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GoG.I.R.L. Mystery Ride summary- 16/06/18

GoG.I.R.L. Mystery Ride summary- 16/06/18

A big thank you to our local ladies Debbie, Louise and Fiona for taking us on a fun Mystery tour showcasing our beautiful Glasshouse Mountains. Seven started at Matthew Flinders Park, Beerburrum along with 3 boys on the side for the longer loop of 50km.

First we warmed up riding south past Tibro, through the forestry before climbing up to the Glasshouse Mountains lookout where we picked up some more goGIRLs who were keen for a shorter loop (or maybe were not keen on a big hill climb first up, or enjoyed an hour more in bed, I’m not sure which). Sonja had to get home early to make pizza bases from scratch, for what ever reason. After introductions, we headed north on Range Rd, up Snake Hill and rode a combination of trails on what was a perfect winters day.

Highlights were Tania and Amanda playing stuck in the mud and the gorgeous mountain views that kept us company the whole ride. We finished up with a great feed at the look-out cafe. We were reluctant to leave because the view was mesmerizing but after saying our goodbyes, we continued on our tour picking up some speed and having some more fun on the downhill Kokoda and the Luge, both aptly named.

Tania as usual picked up some gold and finally we were happy to be heading back, stopping a few times to marvel at the magnificence of the mountains. Debbie knew all the mountain’s names and their faces. She and her friends had taken their time to plan an awesome ride to best showcase them.

We really appreciated your leadership and company. It was great to ride locally on this Mystery tour with some awesome chickies. Thanks Erica, C.J. & Rene for joining us today. Hope you enjoyed your ride and we see you all again on the trails soon.

Don’t forget next weekend is Ewan Maddock Tunnel ride, this is suitable for GOGA graduates and #adoptanewbie participants. Keep Saturday 21 July free if you like fast and flowy or slow and cruisy, choose your level. This is a ride not to miss.


Susie Hume
Bushrangers Women’s advocate


Parklands Ride Summary – 10/06/2018

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Parklands Ride Summary – 10/06/2018
Ben and the phallic looking object (Ben is the one at the back).

It was awesome weather for a ride on Sunday and Parklands was drying up nicely although there were some reports of puddles on Cancer Tree and a couple puddles along the bottom of Road Rage.

We had about 20 riders so we broke into 2 groups – Nick took the fast lads off in the first group while Toby and Ben took the rest of us for a lovely jaunt through the dryer tracks – we avoided the new stuff as it’s still struggling to dry out.

We went through Rookie Road and then most of Road Rage. We then did the Gumby Loop and then returned via Old Man’s Curse and did the Cabo Creek Climb. We avoided Cancer Tree and shot down to the skills park. Some brave souls attempted the “Zig Zag of Death” (patent pending) and bravely risked their derailleurs and chain-rings to attempt the zigzagged log ride.

We went back to the carpark and a few of the group continued up HoChiHo and then returned and did Jumping Ant. Apparently it was here some extra “fun” was had with Susie toppling down the hill and trying to move a tree with her ribs and Neil going over the handlebars to use his chin to clear sticks from the trail. The good news is they are both OK – Bad news is, there is no video footage of either incident.

Hope you all had fun everyone.

Michael “Climbing sucks” Johns
Club Secretary


Winter times have commenced – rides now start at 7.30am

Winter times have commenced – rides now start at 7.30am
Winter Hours has started!

That’s right folks – winter is here! So go buy a fat bike with the studded tyres, shove an emergency husky in your camelbak and then practice urinating while wearing 4 layers of clothes OR …you can just not be a big sooky-la-la and harden up because this isn’t Siberia!

However we do delay the ride starts by 30min due to the lack of light and the scientifically proven increase in difficulty of crawling out of bed during winter.

So this weekend’s ride at Ewan Maddock Dam is a 7.30am start but get there 15 minutes early to prepare (and pick on the e-bikes etc).

Michael “I can stud your tyres” Johns
Club Secretary

PS: Please note the self-control I showed by not using a “Winter is coming” Game of Thrones reference!


Busted Knees, Busted Bikes and Busted Exhibitionists – Glasshouse Mountain Ride Summary 27/05/2018

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Busted Knees, Busted Bikes and Busted Exhibitionists – Glasshouse Mountain Ride Summary 27/05/2018
Glasshouse mountains - Fathead and Long-nipple?

So Sunday’s ride was a particularly eventful one with some rather unique events alongside the regular run-of-the-mill ones like flat tyres and e-bike jokes.

As I headed down Roys Road a long cloud was perfectly placed so it looked like Mt Beerwah was an erupting volcano. Maybe this was an omen to turn around and go back home to bed.

We all gathered at the carpark where Brad opened his car boot offering us free medical paraphernalia like bandages and plasters. But I’m sure if you are in need of a kidney or something then maybe have a quiet word and see what he can do.

We hadn’t even been riding a minute when Wayne’s bike just fell sideways and in a blink of an eye he was skidding along the pavement on his knee. So despite a fat-bike’s massive amounts of traction it was still no match for wet mossy concrete unfortunately. A quick patch-up with our newly sourced medical supplies and we were off again.

We rode alongside Steve Irwin Way towards the Mathew Flinders Rest Area. However just before we got there, someone had mistakenly thought it was a deliciously private area for a romantic night of McDonalds and car bonnet sex. We got a glimpse of the strewn underwear and the early morning backseat erotic contortions as we rode pass. I’m pretty sure I heard a hip joint blow out.

The rest of the 20km ride was filled with smaller less-erotic (i guess?) incidents such as a watch falling off, missing water bottles, busted chain guides, leaking and flat tyres and wonky handlebars. However we did check out some amazing views and try a new cafe so it wasn’t all that bad.

See you next week.

Michael “So that’s why mountain bikers own vans!?” Johns
Club Secretary


When Sticks Attack! – a Mapleton Ride Summary – 06/05/2018

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When Sticks Attack! – a Mapleton Ride Summary – 06/05/2018
Mapleton Forest - Beautiful and Deadly

So today’s ride at Mapleton had a bit of extra treacherousness due to the massive amounts of sticks lying around. The bikes copped scratches, punctures and snapped spokes and our bodies pretty much copped the same as well. My theory is that the sticks were unfairly punishing us for their obviously inadequate skills at being a proper tree branch.

The first group left from the township at 7am and made their way through the forest to meet the 2nd group at the Day Use Area at 7.30am. We had some new riders with Blair, Kate and Dennis coming along to have some fun riding through sharp pieces of wood. I hope you guys had a good time.

For the record Blair’s new Scott bike is the brightest bike I’ve ever seen, it’s like the love child of the Sun and a traffic controller’s raincoat.  I tried to take a photo for you but my phone would scream in agony before abruptly crashing itself. I know I’m going on about this but that’s probably because it’s still burnt into my retina’s and it’s all I can see at the moment.

Toby won the “Most damage to bike” award when he lost 6 spokes to a stick that I flicked up… whoops! Will won the “Most damage to person” award when a stick tried to remove his bicep. Terry won the “Most damage to fashion” award with his outfit that he obviously assembled in the dark – bahahaha!! Just kidding Terry. Speaking of fashion, Shelly tried to bring her “bright” game to the ride with her funky new pink helmet and socks but I reckon they just sulked the whole ride once they saw Blair’s bike.

But despite the carnage and all the gravity-challenged pieces of tree everywhere, riding through Mapleton forest was as lovely as ever. The temperature was great, the sky and views were amazing and the foliage was lush and beautiful. The trails were pretty good but there was a bit of mud about which was surprising but mostly avoidable.

Thanks for the ride everyone and check out the photos below.

Michael “Protect your wrists and just land on your face” Johns
Club Secretary

Ride map and elevation