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Community Feedback Survey for Sugarbag Road Area

Community Feedback Survey for Sugarbag Road Area

Hey Everyone,

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council is looking for community feedback for a master plan for the Caloundra Town Reserve (this is where the Sugarbag Road trails are). Check out the following link and complete the survey and have a say at what happens there (could even win $300!).

Submission close 5pm Friday 10 March 2017.


GoGIRL Time to Reflect

GoGIRL Time to Reflect

With the AGM quickly advancing next month, it is time to reflect on our aims and achievements of GoG.I.R.L. (Get Into Riding Ladies).

The key questions are:

  1. Are we getting more ladies into riding?
  2. Do they feel supported riding together?
  3. Are we offering opportunities to grow?

From the squeals and numbers of ladies that turned up to our February GoGIRL  ride in Sugar Bag last Saturday. The answer is a big YES! YES! YES!


Maintenance Monday! Tubeless Tyres

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Maintenance Monday! Tubeless Tyres
Thinking about going tubeless?

Had a few punctures on the weekend’s ride so Ben thought that we should put up some information about setting up your wheels as tubeless.

Now tubeless has its pros and cons and you have diehard supporters on both sides. Some people prefer the support a tube gives the tyre and it’s a lot simpler to setup. Other people like how tubeless setups prevents general punctures and “snake bites” and can be run with less pressure which gives more grip.

Below is a great video from the guys at GMBN taking you through a tubeless setup BUT remember it’s not a big cost to get your local bike shop to do it for you. Once you have tried to furiously pump air into a tyre that doesn’t want to inflate you might appreciate the tools and experience a bike mechanic has to offer.



Wooroi Ride Summary – 26/02/2016

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Wooroi Ride Summary – 26/02/2016
Greg's Jedi powers were weak today

Hey everyone,

OK, I promise not to do any poetry about Wooroi today (we had a person unsubscribe from the newsletter after that last Wooroi summary so I’m taking the hint and keeping it low brow!).

The day was perfect for a ride and we coagulated in the carpark to wait for the ride briefing and admire the new steeds that had entered our horde.  Murray had bought along his highly anticipated turquoise Yeti SB4.5 with the colour-coded wheels and golden drivetrain. Did you know that the colour turquoise is a “color that alleviates feelings of loneliness but relates to being either over-emotional or non-emotional, lacking communication skills, being unreliable and deceptive”. So if I was being an aloof twat to anyone today it was Murray’s bikes fault.

The other new bike was Rod’s new Canyon hardtail. This thing looked great but with it’s unbelievably light weight it suspiciously smacks of some sort of anti-gravity doping or even just some run of the mill inter-dimensional weight transference magic.


New Club Marquee and Flags

New Club Marquee and Flags
This should stick out at the next big race!

Thanks for the new bike shelter guys!

Last week we received our new fully branded club marquee and wave banners paid for out of the Gambling Community Benefit Fund grant. This completes our brand refresh with website, logo, letterhead, jerseys, t-shirts, social media and now event equipment all aligned to the club identity that was established at the beginning of 2016. Thanks goes to club secretary Michael for all graphic design work and organising.