Coolum to Tewantin Ride Summary 25/06/2017

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Coolum to Tewantin Ride Summary 25/06/2017

Sandy trails made things interesting

It was a mild foggy morning on Sunday but it cleared into a beautiful day. 21 of us, including guests from CORCA, gathered at the car park anticipating a good long ride. We set off at 7:30am and headed towards Peregrine Beach along the pavement before crossing David Low Way and heading into Noosa National Park south east of Lake Weyba. This area consists of open eucalyptus forest with sandy soils which can be a little bit challenging at first but makes for good riding once you’re used to it. From here we sneaked across Eumerella Road and skirted the Weyba Nature Reserve – there’s an access track that runs through here but it’s rarely used and it’s pretty overgrown.

We rode under Walter Hay Drive through a single lane underpass that is used by the occasional cyclist and looks popular with the graffiti artist. We continued straight through until meeting Noosa Eumundi Road where the RSPCA animal refuge is. This is the only ‘hairy’ section of the route where we have to ride along this busy road for 200m before turning into the southern access track into the Wooroi trail network for a loop or two.

The group got mixed up a bit in Wooroi but in the end we all met back up at the bottom of Milkmaid and set off back home. Some of the group deviated onto Old Emu Road past the Peregrine Springs Community College before popping over Emu Mountain Rd and back to the cars.

Once back we headed over to the soccer match that was taking place and exploited the coffee and donut vans.

Thanks for the ride everyone!

Ben Johns
Club President

Ride map and elevation


Mt Cotton – MTB Trails Draft Concept

Mt Cotton – MTB Trails Draft Concept

Hi Folks,

Another draft plan to comment on. The Redland Bay City Council are have concept for trail development within the Mt Cotton Eastern Escarpment Reserve. This is the area surrounding the Karingal Scout Camp which has it’s own set of trails that have been used for races and other MTB events in the past.

This is part of a larger vision to develop the trail networks surrounding Mount Cotton which also include Daisy Hill, Cornubia, and Bayview.

The proposed trails are designated ‘downhill’ which will add to the mix of trails in the area.

More information and a link to the survey can be found here:

Note that you need to register an account to complete the survey.



Parklands Night Ride Summary – 21/06/2017

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Parklands Night Ride Summary – 21/06/2017
Min Min lights!

Amazing how bright a little light can be

It was the nightiest of nights as it was the winter solstice and because we don’t do things by halves we chose to ride in this  cold inky blackness.

The soon-to-be haunters of the Parklands trails materialised out from the shadows, hungry for dark gnar! They rode their mechanical steeds of metal, carbon and rubber, with their lights fighting to burn away the dark and expose the single track ahead.

It was particularly quiet on this mysterious night, as if the creatures knew something we did not. This stillness was soon shattered by the sound of our tyres on rock and jovial banter as we rode the tight and twisty trails into the unseen. But alas it was an uneventful ride with nay a scary beast or ghost to be found.

Ride ended up being 10km and everyone was back home in time to don their slippers and watch the State of Origin.

Thanks for the ride everyone!

Ben Johns
Club President


RACE TIME! 3hr Endurance Race at Paul’s Place – 29th July

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RACE TIME! 3hr Endurance Race at Paul’s Place – 29th July
"If I wasn't dead I'd probably check this out!" - Albert Einstein

Download the poster here

We’re heading back to the Paul’s private push-bike playground and he has been busy these last few months so expect new features to explore as you smash out the laps.

This time we’re running with a 3hr endurance format (otherwise known as cross-country endurance or XCEN). You try and do as many 4km laps as possible in the timeframe and where equal number of laps have been completed the one with the fastest time overall wins.

After the race stay around for a BBQ lunch and drinks.

When: Saturday 29/07/2017 at 9AM (Registration between 7AM and 8:30AM)
Where: Ruwoldts Road, Dulong – map
Race Format: Cross-country Endurance (XCEN)
Costs: $10 (Bushranger members free – use the discount code)
Who can ride?: Anyone with MTBA race insurance (or a day licence)
Registration Closes: Monday 24/07/2017


  • No ‘On-the-day’ registrations, please use the above registration link.
  • If you are an MTBA Recreational member a race day permit will be an additional $15.
  • Parking on-site is limited, please ensure you don’t block access to neighbouring properties or the road.
  • The Bushrangers membership discount code will be sent out to current members via email.
  • Three categories – A for the serious, B for the sandbaggers, and C for those giving it a go.


Kenilworth Ride Summary – 18/06/2017

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Kenilworth Ride Summary – 18/06/2017
Sunday Creek Road Lookout

That was a big tree

Today I learned that the ‘e’ in e-bike really means ‘elevation’. The four e-bikers along for the ride spent most of their time admiring the views while the rest of us couldn’t see with all the sweat dripping into our eyeballs.

Driving down into the valley from Obi Obi to Kenilworth, through the early morning winter fog, the sun beaming through the trees was inspiring. I would’ve stopped to take a photo but being foggy and the road popular with motorcyclist I didn’t want to risk it.

The sleepy town of Kenilworth is one of my favourite places to go for a drive/motorbike ride out to for a coffee. I highly suggest heading out that way and checking out the local attractions such as Borumba Dam (near Imbil) and Canondale National Park where we rode today.

We gathered at the Charlie Moreland day use area and set off just past 8AM. We went up Sunday Creek road where the majority of the 1300m total climbing was. We stopped at the lookout half way up to give ourselves a bit of a breather and the views amongst the foothills overlooking the plantations was great.

Next stop was at the top of Summer Falls Road where people wanting a shorter ride could head down to the falls to chill out before making their way back. Whereas the others can continue on to come back from a different direction.

We reached the end of the loop (650m above sea level ) and then started heading back via a forestry management track. There is amazing rainforest over this north western side of the park and this was well received by the group. It was along this section that we bumped into Quinton who was in the middle of his ride (all the way from Mooloolah). Afterwards we continued on to Summer Falls were we took our break and appreciated the waterfalls.

Heading back up to Sunday Creek Road we hopped across and headed up to the Mt Allan Fire Tower. A bit of scrambling was required in some places but we all made it and were grateful that the tower was once again open for climbing. There’s awesome views from the tower with almost complete 360 degree views of the surrounding area (as one would expect from a tower meant to observe potential bushfire activity).

View from Mt Allan Tower

By this time I think no one, not even the e-bikers, wanted to see another hill so the ride back down to the campground was a nice change.

We got back to the cars at 12:30PM which was about an hour longer than anticipated but everyone loved the ride. Lunch was at the Kenilworth Bakery.

Ben Johns
Club President