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Trail Count Update

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Trail Count Update
TRAFx Dock and Silica Gel, lots of Silica Gel

Damaged crossing

Hi Folks,

Quick update on the counters. This afternoon I collected the trail counts for September/October making four months worth to analyse. Parklands looks like it currently receives around 550 mountain bike visits a month although it’s still very early days and we expect that to trend up and down over the seasons. Also we’ve made the weekly totals available on our trail care page with an adjustable period (click the date range in the top right corner), I’ve included it below so you know what it looks like.

While collecting the counts I checked a few of the new trails to find they’re holding up well given the heavy rain this week. There’s a few parts that have suffered damage that we’ll try and get to during trail care tomorrow (8am, Radar Hill Rd car park) if it’s not raining too much.

Trailworx didn’t get a chance to continue work at Parklands this week because of the rain so they’re aiming for mid next week if the weather is good.

“There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.” Mark Twain

Ben Johns
Club President


It finally rained! But please don’t ride on muddy trails

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It finally rained! But please don’t ride on muddy trails
No one wants this... except maybe your bike mechanic

Our Department of Raindancing, Astrology and Clipless Pedals has just reported we have had 120mm of rain at Parklands in the last 2 days. This is GREAT news for the new trails in Parklands as it means all that dust will be packed down and hardened (and we can fix that loose berm along Rookie Road). However if they get ridden, even while slightly wet, we’ll end up with a chopped up surface that will need to be scraped smooth and it’ll go dusty again – so please, please, please avoid riding the new trails (or any trail for that matter) until they’re nice and dry.

Instead of riding on our awesome trails maybe do some of the following:

  • Service your bike – top up the tyre sealant, clean the chain, grease your bearings, replace that old emergency energy gel in your bag or just simply sit and look at your bike – when was the last time you two had a good chat?
  • Bring out your inner BMX Bandit – ride along the coastal pathway or something – nice views, plenty of coffee places and you can impress the balance bike kids as you bang down stairs and over gutters etc.
  • Turn on Youtube or Redbull – watch some awesome MTB things like the UCI XC and DH events, Redbull Rampage and Crankworx stuff. Watch some cool training videos and then practice some manualling and bike handling on the driveway (“Wheelies pull the chicks/dudes” – Dr Phil*).
  • Roadie ride – Blow the dust off the road bike and go for an easy century around the coast and hinterland – LOL! yeah we’re just kidding!

Thanks for understanding.

Ride safe, Ride well, Ride on!

Bushrangers Committee

* Dr Phil didn’t actually say that wheelies pull the chicks or dudes.


Parklands MTB Trails Project Update 02/10/2017

Parklands MTB Trails Project Update 02/10/2017

Hi Folks,

Time for another project update!

Trailworx has completed their work for stage two, the beginners loop, and Ranger Eugene from QPWS has completed the bridge. We’re just waiting on the sandstone to be deposited around the loop so we can organise a trail care day to dig them into the dips and make ramps for the bridge. Once this is done the loop can be opened and named.

Next up, and Trailworx have already started, is stage three which is the two ‘progression’ tracks from the top of the hill (where Cancer Tree starts) down to where the container is. There’s been a bit of a delay while the 5 tonne excavator gets repaired so we hope they can get cracking towards the end of this week or next week.

This rain has been long overdue. I walked over Rookie Road checking drainage and inspected the bridge and surrounding sections that had the worst dust/powder – all looking good but still some dry powder that hadn’t soaked through yet – another day like this and it’ll be good. Once it completely dries out the ‘loop should become a nice hardpack surface like Rookie Road.


  • Beginners loop mostly completed – just needs a sprinkling of sandstone
  • Progression tracks started, things should get back underway soon
  • Mid-project acquittal should be completed in the next week or two
  • Skills area detailed planning started


Queensland Mountain Bike Strategy Survey

Queensland Mountain Bike Strategy Survey
MTBA and Common Ground Queensland MTB Strategy

You may have heard that there is a new Queensland Mountain Bike Trails Strategy being developed. The strategy is being coordinated by Mountain Biking Australia (MTBA) who have appointed Common Ground Trails to undertake the development of the strategy. The strategy is partly funded by the Queensland Government Sport and Recreation Planning Program. You can read up on it on the MTBA’s Trails page.

Recently a survey and interactive mapping facility was released to gain input from the Queensland MTB community. We encourage everyone to complete the survey.

The Bushrangers, Sunshine Coast Trails Alliance (SCTA), and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) have been planning and delivering local trail development using the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation (QORF) ‘Developing Mountain Biking in Queensland: Regional Solutions’ Report that was released in 2014. We hope new QLD MTB Strategy will build upon this work as we and others across the state have put a lot of effort towards making it a reality.




The Sunshine Coast MTB Workshops are on next week – Register now!

The Sunshine Coast MTB Workshops are on next week – Register now!

Are you a keen mountain biker? Would you like to learn more about the trails and talk to the local land managers?

You’re invited to two FREE Mountain Bike Workshops:

1: Theory Workshop, Thursday 26 October 6pm-9pm.

Where: Mike Ahern Building, Ground Floor, 12 First Ave, Maroochydore.

  • Come and listen to presentations from Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service; Sunshine Coast Council; SEQ Water; Mountain Bike Australia and Sport and Recreation Services.
  • Be involved in discussions about track requirements, maintenance, land manager requirements, insurance, permits, key design elements, construction standards, trail classification guidelines and funding opportunities.

2: Practical Workshop, Saturday 28 October 9am-12pm.

Where: Caloundra Town Reserve, Sugarbag Rd, Caloundra (parking at the old quarry, follow signs).

The second practical workshop will be presented by Sunshine Coast Council, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services and Trailworx.

  • Learn trail care skills, building standards – single track, multi-use track, berms and creek crossings.
  • Be involved in discussions with the land managers and one of our local professional trail builders.

Booking are essential so register >HERE <

Big thanks to Department of National Parks, Sports and Recreation and the Sunshine Coast Council.