Boneyard (Extended Edition) Ride Summary – Sun 19/02/2017

by Secretary
Boneyard (Extended Edition) Ride Summary – Sun 19/02/2017
Ride map and elevation

New member Mal reports on the Sunday morning Boneyards adventure to ‘Brisbane’ and back

Ride map and elevation

On reflection – which you have plenty of time to do when mountain biking to Brisbane and back – I probably should have studied the title of the ride “Boneyards Extended Edition”, a little more closely. But in my defence I hadn’t joined a club ride since getting my MTBA membership last year and I was keen as mustard.

A total of nine intrepid explorers – John, Waza, Will, Paul, Mike, Toby, Neil, Nick and myself – set off from the Glenview Cemetery and quickly got the heart rates up as we criss-crossed our way up and down the hill. At the top ride captain John introduced us all to Ross. We all enthusiastically started to welcome Ross only to discover there was no Ross among us. The group then welcomed the other new rider (me) to the Sunday morning adventure.

A little further on John uttered the words no rider wants to hear “I’m not sure which way, the app’s not working.” But a good ride leader always has a backup app and we were soon heading south on the rutted 4WD tracks parallel to the Bruce Highway with a quick detour for some more twisty and technical stuff. At one of our catch-your-breath-stops the group debated the nutritional benefits of the Macca’s or HJ’s frozen cokes. At that point I heard the words “Wild Horse Mountain” mentioned. “Nah, that can’t be right” I thought. Wild Horse Mountain is pretty much on the northern outskirts of our State capital. We said goodbye to Nick who had to get back early, and who obviously heard Wild Horse Mountain more clearly than I did.

We pushed on and came to our first creek crossing (Bluegum Creek), where Neil decided to get his feet wet when he took on the creek and the unseen rocks that John had dislodged with his fat bike. Then we hit the seemingly impassable Coochin Creek – but nothing stops the boys and their bikes. With a bit of bush bashing and climbing the party crossed the creek and keep forging ahead. All of us dodged the water and mud, but not Toby. He decided a swim was just the thing when his front wheel got tired and slipped out from under him.

The last place I thought I would ever be riding my bike into was the Glass House Mountains service centre on the Bruce Highway. But ride in we did to the curious, and dare I say somewhat envious, looks from motorists. I was flattered when the servo attendant asked whether I had any fuel with my water and blue sports drink purchase. I explained that what she was looking at was 100% all natural with no motor doping. I started to explain how my candy red Specialized Fuse with its plus wheels was the best thing ever when she promptly cut me off and called “next” to the person standing behind me.

Leaving ‘north Brisbane’ with our McBellies filled we headed back through the Beerburrum State Forest on the east of the highway before crossing back over to the west at Bluegum Creek. At Roys Road we said adieu to our rear-guard man Neil who had done an outstanding job of making sure we all stayed together. Neil placed his bike in the international sign of distress (upside down on the side of the road) and waited for an arranged pick up – as opposed to an un-arranged pick up which is never advisable in a State Forest.

The remaining seven riders headed north and west, picking our way through the forest before getting onto Old Caloundra Road. One final push around and slightly over the hill had us dropping back down to the start point and air-conditioned cars – some 50 kilometres and many hours after we started.

Thanks all for a great morning exploring new trails and discovering a new commuting route to Brisbane’s north side. Finally, I hope Ross is OK. If anyone sees Ross out in the boneyards, please point him in the right direction.


Thanks for the great write up Mal – most appreciated! Sounds like a challenging ride.
I hope Neil and Nick made it back OK and if anyone has a pic of Toby in the water/mud please send it through.

Michael “Now I want a frozen coke” Johns
Club Secretary