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Yandina/Cooloolabin Hill Climb Race – Open Invite

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Yandina/Cooloolabin Hill Climb Race – Open Invite

Come bust ya ass at Bottle ‘n Glass!

Bottle ‘n Glass trail behind Yandina

Hey Everyone,

Now that we have the awesome timing gear and other race paraphernalia we are going to start doing some races . Smaller ones for glory and bragging rights and some major ones for prizes… hopefully (are you reading this local bike shops?).

So we are thinking that we do an open invite hill climb race up Bottle ‘n Glass (https://www.trailforks.com/trails/bottle-and-glass/) on the Easter weekend and we just want to gauge interest. Who is keen?

Cost: Free (although feel free to donate to trail care on the website)
Location: Bottle ‘n Glass trail behind Yandina (near Cooloolabin)
Time: To be defined
Categories: To be defined (depends on numbers)
Prizes: Glory and Bragging Rights

So if you’re interested and you’re going to be here at Easter then leave a comment here, in Facebook or email. Once we get an idea of numbers we’ll get it organised and send through the details later.




Noosa Sport and Recreation Plan

Noosa Sport and Recreation Plan
Bloodwood Trail Creek Crossing at Wooroi (Tewantin Forest)

Hi Folks,

Noosa Shire Council are working on a new Sport & Active Recreation Plan that will inform them on which direction to take for future development.

As we’re frequently riding around Tewantin, Pomona and Kin Kin we can help ensure that mountain biking gains focus by contributing. Both locals and visitors can respond.

Past sport and recreation plans have been the catalyst for significant state government investment. That’s why it is important this document paints an accurate picture of our local sport and recreation sector and any opportunities for improvement.

You can contribute via the Noosa Council’s ‘Your Say’ site here.

Thanks to the Noosa Trailblazers for pointing out the survey.


Pete Bigaila kicks ass at the JetBlack 24hr race

Pete Bigaila kicks ass at the JetBlack 24hr race
Race Start - awesome image courtesy of outerimage.com.au

The large calendar fridge magnets as prizes were a bit underwhelming.

Now I don’t know about you but I like to divide my day up into sleep-time and not-sleep-time. The ratio can vary somewhat but I usually get 7-8 hours of sleep each day so I guess I’m a bit of a traditionalist that way and I’m OK with this. However Bushrangers member Pete Bigaila probably looks at this 8 hours of beautiful sleep I have and thinks “Sleep Schmeep – you could be riding your bike!”.

Yup that’s right, Pete likes to ride his bike for the whole 24 hours, it’s his thing. He trains for these races by doing daily 100km rides and he even does a few of these at 2am in the morning because hey, why not! It’s not like he should be in bed or anything.


Boneyard (Extended Edition) Ride Summary – Sun 19/02/2017

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Boneyard (Extended Edition) Ride Summary – Sun 19/02/2017
Ride map and elevation

New member Mal reports on the Sunday morning Boneyards adventure to ‘Brisbane’ and back

Ride map and elevation

On reflection – which you have plenty of time to do when mountain biking to Brisbane and back – I probably should have studied the title of the ride “Boneyards Extended Edition”, a little more closely. But in my defence I hadn’t joined a club ride since getting my MTBA membership last year and I was keen as mustard.

A total of nine intrepid explorers – John, Waza, Will, Paul, Mike, Toby, Neil, Nick and myself – set off from the Glenview Cemetery and quickly got the heart rates up as we criss-crossed our way up and down the hill. At the top ride captain John introduced us all to Ross. We all enthusiastically started to welcome Ross only to discover there was no Ross among us. The group then welcomed the other new rider (me) to the Sunday morning adventure.


Rookie Ride Summary – 19/02/2017

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Rookie Ride Summary – 19/02/2017
Towards the end of the ride. Looking forward to coffee

While the regular club ride was happening we put on another “Rookie Ride” for our beginners to get some more rides in and pick up some good tips by doing the opposite of what I do.

The wonderful Ferny Forest green level trails were chosen because its a good 10km loop, not too difficult, easy parking and now it has coffee!

Pretty sure Ben is sucking his guts in there!

Emma, Marty, Mike, Tania, Ben and myself starting off at 7.30am but we had guest appearances from Jason Daw, Susie and Sonja as they did their laps of Ferny Forest. I was planning on taking it easy, do the one lap, then coffee and chat afterwards. We ended up doing 2 laps and I even had an attempt at giving some line choice tips at a rock garden (but everyone just nailed it perfectly so it wasn’t really necessary at all – good job!). Overall the ride went great and there was only one itsy bitsy stack where a front wheel washed out on some loose stuff at the bottom of a gully but there were no serious injuries.