Help us name Parkland’s new trails!

by Secretary
Help us name Parkland’s new trails!
Help us name the green loop and the black trail!

Will the black trail stay as “Tazer” or will something better come along?

You know when you already know someone’s name but when you meet them for the first time you think something like “They didn’t seem like a Gary”? Well that’s why we’ve waited a bit before putting the call out for suggestions. Hopefully you’ve now ridden the beginner’s loop and the black trail and have learnt their quirks or their ‘personality’ and can confidently offer a suitable name. For example, would “Loop of Death” work OK? or is it more of a cheeky “Colin”? It’s up to you.

Post your suggestions on Facebook or email us at [email protected] by Sunday 31st. The names will be run by QPWS to check they align with their policies then we will put the shortlist to the vote next week!


  • There needs to be a name for the green level beginner’s loop and the black flow trail
  • There is another Blue level flow trail being built nearby if you have a name for the two flow trails
  • Names can’t be offensive, disrespectful and must be plain English.