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Clean Up Australia Day 2018 Summary

Clean Up Australia Day 2018 Summary
Clean Up Australia Day 2018

Bloody fatbikers!!

Hey Bushies’

33 awesome volunteers came out to do a bit of trail care and to help with the Clean Up Australia day activity at Parklands today. We filled two large bins with general waste and recycling and also dragged out around 5 ute loads of other rubbish too big for the bins. Tyres, engines, hot water systems, nappies (eiww!), car panels, batteries, TVs. It was both sad and amazing that all this junk just gets dumped in our parks.

As for the trail care there were two jobs to do with one team heading in to fix up the damage done to the new blue trail. The blue flow trail and the top of Road Rage trail hadn’t had time to harden before last weeks torrential rain soaked it through and turned it to slush. The other team grabbed the whipper snippers and did some much needed vegetation management on T-track and Lower NZ.

Great work today everyone, as always your help was most appreciated!  A special thanks to Dave for cooking the BBQ – the sausages where superb! If anyone wants a Clean Up Australia Day certificate to brag how awesome they are, just let me know.

Thanks for the write up by Tessa Patrick in the Nambour Weekly and to Clean Up Australia Day for the bags and gloves and to Sandie Johnston and the Sunshine Coast Council for the big bins, rubbish pick up and mowing the grass along Radar Hill Road for us.

Michael Johns
Club Secretary

PS: Check out the photos below.


2017 MTBA Queensland Club Volunteer of the Year Award Acceptance Speech

2017 MTBA Queensland Club Volunteer of the Year Award Acceptance Speech

Recently I was awarded the 2017 MTBA Queensland QLD Club Volunteer Award. It was a quite the surprise and I am both honoured and humbled to receive this award.

Since I became President our club has become a multifaceted entity delivering on many fronts such as coaching, women’s advocacy, trail development and bringing back racing, all while supporting the wider mountain biking community. During these years I have witnessed many contributions made by our committee and membership and it is a particularly great feeling seeing new riders develop into competent riders who then begin to share their knowledge with others.

If I am a good volunteer, it is because of the a great committee and membership behind me. I would like to call out to the club secretary and my brother, Michael, as without his help the club would not be what it is today. The same can be said of Craig, Susie, Rob, and Greg for their work as treasurer, women’s advocate, trails officer and social coordinator respectively. I also liked to acknowledge the previous committees for contributing to the Bush Rangers rich history.

I’m proud to be apart of this inclusive community of riders who all support each other and I ask that we continue contributing to our mountain biking community and make a lasting positive impact to the Sunshine Coast.


Ben Johns
Club President


Pete’s Jetblack 24hr Results

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Pete’s Jetblack 24hr Results
A rare photo of Pete stationary

Congratulations to our resident 24hr champ Pete Bigailia for his 1st in category and 7th overall result for yesterday’s Jetblack 24hr race in Rydal, NSW!

He covered 226.3km and climbed 2,724m over 27 laps averaging 00:36:53 per lap. You can find the official results posted > here < and keep an eye on Rocky Trail Entertainment’s facebook page for upcoming photos.

Good work Pete!

A couple of laps were made.



The 2018 MTBA QLD Club Volunteer of the Year Award goes to…….. Ben Johns!

The 2018 MTBA QLD Club Volunteer of the Year Award goes to…….. Ben Johns!
Congratulations to our El Presidente

So shiny!

So yeah, our President just won the QLD Club Volunteer Award in the 2018 MTBA Achievement Awards!

No idea why really. Why award someone who took over a club that was on the ropes and then grew it by 300% in 3 years to be the biggest MTB club on the coast. Who then spent all of his free time upgrading and modernising the club’s look and administration systems so he could spend more time on trails, grants, woman’s advocacy, training, rookie rides and trying to kickstart the club’s racing pedigree while also dealing with the conflicts and earning the trust and strengthening the relationships with the local riders, community and landowners. Maybe no one else was nominated?

But seriously Ben – good work mate! You totally deserve this reward and I’m sure lot of others think so too. I remember falling off my chair when you told me you had volunteered for President 3 years ago and I thought you had bitten off way too much. You absolutely proved me wrong!

Michael “You’re still a dork!” Johns
Club Secretary

Here are some photos of Ben in action over the years.


Clean Up Australia Day @ Parklands – March 4th – 7am

Clean Up Australia Day @ Parklands – March 4th – 7am

Clean Up Australia Day 2018

On Sunday March 4th we will be having a big clean up day at Parklands for Clean Up Australia day. Come meet us at the Radar Hill Carpark at 7am, grab a bag and start picking up all the rubbish.

Once we are done we’ll setup the BBQ and everyone can grab some food and head off for a ride if its not too hot.

Newspaper article in the Nambour Weekly