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Vote for us in the Mountain Bikes Direct “Dollars For Dirt” Funding Program

Vote for us in the Mountain Bikes Direct “Dollars For Dirt” Funding Program
Come help with trailcare!

We’re excited to announce that our club has been selected as a recipient of the Mountain Bikes Direct “Dollars For Dirt” Community Funding program.

We’re guaranteed to receive $150 from the program, but to secure the top grant ($300) we need your help!

Between the 1st and the 25th of this month, if you shop at Mountain Bikes Direct (, you can cast your vote and help decide which of three selected groups should get the $300! You simply shop as normal, and at the order confirmation page (after you checkout) you will have the ability to cast your vote.

We’d love for you to spread the word and encourage people to put their vote towards our Club, so that we can secure as many votes as possible and hopefully score the top grant!

Thanks for your support,

Bushrangers MTB Club Sunshine Coast

Click for more information


Lifecycle bike shop is coming to our Bunyaville ride

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Lifecycle bike shop is coming to our Bunyaville ride
Click for the website

Click for the website

Hey there everyone,

Bushranger member Corinne is bringing the guys from Brisbane-based Lifecycle bike shop to next week’s away ride in Bunyaville (27/12/16).

The ride starts at the carpark on Linedrive terrace in Bunya at 7.15am with ride-off at 7.30am. Depending on numbers we’ll have two groups.



Wooroi Ride Summary – 18/12/2016

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Wooroi Ride Summary – 18/12/2016

Unlike previous summary write-ups that can be quite crass and rather uncivilised I thought I’d start off with a lovely poem I’ve called… A Crap Poem for Wooroi!

Rocks roll and move, the fallen sticks snap
Float and lean on the fast flowy track
Nobby tyres grip, high berms guide
Singletrack narrow, fire road wide
Look at where to go, not what to hit
Stop my Strava if it all turns to shit

Not bad eh? That’s freakin’ classy as!! But enough of this high-brow nonsense.


Welcome to Cognition Bikes

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Welcome to Cognition Bikes
Standard overtaking maneuver in Wooroi
Click for their website

Click for their website

Hey there everyone,

This week’s Wooroi ride (18/12/16) will be the next “Support your local bike shop” ride and the local lads from Cognition Bikes are coming to ride with us.

The ride starts at the Wooroi Day Use Area at 6.45am with ride-off at 7am. Depending on numbers we’ll have two groups andafter the ride we can meet up for coffee nearby.




Parklands Ride Summary – 13/11/2016

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Parklands Ride Summary – 13/11/2016

Imagine this if you will…

An ugly, hot, humid environment – like sitting in a bathtub of warm coca-cola… in the desert… with flies.

A day so hot that you had to keep blinking because your eye-juices evaporated as quickly as it was replaced. The sealant in your tyres had turned to a powder that farted out your spoke holes as the wheels spun. Riders tip-toeing on their cleats like elderly ballerinas because the plastic soles where melting. A lonely crow in the shimmering distance sounded like it was saying a long, mournful “F@#$KKKKKKKKKKKK OFFFFFFFF”.

This is what it might of been like if we had ridden at 2pm when it was 38ºC but we rode at 7am so it wasn’t that bad really – maybe a little humid.

Susie powering over that last pinch

Susie hammering over that last pinch with her trademark guttural roar of power!

The ride started on Aitkenson Road and 20 riders showed up to once again conquer the rocky, rooty, sweaty, gnarly challenge that is the infamous Parklands.

The funky blue van from Giant Sunshine Coast was there with Justin and Kent in their beautifully co-ordinated uniforms (for the record they said it was an accident). They were rocking some nice looking bikes and our own Kerrie got to demo one of the new ladies bikes and it looked pretty swish! I would go so far as to say that if I were a lady I would A) get this bike in a heartbeat and B) Win the Miss Universe crown because I’d be so beautiful – just saying!

A big welcome to our new riders and some previous members who rocked up for this ride too, I hope you had fun!

So we all took off and made our way to the clearing on top of Phoenix. There we divided into groups – a “less intense” group (like a 40% cocoa dark chocolate – kind of good for you but still tasty) and the “intense” group (90% cocoa dark chocolate – apparently full of healthy stuff but tastes like crap).

Notable events were:

  • A heap of PRs and top tens in Strava – nice work ladies and gentlemen!
  • I got a sidewall tear on Lower NZ AGAIN! and had to cut my ride short
  • Ben and I got to test the club’s new walkie talkies but he refused to use my radio callsign “Sassy cat”
  • Rumour has it that someone had a small stack so as I wasn’t there I’m going to assume they were trying to do a sick double back-flip stunt off Road Rage onto the back of the truck cruising along the highway.

But all-in-all it ended up being a good (albeit sweaty) ride and afterwards we had coffee at Bli Bli bakery and reminisced about the awesomeness that is Parklands, the Sunshine Coast, Mountain biking and of course, us.


Don't try to fight that warm feeling you are having! Go with it!

Don’t try to fight that warm, fuzzy feeling you are having! Go with it!

“But wait!! How could Michael have been having coffee when his ride was cut short and he had to go home early!” I hear you ask. Well that is because I went home, ghostied my broken bike into the garage, jumped onto my other bike and raced from Nambour to Bli Bli in time for coffee. It was actually pretty easy because my other bike is now an E-BIKE!

Yeah! You heard me! – an electric bike! an evil bike! the dark side! A two-wheeled shun-absorber! A judging-magnet! A lithium pre-explosion! An attic child of closely-related mobility scooter parents. But it is awesome!!!

OK, now it’s the end.


Forever yours,

Michael (Sassy Cat) Johns
Club Secretary