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Bushrangers 3HR Endurance Race Summary 2017

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Bushrangers 3HR Endurance Race Summary 2017
Thanks to all the riders who came to the inaugural 3hr Endurance Race

So after a couple of months of stressing and guessing, planning and cramming we successfully held an XC-style race event with our new race equipment and from all reports everyone was happy!

Excuse the lengthy write-up but a lot happened on the day.

Day before Race Day

‘Bumping in’ began the day before the race with the cleaning and creation of trails, setting up the timing marquee and track bunting. By around 4:30pm everything was ready to go with only a few things left to do on the day.


World Ranger Day 31st July 2017

World Ranger Day 31st July 2017
QPWS Trail Care Briefing

It’s World Ranger Day!

On World Ranger Day we join together to acknowledge our passionate and devoted rangers present and honour the past rangers killed or injured in the line of duty— by celebrating the work they do to protect our natural and cultural treasures around the world.
We would like to give a big thank you to all the rangers who continue to maintain our wonderful parks throughout the country, many with MTB trails, and to our fantastic local QPWS rangers who have helped make the Parklands MTB Trails project a reality and for building great relationships with park user groups such as ourselves.
Also a huge thank you to the South East Queensland Water rangers who look after our catchment areas and dams, including recreational areas.

Further information:


Bushrangers 3HR Endurance Race RESULTS

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Bushrangers 3HR Endurance Race RESULTS
Race results to you pronto!

Race setup – the calm before the storm

Hi Folks,

As we like to get the results out as soon as possible, here they are:

Congratulations to the podium finishers and well done for a race well ridden everyone. Official race write-up and photos coming soon!

Huge thank you to Paul for letting us use his great property and trails, our awesome volunteers, David Harbutt Photography and to the fantastic prize providers – EnplusOne, Hit Bikes, Venture Cycles and Clifbar, Nuun and Amazing Oils. Also not forgetting the awesome portaloo provided at a great price by Hire-a-loo.

Also thank you to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund for funding the purchase of all our race equipment.



Flight Centre CycleEpic 2017 – Six Weeks To Go

Flight Centre CycleEpic 2017 – Six Weeks To Go
Flight Centre CycleEpic 2017


The 2017 CycleEpic & Trailrun has something for the whole family to enjoy and participate in. The ‘epic has always been a popular event for mountain bikers from around the country and is apart of the national Cross-country Marathon (XCM) series.

The Hiddenvale Adventure Park has many new trails that are apart of the 3rd Stage Park expansion that is scheduled to be completed in 2018. A number of these trails will be incorporated making up the 50km and *87km Epic courses and are part of our 104+km World Class Masterplan, designed and built by Glen Jacobs and the crew from World Trail. *distance subject to change.

22km Spicers Half Marathon+ Trail Run Epic (Trail Run)
11.5km Spicers Trail Run Epic (Run: all ages)
4.2km Spicers Trail Run Epic (Run: all ages)
4.2km City of Ipswich FREE Family Fun Ride (Ride: all ages)22km Allclear Chaser (Ride: all ages)
11.5km Lapierre Minor Epic (Ride: <16years)
4.2km Norco Mini Epic (Ride: <12years)

SUNDAY 10TH SEPTEMBER, 2017 *distance subject to change
*87km Flight Centre Active Travel Cycle Epic (Ride: >18years)
50km Merida Pursuit (Ride: >16years)

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Tick Tock! 2 days Until Race Time!

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Tick Tock! 2 days Until Race Time!
Who will win the coveted Certificate of WIN?

Click to download race map

Race day is in TWO days folks so I hope everyone is tapering off and carb loading – even the racers!

I’ve picked up the prize loot from Hit Bikes, Venture Cycles and EnPlusOne so I can start assembling the juicy prize buckets tonight. Ben is working on the music so expect an exciting, blood pumping mix of Slim Dusty classics and whale sounds.

Bushranger member and professional photographer David Harbutt has offered to bring out his camera kit and take some cool shots on the day. So you can all have some cool race photos to upload and tag with #eliteracer #yolo or whatever the kids say these days.

Remember that all the money we raise through these races will be used to create the new hand-cut XC marathon trail at Parklands. So even if you aren’t racing come along to watch, have a snag and throw some coins in the donation bucket.