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Clean Up Australia Day @ Parklands – March 4th – 7am

Clean Up Australia Day @ Parklands – March 4th – 7am

Clean Up Australia Day 2018

On Sunday March 4th we will be having a big clean up day at Parklands for Clean Up Australia day. Come meet us at the Radar Hill Carpark at 7am, grab a bag and start picking up all the rubbish.

Once we are done we’ll setup the BBQ and everyone can grab some food and head off for a ride if its not too hot.

Newspaper article in the Nambour Weekly


2018 Bush Rangers MTB Club AGM – 10th March 2018

2018 Bush Rangers MTB Club AGM – 10th March 2018
It's that time again

Bushrangers Annual General Meeting

Another year has passed and once again it’s time for our Annual General Meeting. We will be back at the Arts and Ecology Centre located within the Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens at Tanawha – https://goo.gl/maps/CoXPm2WcWeQ2. 2pm on the 10/03/2018.

Ben will probably show us yet another awesome PowerPoint again – AWWWW YEAH!!!!! (that was sarcasm). I will endeavour to try and get some interesting food this time (not Subway again) so if anyone has any ideas let me know.

Want to add an item to the agenda?

If you have something you want on the agenda then send it through to [email protected] by the 01/03/2018 so I can get it written up and sent out to everyone.

Want to have a go in the Committee?

I’ve emailed a link to all members with a nomination form, if you want to be apart of the committee this year.

Committee positions and example tasks

  • President (Ride calendar, advocacy, grants, stakeholder management)
  • Vice President (Help’s committee and good understudy position for President role for future)
  • Secretary (Club administration, social media, grants, helps other committee members)
  • Treasurer (Watches the money, GST and assets)
  • Woman’s advocacy officer (GoGIRLs and events)
  • Training officer (Organise coaching training, training clinics and beginner rides)
  • Trails officer (Adopt-a-trail system and trail care days)
  • Social Coordinator (Special events, dinners and BBQs)
  • Away ride Coordinator (Organises camping trips and away rides)
  • Race planners (plan and run races e.g. Strava races and regular races)
  • Ride leaders (Lead groups when required on our regular rides/or explore then take us to new areas)
  • Is there another position we could add? Let us know ASAP

Here’s looking to an exciting 2018!

Michael Johns
Club Secretary

PS:  President still won’t let me get us a bouncy castle! :o(


Google My Business – Club Events

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Google My Business – Club Events
Google My Business

Hi Folks,

Another one of those boring IT updates but this is in relation to an item that came up in the membership survey – the website calendar isn’t very mobile friendly with the event details bubble clearing its contents when you try and scroll the screen. The developers have been pestered about it but they’re not answering. It’s still the best calendar for our purposes so we’re kinda stuck with it for now.

To make things a little more bearable for mobile users I have set up a script that populates the club’s Google My Business (GMB) presence with our calendar events. The GMB posts feature became available in June last year but you could only manually post things. Recently they updated it so now you can programmatically create/edit/delete posts.

So now when you search for ‘bushrangers mtb‘ or something similar on Google, you’ll see the club’s Google My Business box with all the club’s information, and now event posts. This shows up on mobile quite nicely as you can see below.


GoG.I.R.L. Coaching Begins

GoG.I.R.L. Coaching Begins

Geoff showing correct body positions

Awesome morning was had with Geoff Foxx from Hit Bikes and some of our GoGIRLS as we started   the roll out of 6 coaching sessions funded by Bushrangers through a grant we obtained last year for this purpose. There were smiles all around as we had fun learning new skills in the beautiful and purposefully built graded trails at Parklands, Nambour.

First we warmed up on the green trail that led to the skills area. There we learnt how to position ourselves on our bikes. Sounds basic but experienced riders know this is fundamentally really important. When you get this wrong it can end really badly, possibly with injuries, which leads you to precious time off your bike or a trip to hospital. No one wants that. Maybe you have experienced being too far back or forward on your bike, next minute you’re on the ground because your front wheel has washed out on a berm or some how your steed has thrown you off! There’s a saying, “I went over the hangers” for a reason because plenty of people have done it.

It was a friendly and relaxed learning environment

What I loved about Geoff’s method is I was taught how to work it out myself. I didn’t need anyone saying you’re too high or too far back. So now I can self- check every time I get on my bike whilst I’m riding. That alone felt empowering. After this initial lesson, he put one of us in front to check out all of our riding. Apparently I went too fast but I was enjoying myself so much I forgot we were at a coaching session. But that is very much Geoff’s style. And it fits our club’s motto, “We love to ride”. To my defense, we were on the Big V (well that’s what I’m calling it till it gets its new name) and all the pretty ferns distracted me.

After popping our front wheels over a log a few times, we were more than ready and super keen to ride the recently opened new blue trail. It was so much fun at the end some of us went back for another spin. From the feedback already coming in, everyone came away from these first coaching sessions with Geoff Foxx from Hit Bikes extremely happy and thankful for this Bushrangers initiative. The increased numbers prove that interest in women’s riding is mounting. Last year we filled two groups, (which were postponed due to rain) and this year five sessions were not enough. How exciting is that. Soon you will see bigger numbers of ladies sporting their new GoGIRL jerseys and holding their own in the forest. I for one can’t wait to go back now and practice some of my new skills. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough. See you on the trails.

Susie Hume
Womens Advocate for the Bushrangers MTB Club.


Exercising in Hot Weather

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Exercising in Hot Weather
Attribution: Flow Mountain Bike - Five Days in Hell

Hi Folks,

It’s looking like we’re up for a pretty warm week so we wanted to remind people to be mindful of things like dehydration and heat stroke when out riding. So please take a look at our earlier post about Riding in the Heat.

Here’s a severe weather update from the BOM:

Feature Image Article: https://flowmountainbike.com/features/five-days-in-hell/