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Movember is here! Help us ride 10000km for a good cause!

Movember is here! Help us ride 10000km for a good cause!
Royce has been preparing for this month his whole life

Come one come all!

Ladies and Gentleman from across the coast!

Help us ride 10000km and raise money for Movember (sculpturing some artistic whiskers is awesome too, but totally optional).

Follow these 3 steps and you’re off and racing!

Step 1: Put some skin in the game and donate to the Movember team page right here (feel free to join the Movember team too)
Step 2: Once you’ve donated, sign up to the Strava club right here
Step 3: Ride!

In addition to the regular club rides we’ll have events like an endurance ride, a time trial event and a big BBQ bash at the end of the month.

We will see who does the most distance, who raises the most money and who has the best moustache/beard/body hair etc.

Thanks to our supporters Sunshine Coast Council – Travelsmart, Clif Bar, Giant Sunshine Coast, Hit Bikes, Unique Health Products and Venture Cycles


2017 Bushrangers Club BBQ Gathering

2017 Bushrangers Club BBQ Gathering

It’s amazing that it has already been a year and time for our end of year social event. This year we’re heading back to Paul’s beautiful residence for a BBQ and a bit of a blat around his trails – thanks Paul!

We’ll also be handing out a bunch of prizes for various things such as Movember and the Membership Survey random prize draw.

When: Saturday, 2 December 3:00pm – 8:00pm

Reminder: 2017 Annual Membership Survey

Reminder: 2017 Annual Membership Survey
The data we are getting is great! Big thanks to those who have already completed it.

Hi Folks,

So far a third of you have completed the membership survey – this is fantastic and thank you. Who’d have guessed the president has been voted the best looking committee member. HOWEVER it would be awesome if we could get everyone to complete it as then it would be truly representative. So if you haven’t filled out the survey yet, please do so before the 1st of December, 5PM (that’s 2 weeks away).

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new member or haven’t been along on a ride – your input is always appreciated.

Don’t forget there’s a random prize draw for those who completed the survey and provided their details.

If you haven’t received the survey link or have deleted the email please let us know by emailing info@bushrangers.org or contacting us through social media or in person during a ride.

Ben Johns
Club President




Movember 10000km Challenge UPDATE

Movember 10000km Challenge UPDATE
Movember 10000km Challenge - Half way there!

It’s the mid-way point so I’ve just sat down with my Casio electric Abacus-o-matic and tallied up the total kilometres!

  • The rider with the most kilometres is Pete Bigaila. He is punching out over 600km each week. He is off to the 9-hour GBOMB race at Grafton this weekend so good luck Pete!
  • Graham Reeks is regularly commuting 60km to and from work so his weekly kilometres are up to over 200+ a week (and that’s with a big air resisting moustache on the handlebars). Graham is also our biggest fundraiser with $480 donated to Movember, nice work!
  • Paul Vandeleur had a massive ride in the first week but took it easy the 2nd week to prepare for the Singlespeed World Champs in NZ. Him and Royce have already left to participate in the shinanaghans over in Rotorua. Let us know how it goes guys.
  • Andrew is still recovering after his bike seat fell off

    Andrew Head is exploring the hell out of Tasmania and getting a heap of kilometres in the kitty (and he’s grown an awesome Mario moustache).

  • Brad Wightman is doing a good 180+km and plenty of metres in elevation each week cruising around the hinterland.
  • Mike Bushnell, Marty Gatehouse, Graham Lloyd-Jones, John Lambert, Ben Johns, Ian (Toby) Reavely, John Searston and myself are punching out a steady 100+km per week.
  • Lumir Kalbac has had a 500% increase in kilometres in his 2nd week so I can only assume assassins are after him and he has to keep on the move.
  • Ruth and Troy Huckstepp did the Noosa Triathon last week and have got a few MTB rides in too.
  • Kathy Davis is back from injury and doing 50+km each week along with Geoff from Hit Bikes Coaching.
  • That leaves JT, Craig Pearson, Maverick Q and Dean from Hit Bikes doing a good 30-50km a week.

As of this morning we have 25 riders in the Strava group and we have ridden 5683.2km and raised $1354. Not bad at all! Not bad at all!

You can still join us in the kilometre challenge or please give the team a donation at the Movember website – https://moteam.co/moustaches-and-mountain-bikes-sunshine-coast-2017

Big thanks to our supporters ClifBar, EnPlusOne, Giant Sunshine Coast, Hit Bikes, Unkle Hingy’s Barbershop, Unique Health Products and Venture Cycles.


More T-shirts and Free shipping offer

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More T-shirts and Free shipping offer
New shirts and free shipping!

Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s sizes available

Hey everyone,

We’ve done up some new t-shirt designs and there is a free shipping promo starting tomorrow! Choose either a dark or light version of the logo and put it on whatever colour shirt you want.


As always profits from these shirts go to the trails.

We are also looking for a local supplier for these shirts as the shipping from the US is usually a bit expensive and we’d rather support a local company when we can.

Upcoming promo details:

  • Free standard shipping
  • Run time: November 14th – November 19th, 2017
  • Coupon code: JOY2017
  • Cannot be combined with other discounts or coupon codes. Valid for standard delivery only.