Full moon ride at Paul’s Place

Full moon ride at Paul’s Place
An extra sausage to whoever can reenact this scene the best

Greetings Bushrangers,

This is a heads-up that we are changing the full moon ride on the 19th of June from Ewen Maddock to Trish and Paul Vandeleur’s lovely property on Ruwoltds road, Dulong (that’s behind Woombye/Nambour).

We have all been so privileged to have had access to this beautiful spot in the past and it looks like this will be the last time, so now or never people.

Come and thank Paul and Trisha by bringing your lights and appetites to enjoy a full moon spin and BBQ. We may even rustle up some previous committee members for an informal and overdue thanks for all the good times. Hope to see y’all there on the west side of town.

Check the calendar for more details.


Jens riding on Paul’s trails

Parklands Ride Report 09/06/2019

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Parklands Ride Report 09/06/2019
Fluffy the Emu - pic by Wayne

Hey Bushies.

Today’s ride was at parkies. 14 keen riders turned out with a couple of guest riders. We had Will’s sister (Hannah)and his niece (Luca) who is a very strong up an coming junior. She handled Parkies with ease even after racing in the Bayview Blast yesterday.

After a big v lap we run into Fluffy the resident emu who was just about to start a coaching clinic with Foxy. Up through Cancer Tree. Up the SSS’s over and down Rock-a-dial to 4ways. Through the Meadows up TNT then up Shit hill over NZ to top of Radar hill then down Rocket man and finish on the old fav Ho-chi-ho.

Good loop no major incidents and no lost riders. Some riders went for shit coffee but I went to 711 for great coffee – Yum! Have a great week. Ride hard stay safe. :o)



Congrats to retired secretary Michael

Congrats to retired secretary Michael
Michael "helping" Toby at Mapleton

A big congratulations to Michael Johns for winning a Nicklin community award for service to mountain biking on the Sunshine coast. Michael has (and continues to) contributed greatly to our club development in a variety of fields, though you may know him best for his role as secretary. Thanks for your work MJ! There wouldn’t be a club without your efforts.

Will Newton
Club President


Glasshouse Mountain ride summary – 26/05/2019

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Glasshouse Mountain ride summary – 26/05/2019
Glasshouse mountains - Fathead and Long-nipple?

Hey everyone, Sunday’s ride sounded great. Below is copy of Toby’s report from Facebook.

Ok hello mtbers.

Bushies ride this morning was at Glasshouse mountains and what a glorious morning. We started off with 12 riders and rode down Steve’s way to the famous drop bog and I think Neal got swallowed up as we lost him. Not blaming the tale end Charlie at all.

We then went along Caves Rd and up around tibbro lookout. Mike decided to stick it up all the e-bikers by going in reverse up the stairs. We lost another rider but this time due to mechanical. E-bike. Then headed around over the sandstone stepping Stones up to another lookout.

Mike took lead and found some hills up to the big Glasshouse lookout. That was when Di phoned an Uber e-bike delivery. Oh and Kerry found walk mode on her ebike.

We then went down to wave rock for a play where Chris was like a kid in a candy store. Alex tried to get a lift out but held on just. We then went back down stevo way to the cars and coffee was had.

Thank you to all I had a fun ride and thanks for the help everyone. See u all next weekend for the community ride. Live to ride.



2018 Outdoors Queensland Awards – We Won!

2018 Outdoors Queensland Awards – We Won!
Rob Macdonald (Trails Officer), Ben Johns (President), and Michael Johns (Secretary)

We received the 2018 Queensland Government Award for Outdoor Places and Spaces award for our efforts on the Parklands MTB Trails Project.

We were up against three other extremely good projects so our winning of this award was definitely a surprise. The panel had a difficult time sorting all the nominations down to four finalist and then a painstaking effort to pick a winner.

This award isn’t only for the club committee though. It’s also for:

  • all the volunteers who came along to the trail care days and helped,
  • the Trailworx crew,
  • all the people at QPWS SEQ Region –Β  especially Ranger Eugene Craddock and Pricipal Ranger Stephen Price
  • All the local businesses, clubs and schools who gave us letters of support
  • Sunshine Coast Regional Council for proving a grant and for Trails Activation Officer Kurt Martin’s help
  • Queensland Government Department Housing and Public Works (Sport and Recreation) for providing a grant and for Kathy Rodgers help,
  • and to all our members for which the club exists

QORF, MTBA, QPWS and Rob MacDonald deserve special mention for their work on the 2014 Queensland Mountain Bike Strategy. This helped greatly with the project planning and grant applications.

Where to from here? We have a grant submission in to fund a number of maintenance activities within Parklands. These will bring the trails up to a standard a regionally significant MTB trail network deserves. If the funding is secured then work can begin mid-2019 with a view to have it completed by the end of 2020.

Other mountain bike related awards went to Peter Lister ( Encouraging Participation Award & Outdoor Event Award)Β and the MTBA (Outstanding Achievement Award). See MTBA’s post for more info.

Here’s the video introducing the four nominations forΒ the Queensland Government Award for Outdoor Places and Spaces award: