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Mt Cotton – MTB Trails Draft Concept

Mt Cotton – MTB Trails Draft Concept

Hi Folks,

Another draft plan to comment on. The Redland Bay City Council are have concept for trail development within the Mt Cotton Eastern Escarpment Reserve. This is the area surrounding the Karingal Scout Camp which has it’s own set of trails that have been used for races and other MTB events in the past.

This is part of a larger vision to develop the trail networks surrounding Mount Cotton which also include Daisy Hill, Cornubia, and Bayview.

The proposed trails are designated ‘downhill’ which will add to the mix of trails in the area.

More information and a link to the survey can be found here:

Note that you need to register an account to complete the survey.



“Rookie Road” Wins

“Rookie Road” Wins
"Rookie Road" wins the vote

We received 50 votes and the clear winner was “Rookie Road”. “Pigtails” came close but couldn’t beat it (even after someone cheated and voted for it numerous times – tsk tsk!).

Clear winner is “Rookie Road”

QPWS have a naming policy (e.g. not potentially offensive, rude, gross, clear english etc). That’s why the cool names like “4play”, “entrails” and “Thrillz 2 Skillz” didn’t get a shoe in. But we are getting new trails and a lot of help so I’m not complaining.


QPWS Planned Burns at Parklands Tomorrow

QPWS Planned Burns at Parklands Tomorrow

Hi Folks,

Tomorrow at Parklands some of the northern fire breaks and the northern entrance off of Rocky Creek Forest Road, near Yandina Bli Bli Road, will be closed for the day while QPWS handle planned burns of that area. Please plan your ride to avoid this area and abide by any signage and directions.

Please keep in mind that QPWS will be undertaking planned burns at various parks around the Sunshine Coast region between May and September 2017. These areas include:

  • Emundi Regional Park
  • Mount Coolum National Park
  • Noosa National Park
  • Parklands Regional Park
  • Tewantin National Park
  • Tuchekoi National Park

More information available on the NPSR website. Also be sure to follow the QLDParkAlerts twitter feed and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Facebook page for regularly updated information.

Thank you.

Ben Johns
Club President


New Trails, New Faces and New BBQ! Today’s Trailcare Summary

New Trails, New Faces and New BBQ! Today’s Trailcare Summary
Marty from Enplusone testing out part of the newly opened access trail

The first stage of the Parklands MTB Trails Project is now complete with the opening of the new access track from the Radar Hill Road carpark through to the soon-to-be skills area.

After our sausage sizzle we grabbed some tools and headed into the new beginner’s trail (Stage 2). Matt from Trailworx has roughed in a good chunk of the new trail so today’s job was to go in with handtools to help shape it up and do the drains. Ben took a team to polish off the newly opened access trail, my team (aka “Alpha Attack Team Sharpened Rakehoe”) started from the end of the new work and worked backwards while the others started from the top and worked down so we met in the middle.

We made good progress with clearing drains, angling back the high edges and building some rollovers to get over some unavoidable big tree roots. Still a bit more work to do but it’s looking good.

We had some new faces today so a big hello to you and as always a massive thanks to everyone for all the help!

Michael Johns
Club Secretary

PS: Want to be emailed when we have trailcare events happening – sign up to our database at


New Access Trail Opening with BBQ (Sat 03/06/2017 – 12pm)

New Access Trail Opening with BBQ (Sat 03/06/2017 – 12pm)
Sausage al'a bread for all!

Freshly compacted and raked – you could eat off it!

Hey everyone,

The new access trail is pretty much finished and OK to ride so QPWS has given the go-ahead to open it up this weekend.

So tomorrow (Saturday 12noon 03/06/2017) we’ll have a sausage sizzle lunch at the old carpark area where the skills park will be (just ride the access trail to the end and we’ll be there).

So come check out the trail, have a snag and drink and let us know what you think. If you want to stick around for the trail care work afterwards then that’s fine too.

Remember, this trail needs a name so feel free to add your idea to the list (“Traily McTrailface” anyone?).

Michael Johns
Club Secretary