Chicks in the Sticks 2018

by Secretary
Chicks in the Sticks 2018
Go-Girls at the Chicks in the Sticks 2018

Fiona with the latest in hardcore MTB kit – a ribbon!

Our pink ladies did brighten up the forest with huge smiles and plenty of words of encouragement as record numbers of GoGIRLs participated in Chicks In The Sticks this year. And don’t our new jerseys look terrific. Thanks Michael. We love the design.

There were near perfect conditions on the day at Scribble Gums Conservation Park in Redlands. After the initial race was cancelled due to bad weather and subsequent rain being on the radar for what seemed like forever, the ladies knew despite their fitness taking a bit of a dive, that they were more than ready to hit the trails as you could feel the excitement in the air.

Sonja came 3rd in the Queen of the coop section!

Everyone is to be congratulated because you rode so well and looked so good out there on the trails. There were more than a few GoGIRL podium finishers too. We cheered Anka in first place, up there with Sonja in third for the Queens of the Coup section, what a machine is that girl. We had another first with Debbie winning the Have a Crack category. She was so excited when she yelled track right as she passed me.

We giggled and yelled loudly when Fiona and Louise won the best dressed with their inventive Crazy Chicken ladies costumes. They came an impressive second in the Soft Boiled Double Yokers. Everyone was really proud of our first timers too, Jenny T, Kara, Fi, Kerry and Jenny TB just to name a few.

Well done Nicci who came 4th in the huge Free Range category as well as everyone who rode just a bit better than last year and reached their own personal goal which for many was just to have a crack at their first race.

Susie Hume
Women’s Advocacy Officer