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Movember 2017 Results – Mission Accomplished!

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Movember 2017 Results – Mission Accomplished!
Mission Accomplished! Give those lips some R&R lads!

2017 Movember Results

So Movember has finished and the dust has settled. We can now relax our leg muscles from all the riding (and our neck muscles from counterbalancing our impressive moustaches all month).

We successfully rode the 10000km but it did get a bit dicey there with all the rain in the last week hampering our efforts. According to our STRAVA group the total kilometres was 10402.9km.

The individual total kilometres are below with the obvious winner being Pete Bigaila who rode 1958.8km with his regular 100km rides and the GBOMB 9hr endurance race.

We raised $1764 for the Movember Foundation with the biggest fundraiser being Graham Reeks who raised $574 through good networking and selling bespoke bike moustaches.  If you forgot to give a donation to the team you still can at https://moteam.co/moustaches-and-mountain-bikes-sunshine-coast-2017?mc=1

Who had the best moustache? Well that’s a hard one to answer. There were some seriously awesome moustaches this month and we can’t announce a winner as we haven’t seen everyones attempt. So bring it along to the BBQ and we’ll see about giving out a prize then.

Rider NameTotal Km              
Pete B1958.8
Andrew Head802.7
Paul Vandeleur679.6
Graham Reeks668.7
Brad Wight564.9
Royce Vandeleur530
John Searston522.3
Mike Bushnell513.2
Martin Gatehouse387.1
Lumir Kalbac381.7
Greg Smith361.7
Graham Lloyd -Jones342.5
Ben Johns325.1
John Lambert290.4
Michael J286.7
Jez @ Venture273.4
Ian Reavely254.6
Susie Hume167.2
Marty @EnPlusOne148.6
Maverick Q147.2
Kathy Davis143.6
Troy Huckstepp136.8
Ruth Huckstepp114.7
Craig Pearson106.4
Geoff Fo[email protected] MTB Coaching86.2
Corrine Dolan69.8
Dean Harding @Hit Bikes49.6
Di Hoopert44.9
J T44.5

Big thanks to our supporters ClifBar, EnPlusOne, Giant Sunshine Coast, Hit Bikes, Unkle Hingy’s Barbershop, Unique Health Products and Venture Cycles and Sunshine Council Travelsmart.


New Reef to Reef Stage Race

New Reef to Reef Stage Race
Reef to Reef Race

Reef to Reef 4-Day Course

Here’s a handy excuse to head to the far northern parts of Queensland to ride your pushie in August 2018. Expanding on the already popular Rural Rainforest Reef (RRR) cross-country race is the new Reef to Reef stage race.

Over four days R2R throws in the Smithfield and Davies Creek trail networks with most of the RRR course that includes Mt Molloy and Wetherby Station to Port Douglas. The same organisers are behind the Port to Port and Cape to Cape stage races so you can be confident that this will be a well organised affair.

There’s plenty of information about the race and the area, including accommodation options, on their website: https://reeftoreefmtb.com/ otherwise checkout their Facebook Page.

If you do head up – don’t forget there’s great riding to be had in nearby at the Atherton MTB Park.


New MTBA Membership Options

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New MTBA Membership Options

Hi Folks,

MTBA have new membership options available and we’re pretty excited about them. Current MTBA members would have received an email with the following information.

Firstly the new seniors category (Masters 7+) provides reduced fees for those who are 60yrs old and over – it’s great to see people continuing or taking up mountain biking during their retirement, this option will help ensure they’re looked after in case of an accident while also being more affordable.

Then there’s a ‘public liability’ option that might be of interest to potential/current ‘club only’ members who have private health cover/other insurance coverage but wish to make sure that they’re completely covered. Worth a look if you aren’t sure if you’re covered in this regard.

The next one is pretty exciting for us on the Sunshine Coast – it’s a Triathlon Australia value-add membership. If you’re already a member of Triathlon Australia and wish to take up off-road triathlons, MTB racing or just want to use mountain biking as a way to mix up your training then this option is well worth a look. Also, TA members receive race day license discounts.

Finally there’s the new Family membership discount which kicks in when three or more family members join up. This option has been a popular request so it’s great that it’s now an option – it’s a pretty complex option to set up so good work to the MTBA for making it happen.

Here’s the summary of the new options:

New Membership categories

Masters 7+ (60+ years old) – Available for Race or Recreation categories. Membership price matches the Junior membership!

PL (Public Liability) Membership 
– This membership is ideal for the social rider who already holds a suitable level of private health insurance through another provider. As part of this membership, the rider will receive 24/7 Public Liability insurance cover whenever you are riding recreationally and on any type of push bike.

Value-Add (Triathlon Australia)
– The Value-Add membership currently offers financial members of Cycling Australia, BMX Australia and Australian Defence Force Cycling a discounted Race membership, with MTBA recognising the commitment of these riders to other sporting organisations.  Triathlon Australia members have now been included as a Value-Add category.

Family Membership discount – Now the whole family can get involved with a MTBA Family Membership!
The family membership discount provides family members to receive between 10% – 15% discount depending on the number of family members.

Further information available from the MTBA website: https://www.mtba.asn.au/membership/ . Otherwise we’re happy to answer any questions.


Club Committee
Bushrangers MTB Club Sunshine Coast Inc


Lake Weyba Ride Summary 26/11/2017

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Lake Weyba Ride Summary 26/11/2017
Creek crossing off the Eumundi/Noosa road

Hi Folks,

Nothing like a rainy day to write up the Lake Weyba Ride summary, so without further adieu…

28 riders ready to roll!

On a somewhat cloudy morning 28 riders prepared themselves in the car park near Peregian Beach for a 30km ride around Lake Weyba. We set off just past 7AM (unfortunately just missing Lumir and Alan who got kidnapped by Siri). I had to drag the group up a hill straight off the bat so I quickly got my first satisfying fix of everyone wailing and moaning. We then nipped across David Low Way and after a little bit of bitumen we were on the dirt and skirting the southern perimeter of the lake through grassy fields and paperbark forests.

We navigated around to where the single track starts through the southern reaches of the Noosa National Park. This bit of track consists of sandy soils, roots and grass. and holds up well to all sorts of treatment, as made evident by all the trail bike marks along it. Regardless of it being sandy it tends to hold water and there were regular puddles all the way along it, this helped feed our bottom brackets their fill of grit.

We sneaked under the Sunshine Motorway through a little known pedestrian tunnel that Michael tries to name “Pedestrian tunnel of death!”. But there is nothing deadly about it – he just puts “of death” onto the end of everything to make things sound more extreme. At the eastern entrance of Wooroi we offered the option of anyone who wanted to go it alone and do a few loops of Wooroi but as there weren’t any takers we continued on and headed back down a firebreak that crosses a stream and runs alongside the golf course.

John had to do a quick adjustment but then bridge was good to go again

Zig zagging through the small streets like BMX Bandits (that’s an old 80’s movie kids) we cut though a ‘back track’ that had a make-shift bridge and into the Noosaville commercial estate. Here we got to whiz through the back of Noosa Civic Shopping centre and onto the Eenie Creek Road cycleway (there are great cycling facilities around Noosa). We followed this over the bridge and into Noosa Springs.

At the end of Leslie Drive is where we hit the sandy soils of the eastern side of Lake Weyba. This was the most anticipated/dreaded section of the ride – those with fatter tyres and/or motors were looking forward to the soft sand and those with traditional tyres were not. The wet weather had helped bed the sand down a bit but there were sections that felt like you were riding up hill even though it was flat. However the different vegetation and nice views along this track made up for the extra effort as it is quite unique compared to where we normally ride.

After the sandy tracks were done we tramped sand through the back streets of Peregian Beach and rode some more grassy easements back to where we started.

Big hello to everyone especially our “long time no see” members, it was good to see you. Also a shout out to our new member Michael who made it through the whole 30km, nice work!

Ben Johns
Club President

Lake Weyba Ride Nov ’17


BBQ and Mapleton Club Ride CANCELLED

BBQ and Mapleton Club Ride CANCELLED
No one wants this... except maybe your bike mechanic

Bad news everyone,

Due to this rain and potential for more rain on Saturday and Sunday we are calling off this weekend’s events.

  1. The BBQ at Paul’s place is now postponed until next weekend (3pm 09/12/2017).
  2. The Mapleton Community Ride has been cancelled outright.

Looks like a good weekend for bike cleaning and Netflix.

Michael Johns
Club Secretary