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Need a good idea for a EOFY tax deduction?

Need a good idea for a EOFY tax deduction?
Give a tax deductible donation to mountain biking this year

Hello everyone,

It’s almost the end of the financial year so it’s a great time to make a tax deductible donation to the club through the Australian Sporting Foundation. We can use the money for things like more BBQs and social events, races, more training clinics and most importantly it will help pay for materials and the maintenance and hire of equipment for our trail building work.

So if you, or a business you know, wants to make a donation get it in before the end of the month. It will be most appreciated and will go straight into the local mountain bike community!

All tax deductible donations are made online through the Australian Sports Foundation here:  https://asf.org.au/donate/bushrangers-mtb-club-development-fund/

Stay Safe, Keep Riding!


Mt Cotton – MTB Trails Draft Concept

Mt Cotton – MTB Trails Draft Concept

Hi Folks,

Another draft plan to comment on. The Redland Bay City Council are have concept for trail development within the Mt Cotton Eastern Escarpment Reserve. This is the area surrounding the Karingal Scout Camp which has it’s own set of trails that have been used for races and other MTB events in the past.

This is part of a larger vision to develop the trail networks surrounding Mount Cotton which also include Daisy Hill, Cornubia, and Bayview.

The proposed trails are designated ‘downhill’ which will add to the mix of trails in the area.

More information and a link to the survey can be found here: https://yoursay.redland.qld.gov.au/eastern-escarpment

Note that you need to register an account to complete the survey.



Parklands Night Ride Summary – 21/06/2017

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Parklands Night Ride Summary – 21/06/2017
Min Min lights!

Amazing how bright a little light can be

It was the nightiest of nights as it was the winter solstice and because we don’t do things by halves we chose to ride in this  cold inky blackness.

The soon-to-be haunters of the Parklands trails materialised out from the shadows, hungry for dark gnar! They rode their mechanical steeds of metal, carbon and rubber, with their lights fighting to burn away the dark and expose the single track ahead.

It was particularly quiet on this mysterious night, as if the creatures knew something we did not. This stillness was soon shattered by the sound of our tyres on rock and jovial banter as we rode the tight and twisty trails into the unseen. But alas it was an uneventful ride with nay a scary beast or ghost to be found.

Ride ended up being 10km and everyone was back home in time to don their slippers and watch the State of Origin.

Thanks for the ride everyone!

Ben Johns
Club President


“Rookie Road” Wins

“Rookie Road” Wins
"Rookie Road" wins the vote

We received 50 votes and the clear winner was “Rookie Road”. “Pigtails” came close but couldn’t beat it (even after someone cheated and voted for it numerous times – tsk tsk!).

Clear winner is “Rookie Road”

QPWS have a naming policy (e.g. not potentially offensive, rude, gross, clear english etc). That’s why the cool names like “4play”, “entrails” and “Thrillz 2 Skillz” didn’t get a shoe in. But we are getting new trails and a lot of help so I’m not complaining.


New Jerseys are coming! ….very slowly

New Jerseys are coming! ….very slowly
Latest jersey concepts

Hey everyone,

Yeah I know the jerseys have been on the cards for ages but trying to find someone to make them has been a bugger of a chore. However I think I’ve found someone to do all the jersey/shirt/singlet iterations we need at a good price.

I’ve been talking to others in the club and doing a lot of research on jersey styles and shapes so the artwork has gone through a lot of changes. To give you an idea of the journey I’ve had, the filenames are like “BRMTB-Jersey-2016-idea-19-v7-FINAL-v3-LAST FINAL-v2.pdf“. Which shows a very poor file management system that I really need to work on.

So anyway, we are going to offer the following:

  • Standard XC cycle jerseys (short/long sleeve and club/race fit) in two styles – “Spare parts” and “Black diamond”
  • Bib-shorts – Black with logo and matching artwork
  • Trail shirts (loose fit v-neck with short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves) in the two styles – “Spare parts” and “Black diamond”
  • Women’s Go-Girl Singlets  – in “GoGirl Pink”
  • Socks

There are artwork samples below but I’ll put up the final artwork along with prices and the order link in the next few days.

Stay Tuned!



RACE TIME! 3hr Endurance Race at Paul’s Place – 29th July

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RACE TIME! 3hr Endurance Race at Paul’s Place – 29th July
"If I wasn't dead I'd probably check this out!" - Albert Einstein

Download the poster here

We’re heading back to the Paul’s private push-bike playground and he has been busy these last few months so expect new features to explore as you smash out the laps.

This time we’re running with a 3hr endurance format (otherwise known as cross-country endurance or XCEN). You try and do as many 4km laps as possible in the timeframe and where equal number of laps have been completed the one with the fastest time overall wins.

After the race stay around for a BBQ lunch and drinks.

When: Saturday 29/07/2017 at 9AM (Registration between 7AM and 8:30AM)
Where: Ruwoldts Road, Dulong – map
Race Format: Cross-country Endurance (XCEN)
Costs: $10 (Bushranger members free – use the discount code)
Who can ride?: Anyone with MTBA race insurance (or a day licence)
Registration: https://online.mtba.asn.au/ERegister.aspx?E=3861
Registration Closes: Monday 24/07/2017


  • No ‘On-the-day’ registrations, please use the above registration link.
  • If you are an MTBA Recreational member a race day permit will be an additional $15.
  • Parking on-site is limited, please ensure you don’t block access to neighbouring properties or the road.
  • The Bushrangers membership discount code will be sent out to current members via email.
  • Three categories – A for the serious, B for the sandbaggers, and C for those giving it a go.