Mac’n’Bak Ride Summary 17/12/2017

by President
Mac’n’Bak Ride Summary 17/12/2017
Lake Macdonald Spillway doing it's thing

Planning these rides has become a lot easier as I’ve been updating OpenStreetMap for so long – the route for this ride was thrown together in around 15min although it helps to have knowledge of the area. This route took into account that Lake Macdonald was spilling and therefore the creeks were going to be up and there was a likelihood of a fair bit of water still sitting around. Turns out that there is no getting away from giant mud puddles sitting across the trails so there was a bit of awkward skirting around them much to Kathy’s and Marty’s demise.

This could be the mud puddle that poor Kathy lost her shoe

Good weather and what looked like a cruisy ride attracted 25 riders to the Cod Park meeting point and without much dilly-dallying we set off just past 7am towards the first mud puddle. We snaked through a bit of ‘Trail 4’ of the Noosa trail network towards Hamilton Rd which will take us onto an access road/mud pit and onto ‘Trail 7’. This route mostly follows the boundary access road of the Yurol State Forest before crossing over Yurol Forest Drive.

Someone made a good joke about how this is what happens when you are actually able to bunny hop a fat bike

Just before crossing Yurol Forest Drive there was a badly washed out culvert with half the road missing. Hopefully this will be fixed up someday soon as it’s been that way for quite a while now. Michael took the opportunity to stick his bike into it and take a picture.

On the Pomona side of the Yurol forest we continued along the access roads and took a small detour that loops back around towards the township – this section is pretty fun as it’s mainly downhill and the wide corners help you maintain speed.

Stopping over at Pomona for cake and coffee for around 45min we set off home back through the forest but this time taking a more direct path. I would normally keep going and cross over 6 mile creek but since the dam was over it would have been a swim. So we went to the end of Kennedys Rd and turn back down the road of giant mud puddles.

It wasn’t long before we were back at the cars and washing our bikes off at the canoe ramp. 30km with a stop over and while it was a bit hot everyone had a good ride.

Ben Johns
Club President