLS and CORCA’s Women on Wheels to offer the Get Out Get Active Women’s Mountain Bike Program.

This six week programme will offer you the opportunity to develop essential skills needed to make mountain biking a enjoyable and safe activity. Additionally you will be provided a hire bike (if you don’t have one) and a one year Mountain Biking Australia (MTBA) membership through either club ($85 value).

When: 17th April – 24 May 2018, Tuesday or Thursday afternoons.
Where: Sunshine Coast – Kawana Sports Precint or Caloundra Cricket Ovals.
Cost: $66.00
Registration: > HERE <

Contact: Kurt Martin [email protected] (07) 5420 8671

Don’t worry if you’ve missed out – we have a whole bunch of beginners coaching sessions planned for the next year so keep an eye on our website and social media for updates.