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RACE TIME! 3hr Endurance Race at Paul’s Place – 29th July

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RACE TIME! 3hr Endurance Race at Paul’s Place – 29th July
"If I wasn't dead I'd probably check this out!" - Albert Einstein

Download the poster here

We’re heading back to the Paul’s private push-bike playground and he has been busy these last few months so expect new features to explore as you smash out the laps.

This time we’re running with a 3hr endurance format (otherwise known as cross-country endurance or XCEN). You try and do as many 4km laps as possible in the timeframe and where equal number of laps have been completed the one with the fastest time overall wins.

After the race stay around for a BBQ lunch and drinks.

When: Saturday 29/07/2017 at 9AM (Registration between 7AM and 8:30AM)
Where: Ruwoldts Road, Dulong – map
Race Format: Cross-country Endurance (XCEN)
Costs: $10 (Bushranger members free – use the discount code)
Who can ride?: Anyone with MTBA race insurance (or a day licence)
Registration Closes: Monday 24/07/2017


  • No ‘On-the-day’ registrations, please use the above registration link.
  • If you are an MTBA Recreational member a race day permit will be an additional $15.
  • Parking on-site is limited, please ensure you don’t block access to neighbouring properties or the road.
  • The Bushrangers membership discount code will be sent out to current members via email.
  • Three categories – A for the serious, B for the sandbaggers, and C for those giving it a go.


Great work Pete at the LunarC 8hr Enduro

Great work Pete at the LunarC 8hr Enduro
Pete got 1st in category and 3rd overall

Pete cruising through the Murrenbong Scout Camp trails

Pete Bigaila competed in the LunarC 8hr MTB Enduro race last Friday night and finished 1st in his category (50+) and 3rd overall! That’s an awesome effort Pete!

Also a big shout out to his dedicated pit crew Donna and Kirsty who spent the night counting laps, drinking coffee and probably freezing .

The results have been posted here –



LunarC race map and elevation


Inaugural Hill Climb Race Summary – 17/04/2017

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Inaugural Hill Climb Race Summary – 17/04/2017
Boaz and Will launch off the line

Hello everyone,


So I don’t know about the other guys but I had been stressing about this race for a bit. The timing gear had been a little flakey, the storms had knocked down trees over the trail and the last race I helped in I was called particularly nasty names by some over-competitive twat.

But all this stress was for naught as everything went pretty smooth and the race was done and dusted in a little over an hour. Afterwards everyone headed off to their well-earned breakfast and coffee or did some more exploring of the nearby Cooloolabin trails.

The week before

The days before the race were hectic with QPWS quickly clearing the fallen trees from Cyclone Debbie. Ben and I testing the club radios along the trail (where Ben crashed, writing off his front wheel and ‘corking’ his leg). I also dragged Kim and Locky along for a “relaxing” walk up the trail to help place the bunting (force-marching a toddler up a dirt road doesn’t end well).

Race day

On race day Ben and I and our awesome volunteers got to the top of the track and helped setup the timing gear and put some drinks on ice for the racers. We had a quick marshal briefing, handed out the radios and then went to our posts. Jo and her hubby Ian came down with me to the starting line to help with setup, race plates and to be the rescue vehicle.

Greg was on checkpoint one at top of first hill, Di and Dave was on checkpoint 2 near the nasty water bars and Damo was at the bottom of the last hill. Julie and Ben were at the top with the timing gear and chocolate eggs. Rob Macdonald and the other volunteers took a heap of awesome photos too. Thanks for all your help guys, have I said how awesome you are?

Don was confident he’d get podium in his grade

The race!

So we ended up having 9 riders for the race with quite a few no-shows (I suspect there were a few people with bellies full of chocolate or grog still in bed). Boaz and Will were in category A with Boaz defending his KOM for the trail. Boaz bettered his previous time by a massive 55 seconds. Category B had 6 riders with James Harris being dragged along by Ben Harris on the day for a “fun” ride up a hill. Category C only had Don Moss who was pretty confident he had a good shot at winning his grade. Results are available here.

At the end of the day the feedback was good with the riders happy with the format and only a couple of small things where we can make improvements for next time.

Thanks to the riders and the volunteers for a fun morning!

Michael “How do I show seconds on my phone?” Johns
Club Secretary


Hill Climb Race Update – T: MINUS 6 DAYS

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Hill Climb Race Update – T: MINUS 6 DAYS
Bushrangers Inaugural Hill Climb race

All this could be yours!

Woooo!! do you feel that? That chill in the air? Is it simply the weather or could it be the cold tingles of anticipation making you shudder? OK fine it’s probably the weather. But here is an update for you all.

  • Registrations are coming in (thank god! – it would’ve been pretty embarrassing if it was just Michael racing…. and he still lost).
  • Registrations close on Saturday night (15/04/2017) so we can get all the admin done on Sunday.

We’ve made a separate registration page with a waiver (so you can race for free without using MTBA insurance because some people don’t need it or want it).

All the information is here.