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Here is your Bushrangers Committee for 2017!

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Here is your Bushrangers Committee for 2017!
The 2017 Bushrangers Committee

Well the AGM has been done, the minutes have been…um, minuted?? and the committee members have been voted (or shanghai’d) into their respective positions. See below for who you should contact.

President – Ben “Fatbikes are dumb!” Johns
[email protected]
Contact Ben for things like the Parklands upgrade project, legal stuff, complaints, sponsorship queries, race information.

Treasurer – Craig “Why don’t I have a cool action pic” Pearson
[email protected]
Contact Craig for the invoice payments and other money stuff or an exciting chat about GST or something.

Secretary – Michael “Fatbikes are great!” Johns
[email protected]
I’m pretty much the eye-candy but you can contact me for social media stuff, jerseys, beginner “Rookie” rides, training or if you can’t reach anyone else.

Women’s Advocacy Officer – Susie <high pitch squeal> Hume
[email protected]
Contact Susie for all the Go-girl events and if you are female and want to get into MTB riding.

Greg “Why do we need these weird middle names?” Bright
[email protected]
Contact Greg for things like camping trips, BBQs and club dinners.

Rob “How did I get this job?!” Macdonald
[email protected]
Contact Rob for anything to do with trails – so any big fallen trees or bad trail damage you find or any trail care events the club holds.

Please remember that we are all volunteers with full-time jobs, families and we need to ride too so that makes time a precious commodity. So please don’t get too cranky if we don’t get back to you instantly.


2017 Bushrangers MTB Club AGM Summary

2017 Bushrangers MTB Club AGM Summary
Bush Rangers MTB Club 2017 AGM

We really need better models

The Maroochy Botanical Gardens was beautiful as always and it’s always a great place to have meetings. The rain held off but the humidity still came to the party but despite the mugginess the meeting was well attended and went pretty well (considering the dodgy secretary didn’t know what he had to do). Ben, Susie and Craig let us all know what was happening with the club, GoGirls and the money and there were some good ideas introduced by the members that are going to be researched then instigated ASAP.

We’ve filled the 10 positions for the upcoming coaching clinic so we can have some more MTBA qualified coaches in our ranks. I’ll also look into getting group rates for first aid certificates so I’ll let everyone know about that (just in case Carol crashes again).


2017 Bushrangers AGM agenda has been emailed out

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2017 Bushrangers AGM agenda has been emailed out

Hello everyone,

I’ve just emailed out the agenda items and some information about the upcoming AGM on the 19/03/2017.

If you didn’t get it or have questions let me know at [email protected] and I’ll get it sorted.

Stay Safe! Keep Riding!

Michael “I’m so organised” Johns
Club Secretary


AGM update and door prize!

AGM update and door prize!

The AGM is on Sunday the 19th at 2pm at the Maroochy Botanical Gardens (only 18 more sleeps OMG!!!). If you have anything to go on the agenda get it to me by Friday (03/03/2017) so I can get it collated and sent out to all the members before the AGM.


The President, Secretary, Treasurer, Women’s Advocacy Officer and Social Co-ordinator are all happy to stay on in their roles. We do need nominations for the following new roles.

Training Co-ordinator – Organise the coaching qualifications, training clinics, helps with rookies.
Ride Leaders – A pool of experienced riders to lead or sweep on our regular rides or take us on new ones (if they want too).
Race Committee – plans and organises the races (STRAVA based and regular race/s) and timing.
Trails Officer – maintains adopt-a-trail system, trail care days and manages equipment and volunteers.

Door Prize

The robot bike thing can be modified with MTB bars, pedals and geometry

Peter Mabey from Masterfit has offered the club a free $250 bike fitting which we are using as a door prize for members who come to the AGM.

Peter has just moved down from Cairns and is trying to get his name out into the local cycling community so I went and checked out his bike fit clinic in action and it’s pretty impressive.
I ask the question as to whether he can actually do a fit for a mountain biker and he said of course. You take in your bike and he spends 2-3hrs going through everything with you, such as your pedal stroke, your shoes, frame size, seat position and handlebar position. There are even lasers involved!

2017 Bush Ranger’s AGM – Sunday March 19th, 2pm

2017 Bush Ranger’s AGM – Sunday March 19th, 2pm

It’s AGM time for 2017 (and that’s means “Annual General Meeting” not “Asiatic Geese Migration” – don’t repeat my embarrassing mistake).

So this year’s AGM will be back at the Arts and Ecology Centre located within the Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens at Tanawha –

The meeting will kick off at 2pm and food and drinks will be provided. Ben will probably show us an awesome PowerPoint again – WOOHOOO!!! (that was sarcasm).

Want to add an item to the agenda?

If you have something you want on the agenda then send it through to [email protected] by the 03/03/2017 so I can get it written up and sent out to everyone.

Want to have a go in the Committee?

We are planning on adding a few new positions this year so if there is something you’d like to be involved in then throw your hat in the ring.

Committee positions and example tasks

  • President (Ride calendar, advocacy, grants, project and stakeholder management)
  • Secretary (Club administration, social media, grants, helps committee)
  • Treasurer (Watches the money and assets)
  • Woman’s advocacy officer (GoGirls)
  • Training officer (Organise coaching training, training clinics and beginner rides)
  • Trails officer (Adopt-a-trail system and trail care days)
  • Social Coordinator (Camping trips, special events and BBQs)
  • Race committee member (plan and run races e.g. Strava races and regular races)
  • Ride leaders (Lead groups on our regular routes or search and take us to new areas)

I’m currently checking with the current committee members to see who wants to stay and who wants to go so I’ll put up that information ASAP.

Here’s looking to an exciting 2017!

Michael Johns
Club Secretary

PS:  I tried to get a bouncy castle but the President knocked it back