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RACE TIME! 3hr Endurance Race at Paul’s Place – 29th July

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RACE TIME! 3hr Endurance Race at Paul’s Place – 29th July

Download the poster here

We’re heading back to the Paul’s private push-bike playground and he has been busy these last few months so expect new features to explore as you smash out the laps.

This time we’re running with a 3hr endurance format (otherwise known as cross-country endurance or XCEN). You try and do as many 4km laps as possible in the timeframe and where equal number of laps have been completed the one with the fastest time overall wins.

After the race stay around for a BBQ lunch and drinks.

When: Saturday 29/07/2017 at 9AM (Registration between 7AM and 8:30AM)
Where: Ruwoldts Road, Dulong – map
Race Format: Cross-country Endurance (XCEN)
Costs: $10 (Bushranger members free – use the discount code)
Who can ride?: Anyone with MTBA race insurance (or a day licence)
Registration: https://online.mtba.asn.au/ERegister.aspx?E=3861
Registration Closes: Monday 24/07/2017


  • No ‘On-the-day’ registrations, please use the above registration link.
  • If you are an MTBA Recreational member a race day permit will be an additional $15.
  • Parking on-site is limited, please ensure you don’t block access to neighbouring properties or the road.
  • The Bushrangers membership discount code will be sent out to current members via email.
  • Three categories – A for the serious, B for the sandbaggers, and C for those giving it a go.


Parklands MTB Trails Project Update 18/07/2017

Parklands MTB Trails Project Update 18/07/2017
Big beautiful logs

The creek crossing along the beginners loop

Hi Folks,

After a hiatus at the end of June things are once again progressing with Trailworx Matt on the excavator pushing on through with the beginners loop. There’s now another 500m for our awesome trail crew to work on.

A Trail care day is planned for this Saturday afternoon 22nd July 2017 at 1:00PM.

Remember folks, we’re spreading the dirt over the track, not pushing it off. This is to let nature do its thing over time and produce a good smooth surface. Also we need to spread the leaf litter along the immediate edges of the new trail to help shore it up.


  • Nearly 50% of the beginners loop has been completed with sandstone placed at the crossings on the completed sections
  • The existing trail going from the end of ‘Rookie Road’ back onto Road Rage has been fixed up so it’s a nice cruise from the top of Rookie Road all the way to the tree root bit that everyone loves when wet
  • Back burning has been done, including the proposed skills area around the container
  • Large logs have been dropped off by QPWS for use in the skills area and progression trails, thanks for organising this Eugene!
  • Bridge materials list has been provided and in the process of being ordered – this bridge will cross the creek along the beginners loop – this is the same creek those two logs are crossing along ‘grand canyon’ trail.

Ben Johns
Club President

New trail since last trail care highlighted


Pomona to Lake Macdonald Ride Summary – 16/07/2017

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Pomona to Lake Macdonald Ride Summary – 16/07/2017
We had a nasty crash on this ride but the Ambo was there in 15min

Waiting to start the ride

I had to really drag myself to Sunday’s ride because when I woke up it was raining and the idea of a wet, cold, muddy ride just didn’t take my fancy that morning. But by the time I got to Pomona the clouds had cleared, the cold had gone and it was actually going to be a beautiful day for a ride… for some of us anyway.

We had 13 people show up for the ride which was a good turnout considering the rain and that a lot of the club was camping at Toogoom. Most of us drove straight to Pomona but Andrew, Chad and Greg were extra keen and rode in from Cooroy to get some extra km in – apparently that was a bit of an adventure involving scaling fences and surprise railway bridges.

At 7:30am we set off behind ride leader Terry who was on his new sexy black Levo e-bike. Later in the ride I had to tell him to lower the settings to “Mortal” so we could keep up and there was also a fear that his bike could electrocute everyone in a creek crossing.

Unfortunately early in the ride one of us had a big crash and did some serious damage to himself. While travelling at speed he didn’t quite clear a fallen log and was thrown over the bars. Rumor has it that he actually overtook an e-bike while sliding along the dirt on his face/shoulder… pretty impressive. It was obvious that his collarbone was doing something it shouldn’t so the ambulance was called. He managed to limp to the nearby road where the ambo arrived in 15 min and whisked him off to hospital. I’ve spoken to him and he has a displaced collarbone and cracked ribs but he is at home now recuperating and we hope he heals up ASAP! Also a big thanks to the Queensland Ambulance Service for their wonderful service!

We finished the 2.5hr ride without any more events and had coffee and food at the Trail 518 cafe in Pomona – good coffee there!


Michael Johns
Club Secretary

Ride map and elevation


3hr Endurance Race UPDATE!

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3hr Endurance Race UPDATE!

Here is a update for ya’ll regarding the race on the 29th.

Register soon!

We’ve had racers sign up from Brisbane to Maryborough so its going to be a good turn out! There is a maximum rider number set so register sooner than later if you’re keen.


Thanks to the generosity of Marty at Enplusone, Jez at Venture Cycles and Dean from Hit Bikes we will have some awesome prizes to give away in a random prize draw after the race.

New drop and rock garden A-line

Track information

The trail-care day yesterday produced a nice A-line with a drop and a rock garden which will give the more courageous riders a good time advantage.

Holy Alternating Loops Batman!! This race will have a small twist in that Paul’s trails has 2 distinct loops with an intersection joining them. So we will have a gate at this intersection and on each hour the gate will change and you will be diverted down the other loop. It should keep things different and keep riders on their toes.

Food and drinks

We’ll have a BBQ going and soft drinks available for a gold coin donation into the “Parklands Marathon Trail Fund” bucket.




Lake Taupo Cycling Challenge 25/11/2017

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Lake Taupo Cycling Challenge 25/11/2017

Click for more info

Hey Everyone,

We just got an email from the Lake Taupo Cycling Challenge race organisers. It looks pretty sweet so we are letting you know. If anyone is keen to head over to NZ for this massive event there are currently discounts for groups.

Click the pic for more information.