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IT’S ON!! This year’s first race – Bottle’n’Glass Hill Climb – 17/04/2018 Easter Monday

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IT’S ON!! This year’s first race – Bottle’n’Glass Hill Climb – 17/04/2018 Easter Monday
Come bust ya ass on Bottle 'n' Glass!

Have you been waking up each day feeling that something is missing or something is just not quite right? Well we have no idea what that is BUT we think you should come along and race up a nasty hill really fast. 

This is the first of a series of races we have planned – some big, some small. We’ve got the sweet timing gear, we’ve got the locations but now we need the suckers…um… I mean competitors. So come do it to challenge yourself and for the chance to win lots of glory!! (what does glory come in anyway? like a bucket or something?)

Here are the details

When: 17/04/2017 at 8am (Registrations from 7am to 7.30am)
Where: Browns Creek Road, Cooloolabin. https://goo.gl/maps/dmke8iaEqtp
Categories: Depends on numbers but probably A, B and C
Race format: Point to point hill climb – wave start
Prizes: Official certificate of glory, bragging rights etc
Who can ride?: Open invite to anyone with a MTBA race licence or a day licence ($25 non-MTBA member, $15 MTBA recreation member upgrade)
Costs: Free! (But donations to trail-care are always appreciated)
Distance: 4km  with 330m elevation (small but nasty)
Strava KOM: 15min 17sec (male), 24min 53sec (female)
Register link: https://online.mtba.asn.au/ERegister.aspx?E=3716


Yandina/Cooloolabin Ride Summary – 26/03/2017

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Yandina/Cooloolabin Ride Summary – 26/03/2017
Upgraded lookout! Nice work QPWS

I like this ride because I can sleep in as it’s only 15 minutes drive away. I guess I could save a dolphin and ride to the meeting point…

Now this ride is split between two meeting points because the Bottle and Glass Road is a hefty climb and not everyone likes to start their day on the side of a dirt road vomiting up their breakfast due to over-exertion. However if this sounds like your kind of thing then make sure you come along to our Bottle’n’Glass Hill Climb race in Easter! That said quite a few riders chose to start in Yandina and brave the large climb to meet with the other group near the Cooloolabin Dam trail head.

Once the two groups had merged we started along the Cooloolabin Dam single-track that goes along the dam wall and follows the shoreline and eventually finishes in the day use area near the spillway. The recent rains had caused a bit of debris along the track but nothing that couldn’t be easily moved or ridden over.  This trail brings nice water views, beautiful little thickets of trees to ride through and nice loamy soils with the occasional obstacle to tackle.

This week’s predicted rain will hopefully give Cooloolabin dam a good top-up


2017 Bushrangers MTB Club AGM Summary

2017 Bushrangers MTB Club AGM Summary
Bush Rangers MTB Club 2017 AGM

We really need better models

The Maroochy Botanical Gardens was beautiful as always and it’s always a great place to have meetings. The rain held off but the humidity still came to the party but despite the mugginess the meeting was well attended and went pretty well (considering the dodgy secretary didn’t know what he had to do). Ben, Susie and Craig let us all know what was happening with the club, GoGirls and the money and there were some good ideas introduced by the members that are going to be researched then instigated ASAP.

We’ve filled the 10 positions for the upcoming coaching clinic so we can have some more MTBA qualified coaches in our ranks. I’ll also look into getting group rates for first aid certificates so I’ll let everyone know about that (just in case Carol crashes again).


Go for a ride! It’s #InternationalDayOfHappiness

Go for a ride! It’s #InternationalDayOfHappiness

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It is the International Day of Happiness so give your loved ones a big hug, pat your dog/cat/fish/child etc, go for a ride then tease your mates on Strava. If it’s raining then grab a drink, go into your bike shed and watch bike videos on YouTube. But whatever you do be happy!

Chad looks happy! Be like Chad!


#Ride2School Ride Summary 17/03/2017

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#Ride2School Ride Summary 17/03/2017
Glenview Primary School #Ride2School

Riding along Glenview road Palmview

Last Friday was Ride2School day so to get kids realising how awesome bikes are from an early age the Bushrangers have been helping with the event for the last 3 years.

At 7.30am Bushranger’s Michael Johns and Julie Pearson went to help the Glenview Primary School kids ride 3.6km along Glenview road. Julie took plenty of photos, Michael led the group while parents and staff rode within the group and manned the intersections making sure everyone was safe. Also a big thanks to the local police for the escort.

Michael then shot across town to his little boy’s kindergarten to give all the kids rides on his big-tyred fatbike. They were all given a quick instruction about the bike e.g. keep fingers away from the moving bits, wear a helmet, make sure you have a bell. The kids all got a few loops around their playground and they loved it.