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First Month Trail Counts

First Month Trail Counts
TRAFx Dock and Silica Gel, lots of Silica Gel

Hi Folks,

Around a month ago we installed three counters within the Parklands Conservation Park. The selected trails will be kept secret so as to not influence the statistics, they will be disclosed once the counters have been relocated. Trail 1 is on the east side (Atkinson Rd), and trail two and three are on the west side (Radar Hill Rd).

So far the weekends are the busiest with Wednesday being the popular weekday to ride closely followed by Friday. 9AM and 4PM are the popular hours.

These charts are a work in progress with weekly and monthly charts coming later. After a couple of months we should start to see interesting trends but it will be at least a year before we can account for the seasons. Also I’ll see if I can include weather information to see how that impacts the counts.

Without further ado, here are the numbers:


Local Dam Improvement Works

Local Dam Improvement Works

Cooloolabin Dam Development Exclusion Area

Last month we attended a public consultation session held by the friendly South East Queensland Water staff at the Cooloolabin Hall to talk about the up coming developments for both the Cooloolabin, Wappa, Lake Macdonald, and Ewen Maddock dams.

You may have noticed work taking place already at the Cooloolabin and Wappa Dams in the last few years. However these upcoming developments are larger in scale and the Cooloolabin project will impact our usage of the area for a while. Totally fine with me because dam leaks/bursts aren’t fun and I think having running tap water is pretty cool.

Cooloolabin dam is set to start in September and is expected to go till February.

Ewen Maddock works aren’t expected to start until 2019. We’ll be keeping in touch with SEQ Water about Ewen Maddock Dam to see if there are any opportunities for further developing the recreational facilities during this project.

Lake Macdonald is still in the early stages of the project so we’ll wait and see if there will be any impact to the near by ‘trail 4’.

For further information about these developments, go to:

For general information about recreation in SEQ Water areas, check out:

As usual we ask everyone to abide by signage and direction by the land managers.

Ben Johns
Club President


World Ranger Day 31st July 2017

World Ranger Day 31st July 2017
QPWS Trail Care Briefing

It’s World Ranger Day!

On World Ranger Day we join together to acknowledge our passionate and devoted rangers present and honour the past rangers killed or injured in the line of duty— by celebrating the work they do to protect our natural and cultural treasures around the world.
We would like to give a big thank you to all the rangers who continue to maintain our wonderful parks throughout the country, many with MTB trails, and to our fantastic local QPWS rangers who have helped make the Parklands MTB Trails project a reality and for building great relationships with park user groups such as ourselves.
Also a huge thank you to the South East Queensland Water rangers who look after our catchment areas and dams, including recreational areas.

Further information:


Flight Centre CycleEpic 2017 – Six Weeks To Go

Flight Centre CycleEpic 2017 – Six Weeks To Go
Flight Centre CycleEpic 2017


The 2017 CycleEpic & Trailrun has something for the whole family to enjoy and participate in. The ‘epic has always been a popular event for mountain bikers from around the country and is apart of the national Cross-country Marathon (XCM) series.

The Hiddenvale Adventure Park has many new trails that are apart of the 3rd Stage Park expansion that is scheduled to be completed in 2018. A number of these trails will be incorporated making up the 50km and *87km Epic courses and are part of our 104+km World Class Masterplan, designed and built by Glen Jacobs and the crew from World Trail. *distance subject to change.

22km Spicers Half Marathon+ Trail Run Epic (Trail Run)
11.5km Spicers Trail Run Epic (Run: all ages)
4.2km Spicers Trail Run Epic (Run: all ages)
4.2km City of Ipswich FREE Family Fun Ride (Ride: all ages)22km Allclear Chaser (Ride: all ages)
11.5km Lapierre Minor Epic (Ride: <16years)
4.2km Norco Mini Epic (Ride: <12years)

SUNDAY 10TH SEPTEMBER, 2017 *distance subject to change
*87km Flight Centre Active Travel Cycle Epic (Ride: >18years)
50km Merida Pursuit (Ride: >16years)

Click here to register


Parklands MTB Trails Project Update 18/07/2017

Parklands MTB Trails Project Update 18/07/2017
Big beautiful logs

The creek crossing along the beginners loop

Hi Folks,

After a hiatus at the end of June things are once again progressing with Trailworx Matt on the excavator pushing on through with the beginners loop. There’s now another 500m for our awesome trail crew to work on.

A Trail care day is planned for this Saturday afternoon 22nd July 2017 at 1:00PM.

Remember folks, we’re spreading the dirt over the track, not pushing it off. This is to let nature do its thing over time and produce a good smooth surface. Also we need to spread the leaf litter along the immediate edges of the new trail to help shore it up.


  • Nearly 50% of the beginners loop has been completed with sandstone placed at the crossings on the completed sections
  • The existing trail going from the end of ‘Rookie Road’ back onto Road Rage has been fixed up so it’s a nice cruise from the top of Rookie Road all the way to the tree root bit that everyone loves when wet
  • Back burning has been done, including the proposed skills area around the container
  • Large logs have been dropped off by QPWS for use in the skills area and progression trails, thanks for organising this Eugene!
  • Bridge materials list has been provided and in the process of being ordered – this bridge will cross the creek along the beginners loop – this is the same creek those two logs are crossing along ‘grand canyon’ trail.

Ben Johns
Club President

New trail since last trail care highlighted