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Super Blue Blood Moon Night Ride Summary – 31/01/2018

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Super Blue Blood Moon Night Ride Summary – 31/01/2018
Here is a graphic representation of the view we could've had minus the clouds.

13 riders rocked up to Landsborough to have a night ride and hopefully catch the super moon in all it’s glory. Unfortunately the clouds had other ideas and blocked the view the whole time.

But it wasn’t all bad though – we discovered a new trail, found a dead e-bike and had beer and steak at the Landsborough pub (that’s actually a really nice place in there – super friendly staff).

The following pictures tell the story.

Night ride map and elevation


The Inaugural Blue, Super Blood Moon Ride!

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The Inaugural Blue, Super Blood Moon Ride!
A free Clifbar to whoever can reenact this scene the best

Put down your salt lamps and lock up your goats because it’s time to get our pagan on folks! I just can’t believe the Blue, Super, Blood Moon has come around again, that 150 years just flew by.

A Blood Moon caused by the earth being between the sun and the moon.

I’ll explain this upcoming cosmic event quickly. Wednesday’s moon is blue (meaning the full moon has happen twice in one month – not actually blue), it’s a blood moon (that means it’s red) and it’s big (that means it’s close). Now all these things happening at once is pretty rare and according to my 30 seconds of dodgy googling the last time was in the USA back in 1866. So pencil the next one on your calendars now folks – sometime around 2168 – I’ll ask Toby to lead it.

We will be parking at Landsborough near the pub (the railway carpark should be empty). We will ride into Dularcha National Park and go through the old railway tunnel and hopefully see all the little bats doing their thing. We then climb up Rose Road and then down Ford Road into the Ewan Maddock Dam trails. We follow these trails and hopefully get to the causeways to get a uninterrupted view of the moon over the water. Then back to Landsborough pub for a beer/shandy/fluffy duck.

Ride Details:

  • Day: Wednesday 31/01/2018
  • Start time: Ride off is a 6pm
  • Start Location: Landsborough Train Station
  • Ride Grade: Grade 3 – Nothing too technical but there is a good climb and lots of loose surfaces and it’ll be dark… with bats, spiders and gnar rabbits. 
  • Distance: 14km
  • Requirements: Bike and helmet lights, bug repellant, water, helmet, bike, legs etc



Bayview Ride Summary 21/01/2018

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Bayview Ride Summary 21/01/2018
Obligatory trail sign pic

Hi Folks,

This ride was a little different as it was an away ride on what has been traditionally a ‘local’ ride day – normally we do the away rides on Saturdays. Michael organised a rookie ride in Parklands for those not up for a drive south.

With the ride start at 8:15AM everyone could basically leave home at the same time but drive an extra hour or so – this seemed to work out okay so we might continue with it, although it does make the ride a bit warmer but plenty of water fixes that.

Arriving at the German Church Road entrance we instantly impressed with the trail head facilities – bitumen access road, huge sealed car park, large picnic shelters, street lighting, fancy drainage – the Redland Bay council has definitely given this place some loving.

Local rider, James, lead the 16 of us through most of the loop which was great because he showed us a few extra trails that I hadn’t planned to ride and he also took us anti-clockwise around the park which made things quite a bit different to the usual Bayview Blast circuit. In the end I think we rode a good number of the available single track which ended up being 30km and 450m of climbing, a little more than originally planned.

Highlights were:

  • Going down Sock Puppet and You’re Kidding
  • Shooting through Bird Cage and The Maze with their increasingly claustrophobic trees
  • Sneaking a peak at the new Oi trail, it’ll be great once it’s hooked up
  • Finishing up on Sorceress

Afterwards we drove over to the Pelican’s View cafe for lunch and then made our way back north.

All in all a good blat around Bayview. Thanks for the great trails RATS Cycling Club and Redland Bay Council.


Rookie Ride – Parklands – 21/01/2018

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While the rest of the club had an away ride down at Bayview. 17 riders came along on a Rookie ride through Parklands. We rode around the green loop, then the gumby loop and with a bonus Ho-chi-ho loop as for the keen ones.

Thanks for the ride everyone and thanks to the advanced riders who came along to help us out – I really appreciated it!

Michael Johns
Club Secretary 


Parklands Club and Rookie Ride Summary – 14/01/2018

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Parklands Club and Rookie Ride Summary – 14/01/2018
36ºC and I had them climbing over rocks and uphills but these rookies were still happy!

So how hot was Sunday at your place? It was bloody hot at Parklands! 36°C to be exact. Now most normal people would stay at home in the air conditioning, go to the beach or get some of those handy suppositories you can keep in the freezer. But not us, no way! We went for a bike ride – heat stroke be damned!!

Now it wasn’t just the two groups of Bushrangers keen for a ride this day, the Radar Hill road carpark was overflowing with all the riders hitting the black track early while it was still cooler. The regular club ride started off from the Aitkenson Road side with Alf “Putting the A in ABBA” Cerwen and the rookie ride group started from the Radar Hill Road side led by me.

The Club Ride

Club Ride – Ride map and elevation

Alf lead his 20+ riders on a challenging 20km route up Double Dab then through Cancer Tree and Road Rage. They then rode the new green and black trails and then back across the park to the cars. The heat and humidity definitely made things tougher (“especially for the Europeans” Alf said). But everyone had enough water and kept in the shade. Lou had a tumble off the Hobbit bridge in Cancer Tree but came out fine. Word is some crazy bugger on this ride is training for a 6000km self-supported endurance ride – I’ll find out more and let everyone know the details – sounds pretty interesting.

Thanks for leading the ride Alf and I’m sorry to hear that no-one wanted to listen to your excellent jokes. I’m sure they were comedy gold and politically correct as always.

The Rookie Ride

Rookie Ride – Ride map and elevation

The Rookie ride started with 13 riders (which then grew to 17 as we discovered more riders on our journey). Before we started I gave everyone a brief pep talk with 3 rules – check your bikes, drink water and don’t die. Everyone excelled in these tasks beautifully – nice work Team Rookie!

We rode from the carpark to the beginning of the green loop and everyone road the loop at their own pace for a bit until we regrouped back at the container. We then went down Road Rage and up and around the Gumby Loop. Ended up being a perfect 10km and 2 hrs by the time we got back to the car and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Thanks to John, Dave and Nick for being tail-end charlie for me. I hope everyone had fun and I’ll see you again next weekend for another rookie ride.

Yours truly,

Michael “It’s OK, we have a 10% loss policy on group rides” Johns
Club Secretary