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Grant updates

Grant updates
Soooooo much fun!

Hey Folks,

As the poor sap who somehow got put in charge of getting grants I thought I’d let everyone know where we stand at the moment.

  • We’ve received a small grant from the Australian Sports Foundation thanks to the tax deductible donations a few of us made.
  • We have put in a grant application to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund for materials needed to repair bridges throughout Parklands.
  • We have applied for the major Sunshine Coast Council Grant which will give us the co-contribution for the larger $100k Sport and Recreation grant which will be used to upgrade and repair the existing Parklands network (we did want to get it for new trails in Ferny Forest and Boneyards but QPWS weren’t ready to proceed there yet and they’ve asked that we focus on maintenance and repair and not new trails).
  • Recently the Council funded basic riding coaching clinics and memberships for new female riders. These classes were conducted by Bushrangers and CORCA.

We have successfully acquitted all the grants we received so far from the Community Benefits Fund, Council and the smaller Sport and Recreation grant. Ben is just wrapping up the big Sport and Recreation grant that was used to build the new trails in Parklands last year.

First Aid training

This money was used to purchase signage, timing equipment, more tools, timber and rocks as well as pay Trailworx to do their thing. These grants also allowed us to fund a lot of training in coaching, bike mechanics and riding skills for last year and to continue offering more this year.

Do you know a Sponsor?

Grant money is great but we can’t rely on it and there are many other worthwhile activities that need it just as much as we do. Our membership fees are small and don’t provide much revenue. So we are always on the lookout for other ways to raise money to pay for things like training, trail work and events.

So if you know of someone that could provide some sort of sponsorship then get them to contact us at [email protected] and we can see how we can help each other.

Happy Trails!

Michael “Rookie Ride Record Holder” Johns
Club Secretary


GoG.I.R.L. Coaching Begins

GoG.I.R.L. Coaching Begins

Geoff showing correct body positions

Awesome morning was had with Geoff Foxx from Hit Bikes and some of our GoGIRLS as we started   the roll out of 6 coaching sessions funded by Bushrangers through a grant we obtained last year for this purpose. There were smiles all around as we had fun learning new skills in the beautiful and purposefully built graded trails at Parklands, Nambour.

First we warmed up on the green trail that led to the skills area. There we learnt how to position ourselves on our bikes. Sounds basic but experienced riders know this is fundamentally really important. When you get this wrong it can end really badly, possibly with injuries, which leads you to precious time off your bike or a trip to hospital. No one wants that. Maybe you have experienced being too far back or forward on your bike, next minute you’re on the ground because your front wheel has washed out on a berm or some how your steed has thrown you off! There’s a saying, “I went over the hangers” for a reason because plenty of people have done it.

It was a friendly and relaxed learning environment

What I loved about Geoff’s method is I was taught how to work it out myself. I didn’t need anyone saying you’re too high or too far back. So now I can self- check every time I get on my bike whilst I’m riding. That alone felt empowering. After this initial lesson, he put one of us in front to check out all of our riding. Apparently I went too fast but I was enjoying myself so much I forgot we were at a coaching session. But that is very much Geoff’s style. And it fits our club’s motto, “We love to ride”. To my defense, we were on the Big V (well that’s what I’m calling it till it gets its new name) and all the pretty ferns distracted me.

After popping our front wheels over a log a few times, we were more than ready and super keen to ride the recently opened new blue trail. It was so much fun at the end some of us went back for another spin. From the feedback already coming in, everyone came away from these first coaching sessions with Geoff Foxx from Hit Bikes extremely happy and thankful for this Bushrangers initiative. The increased numbers prove that interest in women’s riding is mounting. Last year we filled two groups, (which were postponed due to rain) and this year five sessions were not enough. How exciting is that. Soon you will see bigger numbers of ladies sporting their new GoGIRL jerseys and holding their own in the forest. I for one can’t wait to go back now and practice some of my new skills. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough. See you on the trails.

Susie Hume
Womens Advocate for the Bushrangers MTB Club.


Book into our Bike Maintenance Workshops and Riding Classes now!

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Book into our Bike Maintenance Workshops and Riding Classes now!
Sign up to our maintenance and handling classes

Thanks to Marty at EnPlusOne

The booking links are up and you can now reserve your spot in the free bike maintenance workshops with Marty at Enplusone and the fundamental bike riding classes with Dean and Geoff at Hit Bikes.

Go to the following links, choose a date and reserve your spot. Remember to let us know if you have to cancel so we can give your spot to someone else.

Thanks to Dean and Geoff at Hit Bikes

Maintenance Workshops with Marty at EnPlusOne

Fundamental Bike Riding Classes with Dean and Geoff at Hit Bikes


Basic Bike Handling Skills Workshops

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Basic Bike Handling Skills Workshops
Learn how to ride (and crash) with style!

In addition to the bike maintenance workshops we mentioned last week, the club can also organise some professional skills training for our new riders (or any member who wants to go back to the basics and scrub out some bad habits).

These will be small classes about 90min long and will teach you the fundamentals of good mountain-biking such as body position, where to look, when to react and how to react.

If we have a big enough demand then we will organise 5 initial workshops so everyone gets a go.

What do you think? Comment on Facebook or send me an email at [email protected]


Basic Bike Maintenance Workshops

Basic Bike Maintenance Workshops
Basic Bike Maintenance Workshops

Hey Everyone,

We are just putting this out there to see if there is interest for some free basic bike maintenance workshops for our members?

They’ll probably be an hour long and consist of a professional bike mechanic passing on some bike care tips and then have a Q&A session afterwards.

Things covered will be:

  • Basic bike maintenance
  • Pre and Post ride checks
  • Bike cleaning
  • Bike fit

We’ll keep the groups small and intimate (5-6 people) and if the demand is there we’ll put a few of these workshops on so everyone can get a turn.

What do you think? Comment on Facebook or send me an email at [email protected]