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Google My Business – Club Events

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Google My Business – Club Events
Google My Business

Hi Folks,

Another one of those boring IT updates but this is in relation to an item that came up in the membership survey – the website calendar isn’t very mobile friendly with the event details bubble clearing its contents when you try and scroll the screen. The developers have been pestered about it but they’re not answering. It’s still the best calendar for our purposes so we’re kinda stuck with it for now.

To make things a little more bearable for mobile users I have set up a script that populates the club’s Google My Business (GMB) presence with our calendar events. The GMB posts feature became available in June last year but you could only manually post things. Recently they updated it so now you can programmatically create/edit/delete posts.

So now when you search for ‘bushrangers mtb‘ or something similar on Google, you’ll see the club’s Google My Business box with all the club’s information, and now event posts. This shows up on mobile quite nicely as you can see below.


Exercising in Hot Weather

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Exercising in Hot Weather
Attribution: Flow Mountain Bike - Five Days in Hell

Hi Folks,

It’s looking like we’re up for a pretty warm week so we wanted to remind people to be mindful of things like dehydration and heat stroke when out riding. So please take a look at our earlier post about Riding in the Heat.

Here’s a severe weather update from the BOM:

Feature Image Article:


QPWS Unsanctioned Trails Community Meeting

QPWS Unsanctioned Trails Community Meeting

Hi Folks,

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service have organised a community engagement session to discuss the recent trail closure within the Mapleton National Park. Could be a great opportunity to clear the air on both sides and show the need for advance level trails on the coast?

Details as follows:

Time: 3:30PM onwards
Date: Friday, 9th February 2018
Location: Ground Floor Seminar Room, Mike Ahern Building, 12 First Avenue, Maroochydore
Google Maps:



Unsanctioned Trail Building in Conservation Areas

Unsanctioned Trail Building in Conservation Areas

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services (QPWS) have asked us to help get the word out that they will be cracking down on illegal trail building in conservation areas. They have specifically pointed out the continued development of an unsanctioned trail within the Mapleton National Park.

QPWS have already warned against building this track a year ago but work has continued and the features along it have grown in number and size. QPWS will now close the track, remove all structures, and install surveillance cameras. Any continued building will be met with fines and legal action.

However the QPWS are happy to speak to the builders regarding current MTB opportunities they have and about future development in the Mapleton national park. Contact Senior Ranger Nat Smith on [email protected]

Stay safe, Keep Riding!

Bush Rangers Committee

The following are a few photos provided to us by QPWS of the unsanctioned trail.


Port to Port MTB Race Club Discount Offer

Port to Port MTB Race Club Discount Offer
Discount applies for registrations received by the 28/02/2018

Port to Port MTB – 4 Day Mountain Bike Stage Race – 24-27 May 2018 – Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley


Click here to register after you get your club code

Keen to ride Port to Port MTB 24-27 May and help the club? To celebrate the 5th year, Port to Port MTB is offering 5% discount for you and a 5% cashback for the club. Sign up for the 4 day event before 28 Feb using our club code ‘BUSHRANGERS’.

Port to Port MTB is 4 days of awesome trails through state forests, wine country, hinterland, national parks, coastline and mountain bike parks in the spectacular Hunter Valley and Newcastle region. There’s nothing too technical but it will keep your attention, with new terrain and scenery every day. It’s achievable for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness and MTB skills.

At the end of each day kick back and enjoy the excellent food, local beers (or wine) and everything the Hunter Valley and Newcastle have to offer.

Keep an eye on the P2P website(, Facebook(@porttoportmtb), or Instagram (@porttoportmtb) pages for 2018 race updates as they happen.

Get the club code then register here –