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Queensland Mountain Bike Strategy Survey

Queensland Mountain Bike Strategy Survey
MTBA and Common Ground Queensland MTB Strategy

You may have heard that there is a new Queensland Mountain Bike Trails Strategy being developed. The strategy is being coordinated by Mountain Biking Australia (MTBA) who have appointed Common Ground Trails to undertake the development of the strategy. The strategy is partly funded by the Queensland Government Sport and Recreation Planning Program. You can read up on it on the MTBA’s Trails page.

Recently a survey and interactive mapping facility was released to gain input from the Queensland MTB community. We encourage everyone to complete the survey.

The Bushrangers, Sunshine Coast Trails Alliance (SCTA), and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) have been planning and delivering local trail development using the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation (QORF) ‘Developing Mountain Biking in Queensland: Regional Solutions’ Report that was released in 2014. We hope new QLD MTB Strategy will build upon this work as we and others across the state have put a lot of effort towards making it a reality.




Thank you for a fantastic year

Thank you for a fantastic year

The beginning of 2016 marked a significant point as the old club with its strong heritage and foundations was given a fresh coat of paint and some new upgrades. Aside from introducing new branding and backend systems these changes included a revamp of the club’s vision, mission, and values. It was these statements in conjunction with the help of our members, committee and community and government supporters that have guided us through a fantastic 2016.

But as we shored up the foundations of our club we have also prepared for the future by applying for grants, increasing communication with members, landowners, local businesses and other clubs.

With Susie heading up our GoGIRL initiative to advocate women in mountain biking and our efforts to get people riding and maintaining our local trails we have been able to build an interesting narrative. A narrative that highlights our endeavours of being inclusive, engaging and supportive of the local community while demonstrating that we have the big picture in mind – make the Sunshine Coast a premier mountain bike destination.

With support from Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, NSPR/QPWS and SCRC our story played a key role in securing close to $150,000. This funding allows us to pursue our plans for 2017:

  • provide training programs with professional trainers
  • support our volunteers by providing them the opportunity to become accredited MTBA coaches
  • host and assist with cycling races and events throughout the region
  • support and advocate for the Sunshine Coast Trail Alliance, and
  • continue the development of trails such as the Parklands MTB Trail Network upgrades

Special projects aside there’s an ongoing review of our day to day activities. The annual membership survey results and ongoing feedback will inform us of what decisions need to be made and what initiatives we should pursue. We’ll present our response to the feedback and how it will influence our plans at the next annual general meeting in February/March for discussion.

As always we like to thank everyone for supporting our club and allowing us to pursue our vision.




Trail Standards, Professional Certification Framework & Curriculum, and Peak Body to Represent Trail Builders

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Trail Standards, Professional Certification Framework & Curriculum, and Peak Body to Represent Trail Builders

mtba_logoThe MTBA established a project working group at the 2015 Australian MTB Summit to investigate options for the following:

  1. National standards/guidelines for the design and construction of MTB trails;
  2. Development of a professional certification framework for trail builders and curriculum program;
  3. Establishment of a peak body to represent the Australian trail building industry.

The working group has completed option papers for each of the above areas/projects and are seeking feedback from the following constituents.

  1. Professional trail builders;
  2. Clubs, private promoters and trail care alliances;
  3. State and territory land management agencies; and
  4. the MTB community.

The working group is keen to receive feedback from you.  Here is a link to the generic survey and the 3 option papers which form the basis for the survey questions.  The option papers will need to be read prior to completing the survey.  The survey closes 27 November.

Option Papers:

The results of the survey will be summarised and presented at the 2016 Australian MTB Summit and steps put in place to progress the 3 projects to the next level.

46 views Groover Method Discount Groover Method Discount

Groove Mmethod OnlineFor the next two weeks MTBA members receive 25% discount when they purchase The Groover Method Online MTB Skills Course presented by fellow Bushie, Chris Carter.

Chris kindly provided a personal introduction to the course to Susie, Paul and myself on Friday. I found it has the potential to deliver excellent results and the considerable amount of time Chris has invested into the course is certainly evident. The methodology helps you maintain focus on the things that matter by removing the needless thoughts and effort that sap your strength and concentration. They also help you be a safer rider if you’re not interested in the performance benefits.

Check out and enter GROOVER25 and your MTBA Member number* in the payment section to get instant access.

Interested but not an MTBA member yet? Check out our Join-Us page for the details on how to sign up before you purchase The Groover Method.

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