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Book into our Bike Maintenance Workshops and Riding Classes now!

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Book into our Bike Maintenance Workshops and Riding Classes now!
Sign up to our maintenance and handling classes

Thanks to Marty at EnPlusOne

The booking links are up and you can now reserve your spot in the free bike maintenance workshops with Marty at Enplusone and the fundamental bike riding classes with Dean and Geoff at Hit Bikes.

Go to the following links, choose a date and reserve your spot. Remember to let us know if you have to cancel so we can give your spot to someone else.

Thanks to Dean and Geoff at Hit Bikes

Maintenance Workshops with Marty at EnPlusOne


Fundamental Bike Riding Classes with Dean and Geoff at Hit Bikes



Parklands Ride Summary – 10/09/2017

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Parklands Ride Summary – 10/09/2017
Very dramatic reenactment of today's club ride*

Another big ride at Parklands today. 30+ riders with 3 groups criss-crossing the trails. No pictures I’m afraid as we were all being too hardcore and awesome to stop and take pictures.

Thanks for the ride everyone, we hope you had fun.


Michael “Converting dust to oxygen” Johns
Club Secretary

* This photo is actually from the Redbull Rampage – pretty awesome stuff!!


Mapleton Ride Summary – 03/09/2017

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Mapleton Ride Summary – 03/09/2017

Hey everyone,

My sincerest apologies about the extreme lateness of this ride summary. I’m afraid I’ve only just regained my sight from the brilliant awesomeness of last week’s ride and as I am still in withdrawal I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Mapleton Day Use Area

We had 30 riders in two groups on this ride with the usual group leaving from the township and doing a 30km ride while I took a smaller group on a 15km ride from the Mapleton Day Use Area.

The bigger group went up past Linda Garrett park, through to the first lookout and then off to the bigger Oaky Creek lookout. They then did the Magic Mile trail and then back to the town. The smaller group went to the smaller lookout and then did the whole Magic Mile trail.

The two groups did merge at one point which was surprising when I looked back to check on my 8 riders and saw that I now had 30 riders behind me. It was like that scene in Gremlins when you got them wet.

Apart from a little confusion with some missing riders and new rider Courtney being attacked by a nasty stick, the ride went well and we finished with coffee and cake in Mapleton.

Thanks for the ride everyone and thanks to John, Shelly and Ben for the following photos I stole.

Lots of hugs!

Michael “Speak up if you’re not here!” Johns
Club Secretary


Introducing Tag-a-long Rides

Introducing Tag-a-long Rides

We’ve had some input that some of our members can’t always get to the Sunday club rides and they are uncomfortable riding on their own so we’ve heard a good idea that we want to try.

Learn the trails, get the goss and make new mates!

If anyone does a regular weekly ride and would be happy to have some company tag-a-long (see what we did there), then let us know the details and we’ll put it in the ride calendar (which we can then publish to Facebook). Having someone else riding along with you can make your normal ride more enjoyable, safer and even educational.

The details we need are:

  • your name and preferred contact details (phone or email or Facebook etc)
  • when you ride (e.g Wednesday’s at 4pm)
  • where you ride (e.g. Parklands, Wooroi, Ferny Forest or even if it’s a different location each week).
  • the “hardcore-ness” of the ride (Do you ride fast with minimal stopping?)

Send these details to us at [email protected] or message us on Facebook.

Important points for tag-a-long riders:

  • These rides are not club organised and you ride at your own risk so bring everything you need and ride within your limits.
  • Contact the member beforehand and make sure the ride is still on – sometimes things come up.
  • Unless otherwise stated these rides are not for beginners – come to our rookie rides and training sessions to build up your skills and fitness.

Other suggestions.

  • Members can also advertise any non-regular rides direct to our Facebook group.
  • A few of the local bike shops do regular shop rides so give them a call and find out when and where they are.
  • There are other clubs, bike shops and riding groups that ride on different days so I’m sure if you ask nicely you could ride with them – check on Facebook and ask around.

Basic Bike Handling Skills Workshops

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Basic Bike Handling Skills Workshops
Learn how to ride (and crash) with style!

In addition to the bike maintenance workshops we mentioned last week, the club can also organise some professional skills training for our new riders (or any member who wants to go back to the basics and scrub out some bad habits).

These will be small classes about 90min long and will teach you the fundamentals of good mountain-biking such as body position, where to look, when to react and how to react.

If we have a big enough demand then we will organise 5 initial workshops so everyone gets a go.

What do you think? Comment on Facebook or send me an email at [email protected]