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Sunsets and Shoulder Injuries – Ferny Forest Night Ride Summary (19/10/2016)

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Sunsets and Shoulder Injuries – Ferny Forest Night Ride Summary (19/10/2016)
Night Ride at Ferny Forest Trail

So last Wednesday’s night ride was a particularly adventurous one that was filled with an amazing sunset, a heap of mosquitos and unfortunately a call to the ambulance.

Almost ride off time!

Almost ride off time!

At 7pm we had 8 riders ready to ride at the Ferny Forest carpark (across the road from the Big Kart track on Steve Irwin way). In the future we will probably start the ride up towards the real estate agent carpark where the nearby street lights make things easier. The mozzies were bad but a bit of repellant helped and once you got moving it was fine.

We rode at a brisk pace trying to get warmed up but of course we had to stop on the shore of the dam to get some pics of the sunset as it was pretty spectacular that night.

So riding at night obviously adds another layer of complexity to the already risky sport that is Mountain biking. Relying on lights limits the distance you can see ahead so this reduces the time you have to react to upcoming obstacles. So there are things you can do like making sure your lights are bright enough, run a helmet light as well as a bar light and to simply slow down. But when its a trail that you ride often it’s very easy to get cocky and to fall into the trap where you try to maintain a speed that you usually ride at, which is actually a bit too fast in a lot of situations.

Green whistle is good!

Green Whistle of Pain Bye-Bye is good stuff!

There were a few minor scrapes against trees and a couple of handlebars got snagged by nearby saplings but they were a sign of something bigger to come. One rider came around a corner, hit a root in the middle of trail which knocked him off line and into a gumtree resulting in serious arm/shoulder injuries. The ambulance was called immediately but still took 90 minutes to get to us due to our remote location and them having to go back to the station to get the keys to the gates. This time was well spent with us making the poor patient laugh and also calling dibs on parts on his bike if he didn’t make it.

The paramedics hiked out to us and did their thing well and we were all able to slowly walk back out to the ambulance. The patient then got some cool drugs and an ambulance ride to a 6-hour wait in Caloundra Hospital for X-rays. He is up on his feet and ended up with a broken scapula and torn rotator cuff and it still hurts to laugh, sleep, breath, eat, exist etc but he is in good spirits and he wants to thank everyone who came that night for their help, the laughs and for an otherwise cracker of a ride.

I’d also like to thank the QAS and all the guys who were there that night. Everyone helped out and a stressful event was handled easily. The club is also making a few changes to make it even easier if this ever happens again.

But seriously though, MTB riding can be risky and an accident like this could’ve been a lot worse. You are the best judge of what you can do so feel free to slow down, assess the risk (and consequence) and don’t do anything you are not comfortable doing. One of the good things I’ve noticed about our club is that no one makes you feel bad about choosing not to do an obstacle or tricky trail and that’s pretty bloody awesome.

Michael “I got dibs on the pedals” Johns
Club Secretary





GoGIRLs article in the Sunshine Coast Daily Multisport Mecca magazine

GoGIRLs article in the Sunshine Coast Daily Multisport Mecca magazine
GoGIRLs article in the Multisport Mecca
Click to download PDF

Click to download PDF

Our own Susie Hume contributed an article about the GoGIRL ladies-only riding group to the Sunshine Coast Daily’s Multisport Mecca magazine. #MultisportMecca #SunshineCoast

Check it out at http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/sunshine-coast-multisport-mecca-october-5/3096896/



Bushrangers score another grant!

Bushrangers score another grant!

The awesome Sunshine Coast Council Community Grants program has just approved a $20000 grant for us which will be for the new beginner/skills trail at Parklands.

But don’t crack open the bubbly yet as it’s conditional on us getting the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing’s “Get Playing Places and Spaces Program” grant. That grant is for a cool $100,000 and our application is currently being assessed and the winners will be announced later this year. Here’s hoping that we get the big one because $120k will make 2017 a very big year for Parklands and mountain biking on the coast.

Fingers crossed!


Global Fat Bike Day 2016 – 03/12/2016

Global Fat Bike Day 2016 – 03/12/2016
Rare photo of GFBD2015 where we weren't all gap jumping

Stop holding your breath folks, it’s that time again – Global Fat Bike Day 2016! #GFBD2016

The day where 0.0001% of riders who actually own fatbikes can stand up and shout about easily riding through sand (or that rare Queensland snow), brag about climbing loose rocky slopes with the unlimited traction and conveniently forgetting to mention things like rotational mass, chain rub, self-steer, expensive tyres, and weird-ass off-set spoke patterns. OK FINE!! Fatbikers do that every day but this is still our day so tough luck!

So this year’s ride will be over at Bribie Island. We start at the surf club and ride along the beach while the tide lets us then its BBQ and beers and a lovely ride back under the moonlight. Romantic eh?

So if you got a fatbike or are fatbike curious (it’s OK we don’t spank our initiates) jump onto the Facebook page and have a look – https://www.facebook.com/events/161231834288047/

Michael “Is this sand we are riding on?” Johns
Club Secretary


We’ve made a change to joining Bushrangers

We’ve made a change to joining Bushrangers

Hello everyone,

It’s not a big change but we’ve added the ability to be a ‘club only’ member to anyone who doesn’t want to pay the insurance component that is charged when you apply through MTBA.

So if you’re a member of another association like Cycling Australia or another MTBA club and already have mountain biking insurance then you can just pay the membership fee of $30/yr direct to us and be a member of the Bushrangers. This also applies if you have your own insurance or simply don’t believe in it.

You will need to sign a waiver saying you understand mountain biking has the potential to harm you and you don’t want the insurance.

But mountain biking can involve bad things like bouncing down gorges on your face so the MTBA insurance is good to have and it is required for a lot of races. For new riders MTBA offer the 8-weeks free membership so if you want the security of having insurance while you give mountain biking a try then sign up at http://www.mtba.asn.au/membership/free-trial-membership/ 

For more information check out the new Join Us page.