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Bush Ranger Jerseys

Bush Ranger Jerseys
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Chicks in the Sticks 2018

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Chicks in the Sticks 2018
Go-Girls at the Chicks in the Sticks 2018

Fiona with the latest in hardcore MTB kit – a ribbon!

Our pink ladies did brighten up the forest with huge smiles and plenty of words of encouragement as record numbers of GoGIRLs participated in Chicks In The Sticks this year. And don’t our new jerseys look terrific. Thanks Michael. We love the design.

There were near perfect conditions on the day at Scribble Gums Conservation Park in Redlands. After the initial race was cancelled due to bad weather and subsequent rain being on the radar for what seemed like forever, the ladies knew despite their fitness taking a bit of a dive, that they were more than ready to hit the trails as you could feel the excitement in the air.

Sonja came 3rd in the Queen of the coop section!

Everyone is to be congratulated because you rode so well and looked so good out there on the trails. There were more than a few GoGIRL podium finishers too. We cheered Anka in first place, up there with Sonja in third for the Queens of the Coup section, what a machine is that girl. We had another first with Debbie winning the Have a Crack category. She was so excited when she yelled track right as she passed me.

We giggled and yelled loudly when Fiona and Louise won the best dressed with their inventive Crazy Chicken ladies costumes. They came an impressive second in the Soft Boiled Double Yokers. Everyone was really proud of our first timers too, Jenny T, Kara, Fi, Kerry and Jenny TB just to name a few.

Well done Nicci who came 4th in the huge Free Range category as well as everyone who rode just a bit better than last year and reached their own personal goal which for many was just to have a crack at their first race.

Susie Hume
Women’s Advocacy Officer


Great Year for the Go-GIRLs!

Great Year for the Go-GIRLs!

We are a supportive group of ladies that like to ride and socialise together. We usually ride on the 3rd Saturday of the month. Some rides are specifically targeted for women to improve their skills and most are for the pure enjoyment of this awesome sport. All rides have clearly stated levels and you can check our calendar for more details. Every rider requires MTBA insurance to ride with us (MTBA has a free 8 week insurance offer for new members – we can help you with this).

It has been a busy year to date with over 30 ladies taking advantage of coaching funded by grants obtained by the Bushrangers. The ladies were very happy with the personalised coaching from Geoff Foxx from HitBikes. We are looking forward to rolling out stage 2 beginning soon.

Bushrangers also funded some members to complete their level one MTBA coaching certificates as well as a first aid and resuscitation course. I was able to put these new skills to use in the recent G.O.G.A. (Get Out Get Active) beginners mountain biking skills course, which was at Caloundra council initiative and ran for 6 weeks.

Obligatory photo in front of the old Dularcha railway tunnel

To support the new GOGA graduates we began a #adoptanewbie program that was very successful. Experienced mentors organised regular get together rides to reinforce essential skills and build fitness. These ladies are now ready to join us on our longer rides.

At the moment many of us are training together to ride in Chicks in the Sticks, a fun race suited to all levels that is held annually in August and run by the RATS MTB Club.

Our Facebook page is where we keep connected so join us today. You’ll be able to find other like minded ladies to ride with and sometimes we get together socially too. You may like to join us on September 4 when we are heading to Nambour for the Wild Women’s Film Festival.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Hope to see you on the trails!

Susie Hume
Women’s Advocate
Bushrangers MTB Club Sunshine Coast
Queensland, Australia
E: [email protected]
M: 0421847305


GoG.I.R.L. Tunnel Ride Summary-23/06/18

GoG.I.R.L. Tunnel Ride Summary-23/06/18
Obligatory photo in front of the old railway tunnel

It was a great day!

Nineteen ladies and 4 boys on the side, including Michael our secretary turned up to ride on this perfect winter’s day. Who could blame them? The scenery around Ewan Maddock Dam is just magic at this time of year. After acting like children at Maddock Park, a head count, or 2… I was astonished at the numbers that were double and marvelled at how we got here.

For some of our GOGA (Get OutGet Active) graduates this was there first big girl ride. Many of the ladies had been adopted by our experienced ladies in our #adoptanewbie program so had been practising their skills and building their fitness. I could see some friendships had developed too.

Heading over the first causeway

Soon we set off happily chatting and any pre ride nerves were quickly dissipated as it became apparent that all the ladies were keeping up with the steady pace. Some of them even volunteered to challenge themselves by going up Ewan Maddock Climb. It didn’t surprise me that Toni was up for the challenge. I could hear wheeeeeeeeeeee on the downhill but that might have been her inner child squealing with delight.

From Horse Shoe Bend we continued through Dularcha NP to Landsborough where we refueled at Buck’s bakery. Then we headed back into the NP along the old railway line.

After taking in the sights at the Tunnel we continued to Mooloolah where we finished our adventure opting for the fast route back to the car park. All the ladies successfully completed the ride with smiles in their dials and no one vomited!

Having a PAL (Peer Assisted Learning) has progressed our newest GoGIRLs so they can officially come on any our grade 2 rides now. Congratulations ladies!

Keep Saturday 21 July free. An awesome ride is being planned, one to please all levels. For those who like fast and flowy and some air time there will be an advanced option. For the rest of us it’s fun fun fun!

Susie Hume
Bushrangers Women’s Advocate

More photos below.


GoG.I.R.L. Mystery Ride summary- 16/06/18

GoG.I.R.L. Mystery Ride summary- 16/06/18

A big thank you to our local ladies Debbie, Louise and Fiona for taking us on a fun Mystery tour showcasing our beautiful Glasshouse Mountains. Seven started at Matthew Flinders Park, Beerburrum along with 3 boys on the side for the longer loop of 50km.

First we warmed up riding south past Tibro, through the forestry before climbing up to the Glasshouse Mountains lookout where we picked up some more goGIRLs who were keen for a shorter loop (or maybe were not keen on a big hill climb first up, or enjoyed an hour more in bed, I’m not sure which). Sonja had to get home early to make pizza bases from scratch, for what ever reason. After introductions, we headed north on Range Rd, up Snake Hill and rode a combination of trails on what was a perfect winters day.

Highlights were Tania and Amanda playing stuck in the mud and the gorgeous mountain views that kept us company the whole ride. We finished up with a great feed at the look-out cafe. We were reluctant to leave because the view was mesmerizing but after saying our goodbyes, we continued on our tour picking up some speed and having some more fun on the downhill Kokoda and the Luge, both aptly named.

Tania as usual picked up some gold and finally we were happy to be heading back, stopping a few times to marvel at the magnificence of the mountains. Debbie knew all the mountain’s names and their faces. She and her friends had taken their time to plan an awesome ride to best showcase them.

We really appreciated your leadership and company. It was great to ride locally on this Mystery tour with some awesome chickies. Thanks Erica, C.J. & Rene for joining us today. Hope you enjoyed your ride and we see you all again on the trails soon.

Don’t forget next weekend is Ewan Maddock Tunnel ride, this is suitable for GOGA graduates and #adoptanewbie participants. Keep Saturday 21 July free if you like fast and flowy or slow and cruisy, choose your level. This is a ride not to miss.


Susie Hume
Bushrangers Women’s advocate