Ringtail Forest Sweat Fest – 31/12/2017

by Secretary
Ringtail Forest Sweat Fest – 31/12/2017

Here Martin was only just able to unclip and plant his foot to stop toppling down the hill

So for our last ride of 2017 we had a 40km jaunt through the Ringtail Forest area near Tewantin.

This ride was more challenging than usual due the weather being particularly hot and humid as the predicted afternoon storms brewed up. The heat drained us and we burned through our water supplies pretty quickly. Although some interesting solutions were offered such as drinking from the skanky puddles we came across or sucking the sweat from each others shirts – luckily it didn’t come to that. But be this a reminder that as it gets warmer think twice about your water requirements.

The ride started in Tewantin at the cricket grounds and 23 of us set off to make our way to the old Noosa enduro trail off Louis Bazzo Drive and then back through the forest trails to the cars. Big hello to our new riders and welcome back to Lou and Di from their big biking adventure down south.

Apart from the heat the ride was great with us travelling through various types of bush and having to get over challenging terrain and large mud pits, which unfortunately, no one fell in this time.

Afterwards some of us met up at Cafe Doonan for coffee, cake and a chat.

Thanks for the ride everyone and I hope you all recovered OK.

Michael “Puddle water tastes bad” Johns
Club Secretary

Ride map and elevation