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Two Tonnes of Bushrangers – Parklands Club Ride Summary

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Two Tonnes of Bushrangers – Parklands Club Ride Summary
Paul showing off his inadequate width tyres

Radar Hill Road was full as Bro!

Now I don’t know what the collective noun is for a group of mountain bikers (maybe a cog or spoke?), nor do I know the official unit of measurement of a group of mountain bikers but last Sunday we had so many riders and bikes that I estimated that there was literally 2 metric tonnes of Bushrangers (that’s about 12 medieval sacks for our older readers). It took two of us to count everyone and we had to remove our shoes to do it.

Big hello to our new riders and to our guests from other clubs and another big hello to all the riders who have been away for awhile, it was good to see you again.

With that many people things were a bit hectic at the start but we broke the ride up into 3 groups with the fast guys riding off with Alf, the intermediate group riding off with Toby and the rookies riding off with Ben and myself. From all reports the rides were great albeit a bit dusty so a bit of rain would be appreciated (you’d think any decent club president would have organised that for us – tsk tsk Ben!). After the ride we had coffee and treats at the Bli Bli Bakery.

Some notable points:

  • Nick and Carol were out and about in Parklands. Nice work Carol! Glad to see you back on the bike!
  • Rod was getting some easy kilometres in before he and Graeme Hall go to compete in the Red Back race in Alice Springs – Good luck guys!
  • Only incidents I heard about was Tania had a small fall and young River had a couple of spills but everyone was OK. The thick dust building up on the corners do make things interesting!
  • Chad’s new Commodore ute (made from used Stormtrooper armor) was pretty sweet. You’ll have to get another bike to match it now mate.

Photos and maps below and thanks to Lumir for the some of the pics and the cool video on Facebook and thanks to Alf and Toby for helping lead the rides.

Yours Truly,

Michael “3 cups of dust caught in my beard” Johns
Club Secretary


Sugarbag Community Ride Summary 06/08/2017

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Sugarbag Community Ride Summary 06/08/2017
Community ride at Sugarbag trails

Hi Folks,

This was our first experiment at hosting our monthly community ride at the Sugarbag trails and due to a few reasons I don’t think we’ll be doing it again and we will instead keep it at Ewan Maddock Dam, Mapleton and also start to utilise the new beginner trails at Parklands. We have some ideas to give more options to the rookies and the veterans so keep an eye on the calendar.

Lumir with his ‘tree-catcher’ bar-ends

We all met up at the Caloundra aquatic centre car park, Michael gave the pre-ride briefing and we set off on time. Big hello to our guests from the Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club, Steve from Bendigo MTB Club and Ben, Danen and Jet (I know, cool name eh!)

We tried to do the trails consecutively but due to a few minor crashes and confusing link tracks etc we spent a lot of time waiting around to regroup so we didn’t get a good long ride in. But we had fun trying the new timber features and doing repeats of Syrup while we waited isn’t all that bad.

Paul recommended we try a new coffee shop around the corner and it was good! Malarkey Artisan Coffee on Oval avenue – go check it out!

Points of Interest:

  • Neil finally ditched his battered 26er clunker and got a sexy new black/green Giant.
  • Craig didn’t bring his cool new fatbike :o(
  • The repeats of Syrup gave everyone an awesome show of some high-flying jumps!
  • Lumir did some cool video work (and got snagged on a tree with his bar-ends).
  • We saw the lovely WOW (Women on Wheels) ladies doing their thing!
  • Poor Rob was bruised and battered within the first 20min but soldiered on. I hope you are feeling OK today mate!

Thanks for the ride everyone!

Ben Johns
Club President

Ride map and Elevation


Go G.I.R.L. Parklands Ride Summary

Go G.I.R.L. Parklands Ride Summary
GoGIRLS in Parklands

Times are a- changing…, whilst Ben aka Bushrangers President, took a few Rookies for a ride from the Radar Hill side, we were full house at the Atkinson Rd side entrance of Parklands. This demonstrates women are stepping up and choosing to go to the next level in their riding and what better place to start than our treasured Parklands. Nicci Orr and her girls from Brisbane joined us along with some new and old faces. So after the traditional before the ride photo, 14 of us rode single file to the trailhead.

“Were you sitting down?” “Did you faint?”


Pomona to Lake Macdonald Ride Summary – 16/07/2017

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Pomona to Lake Macdonald Ride Summary – 16/07/2017
We had a nasty crash on this ride but the Ambo was there in 15min

Waiting to start the ride

I had to really drag myself to Sunday’s ride because when I woke up it was raining and the idea of a wet, cold, muddy ride just didn’t take my fancy that morning. But by the time I got to Pomona the clouds had cleared, the cold had gone and it was actually going to be a beautiful day for a ride… for some of us anyway.

We had 13 people show up for the ride which was a good turnout considering the rain and that a lot of the club was camping at Toogoom. Most of us drove straight to Pomona but Andrew, Chad and Greg were extra keen and rode in from Cooroy to get some extra km in – apparently that was a bit of an adventure involving scaling fences and surprise railway bridges.

At 7:30am we set off behind ride leader Terry who was on his new sexy black Levo e-bike. Later in the ride I had to tell him to lower the settings to “Mortal” so we could keep up and there was also a fear that his bike could electrocute everyone in a creek crossing.

Unfortunately early in the ride one of us had a big crash and did some serious damage to himself. While travelling at speed he didn’t quite clear a fallen log and was thrown over the bars. Rumor has it that he actually overtook an e-bike while sliding along the dirt on his face/shoulder… pretty impressive. It was obvious that his collarbone was doing something it shouldn’t so the ambulance was called. He managed to limp to the nearby road where the ambo arrived in 15 min and whisked him off to hospital. I’ve spoken to him and he has a displaced collarbone and cracked ribs but he is at home now recuperating and we hope he heals up ASAP! Also a big thanks to the Queensland Ambulance Service for their wonderful service!

We finished the 2.5hr ride without any more events and had coffee and food at the Trail 518 cafe in Pomona – good coffee there!


Michael Johns
Club Secretary

Ride map and elevation