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If you enjoy riding and using all the different trails around the Sunshine Coast and beyond then become a member of the club. You’ll be hanging out with a great bunch of people with a common interest and you’ll help us contribute back to the local trail community.


  • Weekly club rides every Sunday at different trails all over the coast
  • Regular ‘away’ rides to trails within surrounding areas such as the Brisbane and Cooloola regions
  • Go-GIRLs ladies only riding group
  • ‘Rookie rides’ to help new riders build up confidence, skills and fitness
  • Monthly night rides
  • Tag-a-long rides with other members
  • Ride notifications via SMS, Email and Shared Calendar (iCal or HTML)
  • Access to club training and coaching sessions
  • Access to the local bike shops through our “Invite a bike shop” rides
  • Club newsletter
  • Access to our other Facebook group page where you can talk to local riders
  • Club social occasions e.g. Xmas party, camping events and BBQs
  • Have your say in local matters that involve mountain biking

Want to try before you buy?

Click here for the 8-week Free Trial

We encourage riders to take advantage of the Mountain Biking Australia (MTBA) free trial program. You receive a 8-week free membership that includes nearly all of the features of a regular membership including the 24/7 personal accident and public liability insurance.

The 8-week trial membership lets you come along on all of our club activities and participate in races. However you won’t receive email/text notifications as a trial member so please check our calendar for events.

After the trial, if you like what we’re about then become a financial member of the club. MTBA should notify you with instructions otherwise select one of the options below.

To sign up for the free trial go to .

Membership Options (Full or Club-only)

A Full membership includes the club membership fee as well as your insurance premium.
You can select 'Race', 'Recreational' or 'Junior' memberships and this is all done through the MTBA website.
Join up through the MTBA here
Already with another club or have your own insurance? Then sign up for a $30 Club-only membership.
This is done through the club directly - please fill out the below form (Payment instructions are included on the form).
Club-only membership form

Club Membership Fees

Race Membership (Adult)One Year$30$120$150
Recreational Membership (Adult)One Year$30$55$85
Race Membership (Junior 13-18yrs)One Year$25$85$120
Recreational Membership (Junior 13-18yrs)One Year$25$35$60
Club Only (No MTBA insurance)One Year$30$30

Just Visiting?

Are you a member of another cycling club either local or interstate? As long as you are insured then you can come along for a ride with us. We’d love to show you around the coast!


James M McKane Lookout

Pt Glorious Lookout